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David Buchanan's Homepage


My name is David Buchanan and I'm a counsellor living in Brisbane, Australia.

The purpose of this page is to advertise myself and my private practice on the Internet.

Take a moment to read about me and the counselling service I offer.



My experience

In 1981 I became the Co-ordinator and principal counsellor of a large family crisis centre in Sydney. Families with many complex and diverse problems accessed this service on a daily basis.

When I moved to the Gold Coast in 1984 I continued developing my counselling skills with families and individuals alike. I worked with people in depression, those facing crises or experiencing trauma. Many of the families I worked with were facing dysfunction or deteriorating family relationships.

I was invited to move to Brisbane in 1987 and counselling became a major part of my vocation. I worked for an organisation that allowed me the freedom to pursue my passion for counselling, and with the support of the agency I conceived of and initiated a counselling and education centre for people wanting positive change in their lives.

1999 saw my private practice open for people around Brisbane.


My qualifications

In 1980 I graduated after studying counselling extensively. Charles Sturt University accepted me as a candidate for a Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 1982. When I moved to Brisbane I commenced study for the Graduate Diploma in Social Science and upon completion continued my studies to the level of

Master of Social Science (Counselling) .

In addition to formal academic qualifications, I have attended many workshops and seminars focusing on counsellor preparation. I trained at the Brisbane Education Centre and qualified in facilitating parent education training courses - allowing me to facilitate a joint Commonwealth and State Government Parent Matters II training course.


My Teaching

My experience and academic training has allowed me the privilege of teaching in tertiary education institutions. The Queensland University of Technology employed me as Tutor teaching undergraduate social science students the basics of counselling skills. I taught two classes of 35 students, with all students passing the unit.

The Australian College of Applied Psychology invited me to join their teaching staff in 1999. Through this college I am able to share with other mature people theories and skills necessary for competent counselling.



I am a full member of the Counselling Association of Australia Inc. This is a nationally registered counselling organisation for counsellors with formal qualifications and experience.


My service

My counselling service is client focused. Only the issues you want addressed are dealt with.

Full confidentiality is guaranteed.

We are all unique and your uniqueness will be respected and upheld.

I do not judge others or persuade them to think or act in a manner uncomfortable in any way.

My focus is not on telling you what to do but asisting you on your journey to achieving what you want in life.



My motto is:

"Bringing order to chaos and peace over troubled waters"

If you, or a friend, are seeking counselling please email me.