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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

A Night of Comfort


“Nice words from Baku, ne?” Zidane looked up. It was Blank. Sometimes he couldn’t understand this person. Blank’s words were sharp and painful, yet he seemed to really care a lot about him. When he left Tantalus at first, Blank’s words were harsh and cruel, yet he gave him some healing medicine.

  Now when he’s down in the dumps, he’s here again; whether to insult or to comfort, no one knows. Blank sat down next to him as he ordered some soda. Zidane looked up to his friend. His red lips were like a girl’s. His red hair was somehow defying the law of gravity and his words, as sharp as a katana through your heart.

  Such a unique combination…

  “I know it’s hard to be dumped by someone,” Blank uttered tactlessly as he sipped his soda.

  Zidane looked up at Blank. “I wasn’t…”

  “Shh…” Blank put his finger on Zidane’s lips. His touch was soft. “You’re a bloody fucking actor you know. I wonder why Ruby didn’t hire you as an actor,” Zidane pouted. “I don’t do cheap labor,” Blank smirked.

  “I’m heading to the Inn. You wanna come?” Blank asked, but he was already tugging on Zidane’s tail. He left some money on the table and walked away with Zidane next to him.

  “When love’s lost, thou can at least find an imitation…” Blank uttered. Zidane frowned. He could scarcely remember that particular line, but he couldn’t remember what play it was from.

  They made their way to the Inn and Blank made Zidane pay 100 gil for their room.

  There was only one bed in the room. Well, what do you expect from a 100 gil room? Blank headed to the windowsill and sat there, looking out to it, eyeing Alexandria from his tiny window.

  Zidane sat on the bed and looked at his hands. He somewhat felt comfortable with Blank. Because he knew even though Blank spoke to him in a bad manner, deep down he really cared for him. And he loved him too.
  “You not sleeping yet?” Zidane looked up towards Blank who seemed lost in himself. “You take the bed, you need it more than I do,” Blank uttered.

  “Yo bro… you don’t want to sleep with me anymore? Like the olden times,” Zidane asked, in a rather playful way.

  “I don’t stand anywhere in your heart, so why should I?” Blank uttered, as a matter of factly. Zidane sighed. He knew it. Blank loved him more than just a brother. And he might feel the same if not for Dagger. But now Dagger…

  “I thought you were supposed to comfort me?” Zidane asked. Blank smirked, but his eyes were still gazing out to the city. “Fat chance, fella. You don’t deserve to be comforted. You deserves just what you get,” Blank was again verbally hurting him.

  But the boy was already leaving the sill and walking towards him. Zidane looked up to Blank who stopped inches before him. Blank’s soft hands reached out to caress Zidane’s smooth face. The boy found himself drowned in that sensuous touch.

  Loving… gentle… passionate… caring…

  He nuzzled that hand more as he drifted away as if in a spell. When he finally opened his eyes again, he was faced with daring ruby eyes gazing at him as if he was prey.

  “Blank…” he uttered softly. Lust suddenly overtook his better half. Blank was silent but inched closed to taste that soft lips of Zidane.

  Zidane parted his lips to invite Blank’s intruding tongue in. As soon as he got the taste of that soft meat, he suckled on it and played with it. Their breath became ragged and in rhythm. Zidane’s unconscious hands were currently roaming around Blank’s bare back. He had always wanted to know what does Blank’s slightly tanned skin felt like. He always had it exposed and alluring every eyes to them.

  Blank’s a bloody seducer and a fucking good actor.

  Bathed in pleasure, both didn’t realize when or how they had undressed each other.

  “I hate you Zidane… You’re a bloody… shitty… guy,” Blank uttered as he sucked lightly around Zidane’s neck. “Just tell me… you love me… okay Bro?” Zidane gritted his teeth as he felt Blank suckle on his right nipple. Its instant reflection was to get as hard as a rock.

  Blank paused whatever he was doing and looked up at Zidane. “Love you? I’d rather die… I don’t even want to see you anymore… I thought the last time you walked out from Tantalus, it’s over. I felt happy, never better…” Blank uttered those poisonous words like liquid, so fluent as if it was a script memorized.

  But just one look at Blank’s sad eyes told Zidane otherwise. Every word he just said was the opposite. “Oh my darling Blank… I’m so sorry…” Zidane cupped Blank’s face in his palms, leaning down to lick those rosy lips.

  Blank suddenly pushed Zidane forward and pinned him to the bed. His strong arms enveloped Zidane’s frame, spreading warmth throughout his body.

  Such a soothing aura from the person who risked his life for his safety, Zidane could clearly remember that awful day in the Evil Forest. Blank pushed him away when a vine decided to have Zidane as dinner. The forest was petrified thoroughly, catching Blank in their hideous vines.

  It wasn’t after they were all out of the forest when Zidane realized that Blank wasn’t with them.

  “Blank!” Zidane shouted unconsciously, as if awaking from a nightmare.

  “I’m here…” Blank uttered softly, his hands ran through Zidane’s brilliant golden strands of hair. His first words of comfort finally came. Zidane hugged the boy tighter. “I don’t want you to leave me anymore,” he cried.

  “I’m not going anywhere as long as you don’t chase me away…” he kissed Zidane’s flushing cheek. “My Blank… my beautiful darling Blank…” Zidane gasped as Blank had already made his way down to find the most intimate part of him.

  It was morning. Zidane started to stir into consciousness. He felt Blank’s arm wrapping firmly around his middle. Then he opened his eyes and came to view a cute button nose. He smiled as he leaned forward and playfully bit it. Blank’s eyes snapped open and a deep frown was set.

  “What did you do that for?” he asked, rather annoyed. No good mornings, no smiles, but an irritated remark slapped right on his face.

  Zidane blinked and sighed. “I’m sorry… I… I…” Zidane lost his words. Blank shifted is position and Zidane immediately held Blank tighter. “Don’t go yet…” Zidane begged.

  “Why so worried? I’ll be always on your trail to safe your sorry ass,” Blank pulled away, gently. Zidane nuzzled the boy’s chest. “Please stay for a while…” Zidane said softly.

  Blank admitted defeat and stayed put for a while longer. Love can make you do crazy stuff, such as this.

“So how was the love imitation?” Blank asked as he rested his head on his hand with Zidane on his chest. “Love imitation?” Zidane asked; his puzzled face looked up at Blank.

“What we had yesterday, you asshole,” Blank told the boy. “I didn’t think of it as a blind act of lust, Blank,” Zidane told him. “Yes it was,” Blank insisted. “No it wasn’t!” Zidane protested. “I can prove it,” Blank rebutted. “How so? Shoot!” Zidane told him confidently.

“Do you still love Garnet?” Blank asked. “Of course I do!” Zidane said. Blank smiled, somewhat it showed bitterness. “You can’t have more than one lover but you can have lots of partners in sex. That’s how you different shade lust-love and pure-love,” Blank smiled.

“Yes it is different. But I love you as well, as my savior, as my partner, as my brother and most of all as a person who would do such a thing as to risk his life for my sorry ass. Blank, I LOVE YOU! Can’t you accept it? Don’t you love me?” Zidane’s face was demanding.

“Of course I love you, Zidane. But I couldn’t make myself believe that you love me,” Blank got up, catching the sheets before it fell off him leaving him completely bare.

“Well believe it,” Zidane walked up to him, not bother about sheets as he hugged Blank from behind. “Eien ni aishiteru… Buranku…” Zidane uttered softly as he inhaled the scent of love from Blank.



Author’s note : My first FFIX yaoi fic!!! (as if I write anything else but yaoi) cnc are welcome!

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