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Engine: 1622 cc pushrod inline 4 cylinder water cooled. Bore/Stroke: 76.2 x 88.9 mm. Compression Ratio: 8.3 to 1. (8.9 to 1 in high comp. engines) Max Horsepower: 82.5 bhp @ 5600 rpm. Max Torque: 89 lb/ft at 3800 rpm. Fuel Delivery: Twin semi-downdraft 1.5" SUs Transmission: Four speed manual. Synchromesh: Top three gears. Clutch: Single dry plate. Frt Suspension: Independent coil and wishbone with lever arm shocks. Rr Suspension: Live rear axle, half elliptic leaf springs with lever arm shocks. Wheelbase: 7' 10" Track: 3' 0" Width: 4' 9.25" Brakes: Lockheed 11" discs at front, Lockheed 10" drums at rear. Wheels: Bolt on disc (standard) Center-lock wire (optional) Tires: 5.5 x 15 inch. Performance: Acceleration 0-60: 11.5 seconds. Top Speed: 103 mph. Fuel Economy: 26 mpg. Number built: 31,501 (coupe and roadster)

MGA 1600 Mark 2 1961-62

The MGA 1600 Mk2 was the grand finale for the MGA model. It came with an enlarged engine of 1622 cc, which corresponded, unlike the 1588 cc unit, with engines from MG sedans of the time period. This was a great help to restorers in modern times, as engine parts were easier to find. The styling was given a very minor facelift; the grille slats were recessed, which probably helped engine cooling, and the tailights were moved from the fenders to a horizontal mounting below the corners of the trunklid. A special, gold-painted MGA was premiered at the New York Auto Show in 1962 to celebrate the 100,000th MGA built. The MGA was the first sportscar ever to accomplish that feat. Success, however, can only last so long, so the MGA faded away, and the MGB came to be.

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