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MG TC Specifications

Engine: 1250 cc pushrod 4 cylinder water cooled Bore/Stroke: 66.5 x 90 mm Fuel Delivery: Twin SU semi-downdraft Compression: 7.5 to 1 Max Horsepower: 55 bhp at 5200 rpm Max Torque: 64 lb/ft at 2700 rpm Transmission: Four speed manual Synchromesh: top 3 gears Clutch: Borg and Beck single dry plate Chassis: Frame: Twin side members and cross members Length: 11' 7" Width: 4' 8" Track Frt/Rr: 3' 9" / 3' 9" Suspension: Front: Half elliptic springs, beam axle Rear: Half elliptic springs, live axle Brakes: Lockheed 9" drums Tire Size: 19 x 4.5 Wheels: Wire spoke Performance: Max. Speed: 78 mph Accel. 0-60: 27 sec. Fuel Consumption: 27 mpg Number built: 10,000

MG TC 1945-49

The MG TC was introduced after World War II as an evolution of the pre-war MG TB model with the only major change being a four inch wider body. Because of its low cost, selling the 81 cars built in 1945 was not a problem. Sales increased to a healthy 1600 in 1946 and topped out at 3000 two years later. A total of 10000 were produced between 1945 and 1949. Of those 10000, almost 2000 were exported to the USA. The TC was made unique from later models by its square-rigged body style, right-hand drive only layout, solid axle front and rear suspension, and 19 inch tall wire wheels. The Americans loved this car, but by 1949 they were asking for an updated model. Hence, the TD in 1950.

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