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Hank T. Hebhoe, publisher
Natty Bumppo, writer & editor *

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*Read the latest nasty letter from Natty Bumppo! (March 9, 2004)

* The two newest Borf books – The Indiana Torture Slaying and The Columbus Book of Euchre (Second Edition) – are complete desktop publications – composed, printed and bound in our small offices in Brownsville, Kentucky. So are our postcards and bumper stickers.

One reviewer of The Indiana Torture Slaying – although he gave the book five stars – referred to the printing as “home made,” and the cover as made of “construction paper. You can call it “home made,” or you can call it “hand crafted”: Whichever, we have found a way to reproduce – economically in limited editions – books high in demand but not in a mass market.

And because the books are not printed in bulk – a typical press run is four copies, and printing runs only slightly ahead of purchase orders – slight additions and corrections can appear in later printings. And any buyer who feels shorted by an earlier printing can get a free update, as explained in the back of each book.

And the covers are not made of “construction paper”: It’s 80-lb. red vellum, which costs us more than $40 a ream. It’s not “slick,” but it’s a stock of higher quality than used in the binding of many mass market paperbacks.

Coming soon! The Who Cares Bears!

* Grumpa Bear
* Grimma Bear
* Little Miss Pouponia Bear
* Little Crappypants Bear
* Grinnin Bearit
* Snarly Bear
* Asif I. Carebear
* Askmeif I. Carebear
* Well Who Cares About It Anyway Bear
* Who Gives a Rat's Ass Bear

“Over hamburgers sold!”