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I’ll Watch…


Gon looked around. He took a deep breath and sniffed the air. After a few moments, he turned to his companions and smiled. “It should be safe here. We can sleep till morning,” he sat down. Reorio frowned, still unsure. “Well, I’ll kick your ass if anything happens,” he shrugged and walked a few yards away from the group and sat down under the tree.

  Clapika looked around, as if searching for something. “Eh, what’s wrong Clapika? You looking for something?” Gon asked. Killua who just sat next to him opened their bag of buns. Clapika turned and smiled. “I was looking for a stream, you smell any?” he asked. Gon frowned. “I heard the sound of water earlier. Head some where to the setting sun. I don’t think it’s that far,” Gon gave some tips. Clapika smiled. “Thanks. I need a wash badly,” he uttered and walked away.

  “He’s not going to eat?” Killua asked, putting two buns in his mouth hungrily. Gon shrugged. “Ne, Killua, why don’t you follow Clapika?” Gon asked. “Why? He’s capable of taking care of himself, I think,” Killua stuff another bun in his mouth. “Well, he might be to endorsed in his taking bath that he’ll ignore his surroundings. We don’t want things to get ugly. Yesterday’s fight was really challenging,” Gon smiled.

  Killua shrugged and stood up, four buns in his hands. “Okay,” he said casually and walked towards where Clapika left. “Thanks Killua!” Gon hollered. Killua waved a hand and stuffs another bun in his mouth.

  Clapika walked towards the setting sun, not long after that, he came to a clearing and a stream was running through it. He smiled widely and walked faster. He practically fell to his knees and scooped a handful of water drinking it. It felt cool going down his throat. Then he washed his face.

  He then made a bonfire to warm himself after the bath he’s going to take.

  Without wasting anymore time, he undressed himself and stepped into the water. The chills went up through his spine, as the waster was as cold as ice. He stood longer in the water as to let his body to get use to the sudden cold.

  “I didn’t know you were a boy,” a voice called from among the trees. “You never talked to me, so you never ask,” Clapika sighed. This was supposed to be one of his private moments. “Why are you here, Killua?” he asked the boy. “Gon told me to watch you,” he said. “Watch me?” Clapika frowned. “Yeah, in case you get in trouble when you’re bathing,” Killua answered steadily.

  “Well, thank you,” Clapika said, but his tone was flat. He ignored the boy and began sinking himself into the water, letting the power of the flowing stream cleanse his skin and refresh his senses.

  Killua did as he was told to, he watched Clapika. Every curve on his body and every tone of his skin against the moonlight were memorized by him. He was… beautiful, more than Irumi, his dear brother.

 “Killua,” Clapika suddenly called, his hands rubbing his back. “Em?” the boy replied. “Can you not watch me like I’m dinner?” he asked. “Why?” Killua asked. “Because I don’t feel comfortable with you staring at me like that,” he said. “Why?” it was the boy’s repetitious question.

  Clapika turned around and smiled, rather irritatingly. “It’s a big boy’s thing. You’re too young to know how it feels. You’re still small,” Clapika made their age difference an issue.

  Killua got irritated when he was referred to as small. There are only two people in this whole wide universe that could refer to him as small, his dad and Irumi. If Clapika wasn’t in his gang, he would’ve ripped out his heart in no time and chew on it, then throw it into an acid pool, laughing as it dissolves.

  He himself was surprised to see himself still there looking at that boy. “Take it back. I’m NOT small!” Killua sneered. “Face the facts boy, you are smaller than me, younger than me,” Clapika smiled. “I am not SMALL! I know everything that YOU know and I can do anything that YOU can and I can FEEL anything that you can!” he exclaimed, jumping down from the tree that he was taking refuge on just a while ago.

  Clapika looked at Killua who was angrily stomping towards him. Then he suddenly raised his hand. “Hold on,” Clapika said. “What?” Killua asked. “If you wanna fight me, can you at least let me get out of the water and get dressed for battle?” Clapika requested. “No,” Killua declined the wish. “Why not?” Clapika asked. Killua was now standing at the edge of the riverbank. He was looking down into Clapika’s eyes.

  “Because then I can’t show you how BIG I am,” Killua jumped into the river, wrapping his arms around Clapika’s neck and kissing him hard on the other boy’s surprised lips.

  If there was one thing his father taught him was to take anything that he like first hand, think of the consequences later. It will either way pay off, little of big depends on what type of danger your jumping into.

 Clapika was actually too stunt to do anything. He just fell back into the water and blinked. Killua followed him down and was now sitting in between Clapika’s widely spread legs. The boy parted their lips for breath. Clapika especially was heaving. His eyes looked straight ahead, as if he was a zombie.

  Killua tipped Clapika’s chin and smiled. “I’m sorry… but I just had to kiss you,” Killua admitted and apologized at the same time.  Clapika suddenly blushed against the moonlight as if he just woke up from a trance.

  He looked into Killua’s big dark blue eyes. It was so big and cute. And it just emphasizes his smallness. “But you’re just a kid,” Clapika said again. “No I’m not,” Killua insisted. “And I’ll just show you,” he smiled and kissed Clapika again. He then left Clapika’s mouth, biting on his jaw traveling down to his throat. Clapika’s neck was a tangy flavor of sweet and salty, making Killua hunger for more.

  Suddenly Clapika pushed him away. “Behave,” he said to Killua. The other boy blinked. Clapika stood up and climbed up to the riverbank. “I’m a boy and you are too. So behave,” Clapika said gently but his tone was firm. “You mind?” Killua asked, a smirk was on his face.

  “No,” Clapika’s answer was short and uncertain. But it was from the heart. “So do I. I don’t mind,” Killua smiled. “But your parents will mind! Forget mine, coz they’re dead!” Clapika started to raise his voice. “My father told me to have what I think is right for me, so I don’t think he’ll mind either,” Killua gave out a straight answer.

  “Spoiled brat,” Clapika snorted and sat on his clothes. The warmth from the bonfire was starting to seep in him, making him comfortable. Killua came out of the water, dripping wet. “Take off your clothes. You’ll get sick,” he said. “I don’t get sick,” Killua uttered. “Just take off your clothes and come here,” Clapika said again, this time with more force in his voice. Killua did as told and hung his clothes on a nearby tree branch. He then walked back towards Clapika and stood stark naked in front of the other boy. Clapika reached out to touch the boy’s slightly smaller hands and pulled him slowly into his lap.

  He wrapped his arms around Killua and smelled the boy’s hair. It smelled of pine and berries. “Are you warm?” he asked the boy. Killua nodded. “Very,” he smiled taking Clapika’s hand that was holding his and kissed it. He rubbed his soft cheek against Clapika’s hand and smiled contentedly.

  Then Clapika saw the scars on Killua’s body. “My god… who did this to you?” he asked, touching one of the scars on the boy’s back. “Oh those scars? Milky,” he answered casually. “Who’s Milky?” Clapika asked. How could anyone torture a boy until like this?

  “My second brother,” he said casually. Clapika frowned. “Don’t you feel bad? I mean, your brother is torturing you,” he frowned. Killua smiled. “I get used to torture, it’s part of the training. I have him to thank,” Killua’s answer was crazy by normal human standards, but he was okay with it.

  Clapika sighed and ran his fingers through Killua’s hair. “You crop your hair yourself?” Clapika asked. “Nah, Irumi does it for me,” Killua answered. “Your girlfriend?” Clapika asked. Killua looked up and smiled. “How did you know?” he asked.

  This could turn out to be fun. He had heard before that the Kuruta Clan people could change their eye color, from normal colors to a rare reddish one. It was supposed to be one of the seven most beautiful colors in the world. But the problem is they have to get really angry so as to achieve the effect. He had never seen it personally. And now might be chance to witness this beauty.

  “Oh… wild guess,” Clapika shrugged, but he felt slightly hurt. This boy was dangerous. His hands unconsciously stopped running through Killua’s messy mane.

  “Irumi is my beloved girlfriend,” Killua turned around and pushed Clapika to the ground. Clapika frowned. He couldn’t care less if Killua has a girlfriend and wanted to hump someone else, serves the girl right to have such a shitty boyfriend. But if he thinks that Clapika was a good spare tyre while they were apart, he’s in into a big mistake.

  “Killua my friend… get off me,” Clapika tried to make himself sound a cool as possible. “Why?” Killua asked he pinned both of Clapika’s arms on the ground. “Just get off. I don’t feel like being anyone’s spare tyre,” he said out loud.

  “I thought you said you didn’t mind?” Killua asked a sinister smile was on his face. He pushed both Clapika’s hands above his head and secured it with one hand. His other free hand started to roam around Clapika’s torso.

  “Shit you, Killua let go of me!” Clapika started to panic. He didn’t want to get ‘raped’ but this boy was one hell of a strong spoiled brat!

  “I would prefer Irumi, but you are as close as second. So I can settle for you today,” Killua’s words were perfect to make Clapika’s blood boil.

  Killua reached down to lick one of Clapika’s nipples making it hard.

  “Stop it!” Clapika finally gathered all of his strength to push the boy away. Killua fell to his sides and looked up to Clapika’s face.

  He smiled. There it was, a pair of serenely beautiful reddish eyes against an angry face. So beautiful that it was mesmerizing.

  “HOW DARE YOU TRY TO RAPE ME!” Clapika took his double sword and stomped up to Killua, was ready to kill him without thinking twice.

  Just as he raised his swords Killua jumped and pushed Clapika back down to the ground, making the boy’s swords fell off his hands. Killua was so fast that Clapika couldn’t do anything to stop him.

  Killua cupped Clapika’s face and stared into the clear red orbs. “Beautiful…” he uttered softly. Clapika closed his eyes and turned away. “Clapika… I’m sorry. I just wanted to see your eyes,” Killua got off Clapika and sat with his back towards the other boy.

  “Irumi is my brother… haha…” he laughed. Clapika fumed and bonked Killua’s head.

  “OUCH!” Killua rubbed the sore spot. He turned around and saw Clapika sitting across him. His eyes were looking deep into the fire. It had turned back to its original clear gray color. What a waste, but this color suits him well anyway.

  Killua stood up and walked over to Clapika, sitting back in his lap, facing him. He felt uncomfortable for a moment. His manhood hand just brushed with Clapika’s and it gave him a weird feeling, but he ignored it almost immediately.

   Clapika on the other hand frowned at Killua. He too felt uncomfortable with Killua’s penis rubbing against his own. Killua cupped Clapika’s face again and smiled, his big eyes were so dark and mysterious.

  “Be my mate… you are so beautiful…” Killua proposed. “How can I know that you don’t have another mate?” Clapika frowned. Killua closed the space between their lips and wrestled his tongue with Clapika’s. Then he paused for breath. “I don’t. Coz I never met anyone as nice, beautiful, sweet and charming as you,” Killua smiled again, trailing his tongue along Clapika’s jaw.

  This made Clapika uneasy, especially his brother down there. It was starting to stand, getting hard.

  The least that Clapika wanted to happen happened. Killua realized Clapika’s boner and smiled mischievously. “May as well not waste time and bond now,” he pushed himself away slightly and went down on Clapika. It was so sudden that Clapika felt like spilling there and then.

  But the boy held his manhood for a while as to steady it before proceeding. Once he thought he could start again, he licked the thick piece of meat up and down, covering it thoroughly with saliva.

  Clapika started to relax himself and let the boy have a little fun, it was not as if he wasn’t enjoying it anyway…

 Killua opened his eyes. His arms were securely around Clapika. The sun was going to rise soon. He sighed and let go of Clapika slowly. He looked at Clapika and kicked his leg. Clapika stirred and opened his eyes. “Ohayo,” he smiled at Killua.

  Killua blinked and nodded. “We better get going before Gon comes looking for us,” Killua stood up and got dressed. Clapika stretched and nodded. “You go ahead first,” he smiled.

  Killua shook his head. “I’m never leaving you behind,” he smiled and took Clapika’s hand, helping him up.

  “Sankyuu…” Clapika smiled and got dressed. Before they started walking towards Gon, Clapika held Killua’s hand.

  “Em?” he asked. Clapika leaned down and kissed the boy on the lips softly. “Thank you,” he smiled. Killua smiled and nodded. “You too,” he uttered.

  Gon turned around when he heard footsteps. “Hey, kimi-tachi! Doko e ikou?” he asked, running towards Killua and Clapika.

  “He watched me until he fell asleep,” Clapika giggled. “Sou da ne?” Gon smiled. Killua sighed. “…”


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