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kofcrobo.jpg (23025 bytes)Name: Ulanders Harvest Challenge

History: An industrious farmer, Hebrus McHenry from Ohio, to speed the collection of his fall harvest, created The Ulanders Harvest Challenge. A neighbor saw the robot’s spinning combine arms cut corn and wheat down with ease. Hebrus was soon making several dozen out of his barn and selling them for an affordable price to his neighbors. However, his success was short-lived. A group of farmers against the apparently “hideous, insidious, unnatural, Hell-born contraption” were scared by the effectiveness of the robot and most were burned.

Year Made: 1892

Weight: 972 pounds

Height: 6ft 5in

Power Plant: 1 steam engine (75hp)

Armaments: Two rapid-rotating combine arms

Special Notes: Buel F. Rawlings found the Ulanders Harvest Challenge dancing in the crowd at a show in Ohio. It was abandoned by its owner, so it was rusty and in need of oil. Buel soon repaired the robot, and 1824 Techno found the whirring arms to be great skig destroyers.

Present Day: While dancing at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Burlington, the Ulanders Harvest Challenge accidentally cut down two spectators with its razor-sharp arms, causing the crowd to charge the robot and tear it apart within seconds