Willow Rosenburg
Future Technopagan?

Allyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenburg

Willow is probably the character I would like most in real life, although from time to time I might get frustrated with her lack of self confidence. Still, she's smart, funny and loyal, the best qualities in a friend. It's nice to see her levels of self esteem and assertiveness increasing during the second season. It's nice to see her happy.

Willow Rosenburg

Willow is one of the "Slayerettes" (in fact, she coined the term). This means that she is one of Buffy's friends who knows of and helps her with her duties as the Slayer. Willow is known for being Buffy and Xander's best friend, and is very intelligent, but also sweet and shy. She has had a major crush on her oldest friend Xander for a long time, but seems to be finding self-confidence and happiness in her new, mutual relationship with eccentric guitar-player Oz (someone who finally appreciates how special she is). She is an excellent student, and even took over the school's computers class when the need arose. She helps Buffy by researching phenomena and accessing classified information over the internet.

Episodes Featuring Willow
Willow is a regular character, and as such is in every episode. Listed below are episodes which feature his character specifically, or in which significant character development occurs.
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Season One
1. I, Robot-- You, Jane: Willow finally finds someone who appreciates how special she is- online. Xander and Buffy are worried, and rightfully so. Afterall, this is love, on the Hellmouth. Malcom is worse than an internet liar, he's an Internet demon (that's bad).

Season Two
1. Hallowe'en: Not specifically about Willow, but when the rest of the gang lose their memories due to a spell, Willow takes charge. And she dressed to kill- yeah Willow! She is fantastic in this episode.
2. Phases: Willow is frustrated at the lack of kissage in her relationship with Oz, and gathers the nerve to do something about it. But he's got something major changes going on in his life- He's special boy, with chains 'n stuff.

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Alyson Hannigan Shrine- Information on Dead Man on Campus, reviews of Aly in each BtVS ep, uncommon pics, Interviews and chat transcripts, a program to "Willowize" your desktop (replace Windows wavs with Willow ones), links and other goodies.
Alyson Hannigan Appreciation Society- Pics, Filmography, Willowisms and other Aly related goodies.

Willow Fan Clubs and Webrings

WPWP- We Possess Willow Power (I'm WPWP# 313)
This club was founded by Little Willow to recognize the fantasticness that is Alyson Hannigan. From all I've heard she's as sweet and modest as she could be, not to mention a fantastic actress and a beautiful woman. She deserves a truly loyal fan club. Little Willow is petitioning to have this club designated Alyson's official fan club. It's not yet, but she still runs interesting activities related to the work of Alyson Hannigan and BtVS in general. To find out more about WPWP, visit the official website- We Possess Willow Power.
Mottos: "Do you possess Willow power?" and "Embrace your inner Willow"
"I make my own fun" ~ Ted

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