Happy Birthday

A fanfic by Bulma Briefs

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  Aya watched as his sister arranged the flowers in the flower shop. Just as she was going in, A short hair girl came by talking to his sister. It was Tomoe Sakura, the girl who loved him. He closed his eyes. His mind played flashbacks of the time when he told her that he didn't have the competency and adequacy to fall in love.

  Because he was an assassin.

  He turned around and walked through the alley. But it all failed him, now he was trying to bend the rules that he himself made. Maybe he couldn't fall in love with normal people. But he could fell in love with another assassin, couldn't he?

  Aya Fujimiya and Sakura thought they were all dead. But could the Weiss Kreuz die that easily? No. Aya smirked at this fact.

  He walked back to their new base.

  "Ne, Youji… your smoke's getting everywhere!" Ken complained, fanning away the smoke that Youji blew with his cigarette. "Oh you're just jealous that I can blow smoke rings," Youji teased the boy. "Oh shut up!" Ken gritted his teeth, lying down on the sofa trying to get away from Youji's smoke.

  Aya walked down the steps as silently as always. "Tadaima, Aya-kun!" Omi greeted the redhead as soon as he was in view.

  Aya nodded and walked towards him. "Any new missions?" he asked. Omi shook his head. "Not yet. We might be informed tonight or tomorrow morning," Omi uttered. "Oh man… means that we couldn't get out…" Youji sighed. "No more life for us, Youji… you tend to forget that a lot!" Ken threw a pillow at Youji.

  Aya looked at Omi as he was greeted back with large blue eyes. "I hope it's tomorrow morning," Aya smiled. "Naze? Nani suru no?" Omi asked. "We have plans tonight," Aya smiled meaningfully at Omi.

  "Plans?" Omi blinked. Aya nodded. Omi looked at the computer and smiled. It was 28th of February now. And it's 1st March tomorrow. Literally his birthday vanished and reappears every 4 years. That was why he always forgets about it.

  "With who?" Omi asked. Aya turned around. "Meet me outside 15 minutes to midnight," he walked away.

  "Ne bishounen, what's up his sleeves again now?" Youji asked Omi as he tried to tickle Ken's nose with his toe.

  Omi smiled. "I haven't any idea myself," he smiled; inside he was jumping in joy. No one ever remembered about his birthday. Even himself, but Aya…

  Manx came and sat on the sofa. Her red hair shone deadly in the dim light. "No news yet boys. I think it'll come next morning," she smiled.

  "I'm going out," Youji grinned. "No you're not!" Ken protested. "Fat chance if you think you're going to stop me!" Youji laughed inanely as he was pinned to the sofa. "I said you're sitting here! You have to sit here!" Ken gritted his teeth. "An why is that?" Youji asked, his smile as broad as daylight teasing Ken to tell him.

  "Idonwanasitherealone," Ken muttered, intertwining their limbs as to make sure Youji doesn't run. "I think I hear the wind blow…" Youji grinned. "I said, I don't want to sit here alone!" Ken pinned Youji on the sofa and straddled his hips, riding it like a horse.

  "Yamete!!! Stop it!!! You're crushing my bones!!" Youji shouted. "Goin' anywhere tonite, Youji?" Ken asked in bitter sarcasm. "Nope! Staying here!" Youji grinned in pain. "Good boy," Ken laughed.

  Omi shook his head as Manx and himself went up the stairs. "So, you going anywhere tonight?" she asked. Omi looked at her with a big smile. "Hai."

  Omi looked at the clock on the wall. He looked around and sat on the stairs. It was nearly 15 minutes to midnight. And as he finished thinking about that, a white car stopped right in front of him. The door opened and a guy with red hair was inside, smiling at him. "Hayaku," he uttered. Omi nodded and jumped in the car.

  "Where are we going, Aya-kun?" Omi asked as the guy drove steadily through the highway. "Somewhere quiet," Aya answered. "Sou ne… doko no?" Omi asked again. Aya turned to look at the boy. "You're going to be 18 in a couple of minutes. You need to learn to be quite," Aya said softly. "Like you?" Omi asked.

  Aya was silent.

  "Well, if you're quiet and I'm quiet, who'd do the talking?" Omi asked. Aya blinked. He turned to look at Omi and shook his head. "Omi… Omi…" he smiled.

  Aya parked his car by the seaside. Omi got out of the car and felt the harsh wind around him. "Aahh… kimochi!!!" Omi smiled at the cool air hitting him softly.

  He turned around to look at Aya getting something in the back of the car. "Ne, Aya-kun… nani suru no?" Omi walked up the back and peeped as Aya took out some drinks and a square box. "Take that basket," he told Omi. The boy nodded and took the basket and Aya shut the cover tight.

  Omi followed the guy further and placed the rug; which was on the basket on the spot where Aya asked him to. Aya sat down and put down the drinks and square box, gesturing Omi to follow. Omi smiled, sitting down next to Aya.

  Aya looked at his watch. They still have 5 minutes to spare. He turned to look at Omi who was staring at him with marveled blue eyes. He patted the place nearer to him, a silent gesture to Omi to sit closer. The boy did so and Aya put an arm around Omi. They watched the waves silently, admiring its power and beauty in the brightly moonlit night.

  "What did you do today?" he asked the boy. Omi blinked. "Practically nothing. I was sleeping through the day," Omi smiled. Aya nodded. "Good. You need sleep," he said softly, guiding Omi's head to lean on his chest.

   "Aya-kun?" Omi asked. "Nani?" Aya asked. "Do you always come here?" Omi asked. Aya shook his head. "Never did," he smiled. "Then why do you bring me here?" Omi asked. "Because I once told myself that… I will only come here with someone I love…" Aya trailed off. Omi looked at him. "Honto ka?" his big blue eyes sparkling.

  Then the small alarm on Aya's watch rang.

  Aya nodded. "Happy birthday… Omi-chan," The redhead leaned forward and kissed the boy. "Arigatou," Omi blushed after they released their first kiss.

  "Aya-kun… you're always so cold and distant… I thought…" Omi was lost in his own world of words. "Thought?" Aya blinked his violet eyes. "That you never liked anyone except Aya-chan," Omi went back to lean on Aya's chest.

  "I'm an assassin. I thought this excuse would help me to shield upon any feelings I felt for anyone. But it was proven wrong when I see you. More even every single day I will see your sparkling blue eyes. Beautiful, loving and warm," Aya smiled, expressing himself to Omi. "That's sweet, Aya-kun," Omi reached his hands to touch Aya's firm chest.

  "Omi-chan… cut your cake," Aya reached out to the square box and opened the ribbon. Omi smiled. "Do you like it?" Aya revealed a love shaped cake with blue and pink icing. "Trust me, it's chocolate," Aya smiled. Omi grinned and reached for the knife.

  "I forgot the candles. But it's okay. Make a wish and cut," Aya kissed Omi's cheek. Omi nodded and shut his eyes.

  :… May god bless us and save our sorry souls on every mission ahead …: He opened his eyes and cut the cake.

  He took the first piece and looked at Aya. "Kuchi o agete!" Omi grinned. Aya smiled and opened his mouth as Omi stuffed a mouthful in it. "Kawaii!!" he grinned, pointing at the colorful icing around Aya's mouth. Aya was just about to reach up to wipe it off with his hands when Omi held both of Aya's hands down and licked it clean, resuming it with a kiss after that.

  Aya relaxed. His baby was kissing him, fulfilling his every need. His lonely soul was gone little by little washed away by a sweet boy named Omi Tsukiyono.

  "Omedetou O'tanjoubi gozaimasu," Aya said once again. "Arigatou, Aya-koi… arigatou," Omi leaned down for a warm secured hug. "Arigatou…" he closed his eyes.

Owari …

First Weiß Kreuz ficcie, I watched the whole series in two days (You can call me demented if you want, but they're so cute!!!!) Sorry had to make it yaoi, but after being introduced to Yaoi 4 years ago, I don't think I can stop. Not now, not ever. ^__^

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