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grobhead_sm.jpg (5765 bytes)Name: RB-G

History: The RB-G, or Robot Giant, was never mass-produced like many of its smaller cousins for one simple reason—it required a great amount of resources to produce. Originally designed in the United States in 1939, the RB-G was intended to provide an indestructible backbone to a stalwart defense or implacable offensive strike. World War II had not yet reached isolationist America, so funding was stopped for the production of improved models.

Year Made: 1939

Weight: 40.7 tons

Height: 25 ft 9 in

Power Plant: 2 16-cylinder V, liquid cooled (700 hp)

Armaments: 2 armored power fists, 1 40mm auto-loading cannon on the shoulder, and two 20mm anti-personnel cannons in the head

Special Notes: The RB-G’s great size was seen as a disadvantage, but preliminary tests showed it nearly invulnerable to anti-tank, howitzer, mortar, and machine gun fire. Could Hitler have staved off attacks from a whole RB-G division? It’s a question many historians have considered.

Present day: At Burlington High School’s 1997 Homecoming celebrations, the RB-G stood solemnly over the teenage masses. When the order was made to assault, hundreds of students charged for the legs and arms. After a short battle of strength, the RB-G was pulled down and demolished. Several students and faculty were crushed and injured as it fell. All there to witness the display of man versus machine could only hold respect for the giant robot.

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