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Shonen Ai? Well, I since this is University assingment i can't afford to make it yaoi... maybe just shonen ai... or... well... u never know... long live YAOI!

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs



Players :
Higashikunimaru Waku
Ijyuin Junya

 “Wait a minute!” Ijyuin Junya shouted. “Wait a god damned fucking minute!” he exploded. Higashikunimaru Waku turned around and blinked. It was ironic for both of them. First, they had a fight in campus. Second, they ended up living together. Third, Waku turned out to be the ‘pushy’ type even though Junya was the one who actually owned the house. Even if they separated the rent equally, still he was the one who found the house in the first place!

 “What do you mean we can share a bed?” Junya walked around the couch to face Waku. The new house owner had already made himself comfortable on the heavenly soft couch with Kato in his lap purring like a cat. Waku ran his hands through Kato’s thick mane as she smiled with her eyes closed, contented.

  Waku reached out to pull Junya’s hand. “I’m helping us to save. We buy a bigger bed and share. It’s much more cheaper than buying two separate beds. Besides, it’ll be easier to Kato’s chores of rearranging the beds after we wake up. And also we don’t need to be cold,” he smiled, somewhat mischievously. “Cold? What the fuck? I’m not going to sleep with you! What if anyone in campus knew?” Junya panicked. “So what?” Waku released his grip on the hysterical boy.

 He looked around the house. It had been three days since the latter moved in. He had nothing else but cash, some books and a few change of clothing with him in that duffel bag of his. Since they were going to go for furniture shopping this weekend, both of them had been cuddling in the master bedroom sleeping on the floor saving for a thick blanket of Junya’s.
 “You never complained about us sleeping TOGETHER on your blanket for the past two nights,” Waku said nonchalantly emphasizing on a certain word. Junya frowned. “T… that’s different!” Junya erupted.

 “And you never said anything else about yesterday in particular…” Waku patted Kato’s backside in gesture for her to hop off somewhere. The rabbit spirit obediently left the couch and sat somewhere else as Waku stood up. He inched nearer to Junya who still had the scenes yesterday re-digested in his stomach.

 “T… that was a mistake!” he insisted as he fell backwards to another soft couch as Waku inched so close that he could feel his breath. “Mistake? I don’t think so… were you drunk?” Waku asked. “N…no…” Junya shook his head. “Were you under medication?” Waku asked. “No,” Junya replied, a sweatdrop appeared on his forehead. “Were you taking drugs?” Waku interrogated with a flash of his long lashed eyes. “Of course not!” Junya nearly shouted.

 “Then you telling me that you are actually very conscious and totally aware of your state of being yesterday while doing ‘it’?” Waku smiled. Junya sighed and admitted defeat. “I’m sorry,” he uttered, his eyes closed. It’s always easier to apologize and run away from anything with eyes closed. It lifted the guilt.

  “Open your eyes,” Waku uttered. Junya obediently fluttered his eyes open. “Good, look at me,” Waku told the boy. “I’m am looking at you, you loof!” That earned a swat from Waku on the head. “Shuddup. Look into my eyes and tell me why,” he demanded.

 Junya blinked. Waku was really beautiful. His long pale blue hair, his sapphire gems that served as icy cold eyes and platinum fine brows accompanied by pale white skin. “Fuck it Waku. You know as well as I do that you have the ability to seduce even the couch to fuck you,” Junya turned away, deciding on keeping his ego to himself.

 Kato looked from across the room. The naïve rabbit spirit seemed oblivious to what’s happening in front of her. She was bubbly and highly energetic also as hardworking as a foreign housemaid. But at times like this, she would rather sit quietly somewhere and observe what her two overly stupid masters are doing.

 Waku decided he was too lazy to stand up so he straddled Junya’s lap. “Why do you hate me?” Suddenly Waku’s voice was sad. He was looking into Junya’s eyes with melancholic expressions.
 Junya sighed. “I don’t hate you, Waku…” he started. He reached out to turn the boy so his back was facing him. Junya gently pulled the latter into his embrace and sniffed his alpine scented hair. He was confused. The first time they met in campus, they had a fight about who would get the front computer. Their second encounter resolved into another cold fight where they bumped into each other in the cafeteria loosing both of their lunches to the floor. Then he appeared at his doorstep later that day to be his housemate.
 And he had sex with him the second day they shared the blanket. He was just so irresistible and beautiful and so goddamned seductive and pretending to be innocent at the same time. Fuck you, Waku.

 Maybe he had fell in love with the boy before even realizing it. He could be childish and bossy at times but he was pure. And poor Kato, that bastard actually had her doing manicure for him!

 “So are you going to agree?” Suddenly Waku spoke. “Agree? About what?” Junya asked. “About sharing a bed?” he asked. Junya looked at the opening between Waku’s pale neck and shoulders. He tried to resist the urge but surrendered to it as he licked its smooth texture, finally drawing it into a playful bite. “Just as long as I come along and choose,” Junya uttered as he kissed the beautiful boy’s nape.


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