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Tears of Agony

“Touya?” Fujitaka called. His eldest son looked up at him. It was a beautiful Saturday morning and Touya was making breakfast. Sakura had gone to school with Tomoyo and her bunch of bodyguards. “Yes, father?” Touya raised his brows as he beat more eggs into the bowl.

“I don’t mean to be a busy-body, but…” he paused for a while. “But… are you having a fight with Yukito?”

Touya stopped dead on his tracks. Then he turned around to face his father. A smile was on his face. It was neither warm nor sincere but fake and full of misery.

Fujitaka blinked. He asked such a question because he saw Tsukishiro Yukito yesterday walking back from school with another girl. And considering his son’s gloomy features, he put the puzzles together.

Touya frowned and continued beating the eggs. “No, we didn’t,” he answered, most truthfully. They didn’t have a fight. It’s just that he himself was being jealous at the slightest thing. Yukito was just being nice to the new girl at school and he couldn’t help but being a bit jealous so he went back alone yesterday and couldn’t think about anything else but the girl who Yukito gave the bread to.


Yesterday, recess time…

Yukito walked over to Touya’s table. “Here,” he handed the boy a piece of paper. Touya took the paper and read through it. It was the math problem he gave the boy earlier. Touya himself spent 2 days searching for the way to settle it but to no avail and Yukito did it in less than half an hour, in history lesson.

“Sankyu…” he smiled at the boy. “So, with your problem settled, let’s have some food,” Yukito gleamed. Touya nodded. “Take anything you want, my treat,” Touya smiled, putting his arms around Yukito’s shoulder.

Yukito nodded happily as they walked together to the cafeteria. Then suddenly a girl bumped into him. “Kya!!” she exclaimed. Yukito blinked and smiled. “Are you okay?” he stretched his hands so the girl could stand up. She reached out for his hand and steadied herself. “Watch where you’re going next time,” Touya uttered, scarcely annoyed.

“Gomen ne,” she apologized. “Oh, it’s okay…” Yukito paused. “You new here? I’ve never seen you before,” Yukito smiled. The girl blushed and nodded. “Watashi wa Arai, Yukina Arai. Hajimemashite,” she bowed. “I’m Tsukishiro Yukito and this is Kinomoto Touya,” he introduced. Touya nodded and stepped closer to Yukito.

“We have the same first name,” Yukina smiled. Yukito nodded. “I was named ‘Yuki’ because it was snowing when I was born,” Yukina told them. “Oh, that is good! I don’t know what’s the connection about my name, I’m sorry,” Yukito smiled.

“Would you want to join us for lunch?” Yukito asked. The girl nodded. “Sure,” she beamed.

Touya frowned. This was one thing he couldn’t compromise with Yukito; he’s really nice to everyone. As in really, really nice. Sometimes it made him sick.

:.. “Admit it Touya, you’re just jealous,” ..: He snorted and told himself to shut up.

Yukito looked up at his friend and blinked. “What is it, Touya?” he asked. Touya shook his head and walked ahead.

“You guys go on first, I want to go to the toilet,” Yukina smiled. Yukito nodded. “Sure. We’ll be sitting somewhere there,” Yukito pointed to a vacant area in one corner of the cafeteria.

The girl waved and walked away.

Yukito turned and saw Touya already in the food counter to get some food. He smiled and caught up with his lover.

“Ne, Touya-chan… why didn’t you wait for me?” Yukito asked, tugging on Touya’s sleeve. Touya smiled. “I was afraid that they ran out of food,” he said. Yukito giggled and held Touya’s hand firmer.

Touya bought a bun and 2 bottles of milk, one for himself and the other for Yukito. Yukito bought 5 buns, which happened to be all of the buns left. They took a seat and started to eat.

Not long after that, Yukina appeared and sat with them. “You didn’t buy any food?” Yukito asked, acknowledging her empty tray spared for a bottle of milk.

“Oh, they ran out of buns,” she smiled. “Oh, they did? Here, have one of mine,” Yukito put one bun in Yukina’s tray. She smiled. “Thank you,” she nodded.

“I was planning to go for a walk in the mall here today,” Yukina smiled. “You do?” Yukito asked as he drank some milk. Yukina nodded. “Since I just came here last two days, I couldn’t get a chance to look around. So today looks a good enough of a day to go sightseeing. You guys wanna come?” Yukina asked.

“Sure! It’ll be fun wouldn’t it, Touya?” Yukito looked at his friend. Touya looked up from his empty tray and smiled, somewhat coldly. “I can’t go. I have some stuff to do,” he said as he stood up. “I’m going to see our math teacher to send him the papers,” he said as he walked away.

Yukito blinked in puzzlement, but let it go as he thought it might be one of Touya’s mood swings.

After school, he left without a word. “Touya! Touya! Matte te!” Yukito called, but Touya just ignored him and took his bicycle.

End of flashback…

“Why not ask Yukito to come over today. I’m planning to cook some really nice deserts,” Fujitaka smiled. “Nah… he’d be busy.” Touya said as he tested the pancake batter.

Then he realized something. The batter he made was so much that he could feed 5 people even though there were just his father and himself at home at that time for breakfast. “Oh, I made too much,” he uttered.

“Ding dong”

“I’ll answer the door,” Fujitaka put away his morning paper and stood up, walking towards the door.

He opened it with a smiled. “Ohayo, Kinomoto-san,” It was Yukito. “Ohayo, Tsukishiro-kun,” he smiled. “And you are?” he smiled at the girl behind Yukito, the same girl he saw yesterday with Yukito. “Ah, Arai desu, Yukina Arai. Hajimemashite,” she bowed. “Douzo Yoroshiku…” he made way for them. “Come in,” he smiled.

“Touya, your friends are here,” he called. “Friends?” Touya looked up. He turned around to see Yukito and Yukina enter the kitchen. “You guys came at a good timing. Touya made too much of pancake batter and we’re worried about how to finish it,” Fujitaka smiled. “Ah, Touya’s pancakes! Daisuki!” Yukito took a seat as Fujitaka took two more glasses and filled it with cold milk from the fridge.

They ate the delicious pancakes that Touya made. “Ah, Touya? We’re going out for and outing today. Maybe watch a movie or two, you wanna come?” Yukito asked, his face was sincere and beaming. “Yeah, come with us, Touya-kun,” Yukina smiled. Fujitaka sensed that this was a really good time to get them back together. “Why not, you haven’t watch any movies lately. I’ll give you an early allowance,” Fujitaka smiled.

“It’s okay. I have some work to do. Excuse me,” he excused himself and walked away up to his room. Yukito frowned. “Is Touya sick?” he asked. Fujitaka shook his head. “Maybe some problem at school,” Fujitaka guessed. “Ah, maybe he’s worried about the Math problem. I’ll come by later and help,” Yukito smiled. “Thanks,” Fujitaka smiled.

Touya spent his whole day sulking in his room. He tried to study Math but couldn’t. It kept having the images of Yukito and Yukina in it.


Touya frowned. That must be Sakura coming back. Then suddenly his door was furiously pounded. “Oniichan!” Sakura shouted. He frowned deeper and straightened up. “What is it?” he asked as he opened the door. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Sakura asked.

“Tell you what!?” he was equally fuming now.

“That Yukito has a girlfriend!” Sakura exclaimed. “Yukito has a what?” he echoed. “A girlfriend! I saw them walking arm in arm out the movie theater just now!” she turned around and walked to her room, slamming the door behind her.

Yukito closed the door and leaned on it. “This happened so fast…” he said softly as he slid limply to the floor. He looked at the window as the sky slowly turned from bright to dusk.

Fujitaka sighed at the dinner table as both Touya and Sakura skipped dinner. It looks like his delicious desserts would be wasted. He sighed and cleaned the table, putting the untouched food in the fridge. Maybe they could eat it later.

Then as he walked up the stairs to his room, the doorbell ringed. He walked over to open the door and smiled. “Tsukishiro-kun…” he smiled. The boy carried a few books with him and an overnight bag.

Fujitaka let the boy in and closed the door. “There’s lots of food in the fridge. Feel free to eat it later when you two are hungry,” Yukito nodded. “Sankyu, Kinomoto-san,” he bowed.

Yukito walked to Touya’s room and knocked on it. Touya opened the door behind him and blinked. “Touya-chan…” Yukito called.

He went in and closed the door. Touya walked to his desk and sat on his chair. Yukito placed his books on the desk and looked at Touya. “You not feeling well?” he reached up to touch Touya’s forehead.

“Sawaranai!” Touya flitted Yukito’s gentle hands quite harshly. “Touya-chan?” Yukito asked. “Don’t you Touya-chan me!” he exclaimed. “Why? What’s the matter? Why are you so mad at me?” Yukito asked confusedly, his eyes glassy with brimming tears.

“You tell me. Why were you walking hand in hand with Yukina? And why do you still come here and act as if nothing happened?!” Touya asked, or rather demanded an answer.

“I didn’t… why did you think of such?” Yukito asked. His face was sad. “I don’t think! Someone saw you coming out from the theater hand in hand with Yukina,” he said harshly.

Yukito tried to reason. “But she fell and twisted her ankle…” “Oh shut up!” Touya slapped the boy, so hard that his glasses flew away. Yukito started to cry as he crawled on the floor, searching for his glasses. The boy was practically blind without it.

Touya then realized what he did. He let his emotions took the better half of him. He was so mean, Yukito was just trying to help the girl. He couldn’t help it if he was really nice.

He turned towards Yukito who was still searching on the floor. One hand feeling the floor, the other brushing off uncontrollable tears. “Oh, Yukito-chan…” Touya said softly and guiltily as he knelt on the floor in front of Yukito. “I’m sorry…” he apologized softly, he hands tipped Yukito’s chin softly so the boy would look at him.

Without his glasses Yukito looked up at Touya, his depthless gray eyes were half closed as to adjust to the light and blur. “Touya-chan…” Yukito called softly again as more tears rolled off his pale cheeks. “Oh, my Yukito… my beautiful Yukito… I’m sorry…” Touya pulled the boy and enclosed his arm around the shaking boy.

“Touya-chan…” Yukito embraced Touya’s middle, holding tightly as to never let go. “I’m sorry, Yukito… I’m a jerk… I was jealous of Yukina… I’m sorry… please forgive me…” Touya kissed Yukito’s hair.

Yukito looked up as their lips closed the space between them. It was slow and passionate… their warm love pouring over each other like an aura of brilliant gold. Yukito felt safe and secured in Touya’s arms… So warm… so loved…

“You can’t come?” Yukina asked. “I’m sorry… but Touya wants me to help him with his homework,” Yukito bowed. “Oh, is that so?” she shrugged. “Then I’ll just go with my other friends. Bye!” Yukina waved and walked away.

“Touya-chan…” Yukito smiled. “Dad’s turn to cook today. Come and have some dessert!” Touya smiled. Yukito nodded. “Mochiron!” Yukito beamed as he got on Touya’s bicycle.


Author’s Note : My first YAOI CCS ficcie… *not that I write anything else than yaoi…* but then… cnc welcomed.

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