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We Can Be A Family… Can We?

Li ran down the road as fast as he could. He was late now he had to skip breakfast so he’d be able to reach school in time. He had to do the class chores today and if he were late, he’d be doomed by Yamazaki’s bad fortune telling, as if being sick wasn’t bad enough.

 Just as he turned around the corner, he bumped into Sakura, Touya and Yukito. Both the older boys were on bicycles and Sakura, on her roller blade.


  “Itete…” Sakura fell on her bottom. “Daijobu?” Both Touya and Yukito asked as Touya left his bicycle and check his sister. “Haha… daijobu yo, niichan… are you okay, Li-kun?” she giggled. Li blushed as soon as he saw Yukito. “I’m sorry… yeah… I’m okay,” he uttered as he stood up. Since he didn’t wear any guards, the collision had made his legs scratched and bruised.

  “Next time watch where you are going,” Touya sighed as he helped his sister up, the comment was directed to both of the younger ones. “I… I’m sorry, b…but I was late and I had class chores to do,” Li uttered as pain seared through his spine.

  “Eh, wait…!” Yukito called as he realized the boy’s injury. “You’re bleeding…” he called. “I’m okay…” Li uttered as he walked away. Just as he tried to run, his stomach felt painful and his fever was getting into his head.

  The poor boy fell on the road face kissing ground.

  “Li-kun!” Sakura and Yukito shouted simultaneously as Yukito left his bicycle and ran towards the boy. He took the boy and put his head on his lap. “Li-kun? Are you okay? Li-kun?” Yukito hit Li’s cheeks gently. “How’s he?” Sakura asked.

  Yukito looked at Li’s burning face and harsh breathing. He put his palm on his forehead and smiled. “I think he only has fever,” he told the girl. “Why don’t you go to school first? Your brother and I can take him home,” Yukito told the girl. Touya frowned, why in the world would he go and help the boy? Sakura smiled. “Okay, I’ll tell the teacher that he has a fever,” with that she skated away.

  Just as Sakura disappeared from view, Yukito turned around. “To-ya, can we send him to the hospital?” he asked. “You don’t need to send a fever patient to the hospital, Yuki,” he said. “I know, but I don’t think he’s only down with a fever,” Yukito gestured Touya to come closer. “He’s shaking all over,” he uttered.

  “Nice trick to let Sakura off,” Touya smiled as he carried the boy in his arms. Yukito smiled. “It’s no good for her to have worries. You know how a kind hearted girl she is,” Yukito smiled. Touya nodded and had their bicycles put in Yukito’s house just around the corner and took a bus to the hospital.

 Li was later diagnosed as to have a high fever, gastric, and lack of energy. His external injuries were also taken care of.

 Yukito sat next to Li’s bed and watched him. “I don’t understand why are you such a nice person,” Touya commented as he watched the boy from the window. Yukito smiled. “Well, that’s why you like me, right?” he answered, looking into Touya’s eyes. Touya blushed and looked away.

  “Don’t be too harsh on the kid. I don’t think he has anything serious against Sakura. Besides, they’re classmates,” Yukito smiled as he ran his hand through Li’s messy hair. “It’s just a part of growing up,” Yukito smiled.

 Touya sighed, good thing today’s class was only language classes and history which he can conveniently learn at home. Or else, he’s going to strangle the kid for making him miss classes.

  “Mhhmm…” Li stirred. Yukito smiled and held the boy’s hand. “Li-kun? Are you awake?” Yukito called. Li’s eyes fluttered opened and focused at the voice, which was talking to him. The next instant, he was blushing from head to toe. “Yuki…to-san…” he uttered and tried to sit up. “Shh… just relax,” Yukito gently pushed him back to the pillow and smiled. “Have you been skipping meals?” Yukito asked. Li was quiet. “And you didn’t tell your family you were having a fever…” Yukito ran his hand through Li’s hair again. The boy closed his eyes and savored the soft touches.

  “Why am I in the hospital?” Li asked. “Because you were so sick that you couldn’t even walk, that’s why,” Touya walked up to the kid and sighed. He pinched Li’s nose and sat next to him. “Itete!” Li held his sore nose.

 “Li-kun, you haven’t answered my questions yet,” Yukito smiled at the boy. Li looked away and sighed. “Because no one would care even if I die,” he uttered softly. “Li-kun… don’t say such a thing,” Yukito told him. “Yeah, Yuki here would faint if you ever die,” Touya laughed. “To-ya… don’t tease the poor boy,” Yukito smiled.

  Li covered himself with the blanket so he needn’t to look at Touya’s mocking face and Yukito’s sweet one, it’ll make him redder than he was already.

 Yukito looked at Touya and smiled. “Don’t we look like a family?” he asked Touya. “Em?” Touya blinked. “You know… you, me and our little boy…” he smiled as he looked at Li’s covered form. Touya blushed. His friend’s jokes were getting really uneasy nowadays.

 Li peeped through his blanket and looked at Touya. He was really read. “Ey, Touya-san! Why are you blushing?” he asked. Touya frowned. “I’m not!” he looked away. Li pushed his blanket and blinked. “You didn’t know that Yukito-san likes you?” Li asked. “H…he does not!” Touya freaked out. “Don’t start getting weird ideas about us, okay?!” Touya was unstable. He himself didn’t know what to think of Yukito. The tall boy walked out of the room and slammed the door.

  Li looked at Yukito and frowned. “You never told him?” he asked. Yukito smiled. “You saw how he reacted, I know how he’d freak out,” Yukito sighed. “I’m sorry,” Li uttered. “I shouldn’t have…” Li’s lips were trembling. He regretted asking Touya just now and now he had made the one he loves unhappy. Yukito put an arm around the boy and pulled him closer. “It’s okay…” he said as he embraced Li. Li hugged Yukito back. “At least you still have a son,” Li smiled, trying to cheer Yukito up. Yukito smiled into Li’s hair and closed his eyes as a drop of tear rolled off his cheek landing on the boy’s head.

  Yes, he loved Yukito. But he was happier to know that Yukito loves Touya and still love himself as a son. It was divine to be in the arms of the one you love like right now.

  After a while the nurse came and sent food, milk, fish, and lots of rice. “Waa… how can I finish all of these?” Li pointed out to the generous amount of food displayed in front of him. “Ah, I requested for the extra rice. You’re lack of carbohydrate. That’s why you lack of energy,” Yukito smiled.

Because he had skipped school that day, Touya walked back home feeling weird inside. All those teasing made sense now.

He walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. Inside were a few cups of pudding. He took one and sat on the table eating it. Even food reminds him of Yukito.

Sakura stepped into the kitchen and gasped. “Oniichan! I didn’t know you were back this early?” She smiled. Touya turned and smiled. “The class ended early today,” he lied. “Ah…” Sakura walked over to take another cup of pudding.

 “So, how’s Li-kun?” Sakura asked. “Em? Oh, he’s okay…” Touya answered. Sakura sat down next to her brother and sighed. “Ne… what’s wrong with you?” she asked. Touya looked up to her and smiled. “Nan de mo nai… I was just thinking of Yukito…” he uttered out loud, then immediately regretting it.

  “Ah… I bet he does the same as well,” she smiled. Touya looked at her. “What do you mean?” Sakura smiled. “Don’t be dumb niichan… Do you think I’m that stupid? Even dad could tell that you like Yukito and vice versa…” Sakura smiled, remembering the time where Yukito admitted that he likes Touya… well kind of admitted.

 “I do?” Touya asked, to himself in general. “Ahh!” Then suddenly Sakura stood up. “You must’ve done something bad to Yukito!” Sakura accused as she pointed an accusing finger towards Touya. “I… I…” Touya didn’t know what to say. Sakura crossed her arms on her chest and snorted. “I don’t care! By hook or by crook, you’ll have to say sorry to him!” Sakura told her brother.

  “Okay, okay… you’re so noisy!” Touya took his empty cup and put it in the sink. After washing it, he walked up to his room.

  Later that evening, Li was released from the hospital with tons of protein and carbohydrate tablets. “Say, Li-kun. Come and stay at my place until you’re really well. My grandparents are away on a trip and they wont be back until the end of the month,” Yukito suggested. Li looked up to him and blinked. “You sure?” Li asked. Yukito nodded. And since tomorrow’s a Saturday, you don’t have to go to school. We can take your books on Sunday,” Yukito smiled. Li smiled so wide he was floating. “Mochiron!” Li exclaimed, hugging the taller kid as they walked out of the hospital together.

After a warm bath, Li was tucked into the futon, which was laid next to Yukito’s bed. He watched for a little while more to ensure the little boy was sound asleep before going out to switch off all the lights.

Just as he wanted to switch off the living room light, he heard a knock on the door. He walked towards the door and opened it. “Ah, To-ya…” Yukito uttered.

“Yuki, I’m sorry…” Touya said softly. Yukito smiled and looked at the ground. “It’s okay…” Yukito uttered, though his heart was crushed into a million pieces. Touya must’ve come here to straightened things out and to make it clear to him that there’s no chance between them.

There were there for a few awkward moments of silence. “Can I ask you something?” finally Touya broke the ice. Yukito looked up and smiled forcefully. He didn’t want Touya to know that he was really sad.

“Is it true all the things you have told me?” Touya asked. Yukito blinked in confusion. What did he told the boy? Touya sensing Yukito not understanding what he was talking about rephrased his question. “About you, me and Li-kun being a family? Do you really mean it?” Touya asked.

Yukito spread a smile on his face and nodded. He somehow sensed hope in this relationship.

Touya leaned down and kissed the slightly shorter boy. “I’m sorry I was a jerk,” he uttered after the broke the slow kiss. “I just realized how valuable it was and thank gods that I’m not too late…” Touya cupped Yukito’s pale face in his hands. He was so beautiful.

Yukito leaned closer and hugged Touya. He buried his face on Touya’s chest and started crying. “To-ya…” he cried. Touya put his arms around Yukito giving the boy a sense of security. They were in each other’s arms for quite some time when the chills started to creep into them.

Yukito let go of Touya and smiled. “You’re staying here for the night right?” he asked. Touya shrugged. “Where’s our… son?” he smiled. “My room… you go check him out. I’m going to off the lights” Yukito smiled.

Touya walked into Yukito’s room and slid the door opened. He saw Li sleeping under the covers on the floor. Yukito came in later with another futon and put it next to Li’s. “The three of us can sleep together on the floor,” Touya smiled.

Yukito nodded and pulled the blanket from his bed as Touya slept on Li’s right and Yukito, on Li’s left. Li stirred awake and opened his eyes. “Yo,” Touya smiled. Li blinked and turned to his left to see Yukito smiling as he got under the covers. Li smiled and move to the center so they could get comfortably close in the cold weather. He could feel Touya and Yukito’s legs intertwined below his.

“Oyasumi, tousama…” Li uttered as he slept again. “Oyasumi,” both Touya and Yukito uttered as they put their arms around Li, touching each other’s warm body.

Yukito smiled. This felt so divine and nice. He felt comfortable all over. Now they really are a family.

“Ne, Yuki…?” Suddenly Touya asked. “Em? Nani?” Yukito asked. “We haven’t done anything to prove that we’re married,” Touya smiled. “Eh?” Yukito blinked then he smiled. “Haha… We’ll find time when our baby is not here…” he giggled.


Author’s Note : My second CCS ficcie! Now with Li-kun involved! Bwahahaha!!!

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