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MGA 1600 Specifications

Engine: 1588 cc pushrod inline 4 cylinder water cooled. Bore/Stroke: 75.4 x 88.9 mm. Compression Ratio: 8.3 to 1. Max Horsepower: 79.5 bhp @ 5600 rpm. Max Torque: 87 lb/ft at 3800 rpm. Fuel Delivery: Twin semi-downdraft 1.5" SUs Transmission: Four speed manual. Synchromesh: Top three gears. Clutch: Single dry plate. Frt Suspension: Independent coil and wishbone with lever arm shocks. Rr Suspension: Live rear axle, half elliptic leaf springs with lever arm shocks. Wheelbase: 7' 10" Track: 3' 0" Width: 4' 9.25" Brakes: Lockheed 11" discs at front, Lockheed 10" drums at rear. Wheels: Bolt on disc (standard) Center-lock wire (optional) Tires: 5.5 x 15 inch. Performance: Acceleration 0-60: 13 seconds. Top Speed: 102 mph. Fuel Economy: 26 mpg. Number built: 31,501 (coupe and roadster)

MGA 1600 1959-61

The MGA 1600 was introduced in May of 1959, and was an improvement on the 1500. It was faster because of a 1588 cc engine with 10% power increase and 17% torque increase. It was safer because of Lockheed 11" disc brakes at the front. It was more appealing to the public because it could now surpass 100 mph while remaining cheaper than the Triumph TR3 and Austin-Healey competition. The suspension was made slightly stiffer, and sliding plexiglass side-curtains were more weatherproof than the celluloid flap type found on the 1500. Parking lamps were changed to an orange color up front and a separate light was added to the taillight cluster. Chrome badges next to the heat vents on the hood and below the MG badge on the trunk proclaimed that it was a new model. New options for the 1600 included a close-ration gearbox, anti-roll bar, wheel trims, and a headlight flasher switch. The factory also made changes to the color lineups. This new model also met with success, as 31,501 cars were sold in a little over two years. As the presentation of the new MGB approached, the factory decided to make a special model to celebrate the MGA's success. The 1600 Mark 2 was that model.

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