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MG TD Specifications

Engine: 1250 cc pushrod inline 4 cylinder water cooled. Bore/Stroke: 66.5 x 90 mm. Compression Ratio: 7.25 to 1. Max Horsepower: 54.4 bhp at 5200 rpm. Max Torque: 64.5 lb/ft at 2600 rpm. Fuel Delivery: Twin semi-downdraft 1.5" SUs Transmission: Four speed manual. Synchromesh: Top three gears. Clutch: Single dry plate. Frt Suspension: Independent coil and wishbone. Rr Suspension: semi-elliptic springs with Luvax Girling dampers. Track: 3' 11 3/8" front / 4' 2" rear. Brakes: Lockheed 9" drums front and rear. Wheels: Bolt on disc. Tires: 5.5 x 15 inch. Performance: Acceleration 0-60: 22 seconds. Top Speed: 78 mph. Fuel Economy: 27 mpg. Number built: 29,664

MG TD 1949-53

The MG TD was introduced in 1950 because the American market wanted a car that was bigger and more modern. Working with almost no design funding, Syd Enever and two others built a prototype in 2 weeks. They relied heavily on the YA sedan for most of the TD's parts, including a shortened chassis, independent front suspension, and rack and pinion steering. The new car's styling was a departure from the TC's in that it was more sleek and less upright. Better aerodynamics made for a higher top speed. These changes made the MG TD a modern sportscar with classic style. Unfortunately, the XPAG engine made as much power as the TC and had to pull an extra 200 pounds of weight. It also had pressed steel wheels which lacked the classy look of the old wire wheels. Although the car was slightly slower than the TC, it sold three times as many copies including about 1000 TD Mark 2 models which had a more powerful engine and a stiffer suspension. By 1953, though, the competing Triumph TR2 had much more power (90 hp) and more modern and aerodynamic styling which allowed it to break the 100 mph barrier. MG designers brought the MGA prototype to BMC management only several days after Donald Healey had shown the Austin-Healey 100-4, a car that would directly compete with the new MG. The management decided to put off the MGA launch, but to boost sales they needed a stopgap model, hence, the MG TF.

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