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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

	    			  Karasu Came Back

Part One

	Kurama was walking out of the school, behind him were a swarm of 
girls. He had just finished basketball practise and wanted to go home, 
alone. Kurama had been asked by the school basketball club to join them. 
Since he needed something for his co-curricular activity marks, he 
decided to give it a shot. As his height was quite tall, he was placed 
as the centre.  

	Kurama was surprised that most of the school girls had stayed back 
for the afternoon. He was certain that most of them weren’t just here 
because of anything else but him, as one of his schoolmate told him. 
That thought flattered him a little though.

	He felt so happy that they won the first game against Sarayaki 
high. Unfortunately, Yuusuke nor Kuwabara were in the basketball team, 
or they’ll sure be meeting in the match.

	He looked at the bag that slung to his body. It contains a smelly 
and wet pair of jersey. :… Ha… ha… better get this back and wash it 
first… : thought Kurama. He walked through the busy road and got stuck 
in the middle of a sea of people. He sighed heavily and decided to take 
the long way home. : … Maybe it will be longer, but it might be quicker 
and less stuffier than this… : he pondered as he slid his way to a right 
turn, heading towards the park. 

	He took off the cap he was wearing and stuffed it in the bag with 
the other things he had in his bag. He ran his fingers through his hair 
a few times to make it right as usual, then continued to walk. 

	Suddenly he thought about Hiei. Kurama almost forgotten about 
Hiei. He didn’t even think about him once today. He shook his head and 
nagged at himself. : …Bad Kurama… bad fox… must think about Hiei at 
least… all the time every day… hmm… wonder what he’s doing now?… : 
wondered Kurama silently in his head. 

	Kurama took a right turn and went through the back lane. Suddenly, 
chills were felt at the back of his neck. He had felt something, all his 
movements were stopped. He stood still and concentrated at the qi. It’s 
a youki. A very familiar youki. He slowly turned to his back and gasped. 

	Someone was trying to play ‘guess who’ with him. Kurama had his 
eyes closed from the back. :… These slender fingers… : thought Kurama. 
:… Karasu… :

	"Karasu," uttered Kurama out loud. "What do you want?" he asked 
sternly, trying to keep his emotions in check. He couldn’t let Karasu 
know that he was frightened to death now. "Hi, missed me?" asked Karasu, 
almost playfully. Kurama was quiet, he was trying to figure out what did 
Karasu had in mind now. 

	"Not really," finally Kurama answered. "Hah!" Karasu let go of 
Kurama’s eyes and lowered his hands down to Kurama’s waist. Pulling   
him closer, he closed the space between them. Kurama was awfully 
frightened of him now, Karasu could just charge up Kurama’s body now and 
blew him off without anyone noticing him gone. Well, not after a few 
days though.   

	Kurama was shaking from top to bottom and Karasu felt it. "Relax 
Kurama. I came to see you," he said, leaning his head on Kurama’s hair. 
then he sniffed Kurama’s hair. "Emm… your hair still have the wild rose 
scent even though you had been exercising," commented Karasu. :… You 
creep …: cursed Kurama silently. "Karasu, please let go of me," pleaded 
Kurama. "Oh, but I miss you," said Karasu, but he let go of Kurama just 
as he finished his sentence. 

	Kurama looked at Karasu from top to bottom. His hair was still 
black, so he wasn’t going to use serious powers against Kurama. :… What 
is he up to? …: pondered Kurama. Those crystalline eyes were so 
tranquillising that Karasu almost fell right there, soft like melted 
butter. "Well, I think I’m over with missing you already. I’ll catch you 
later when I miss you again, lover…," with that, Karasu disappeared. 

:… Lover? What did he meant by that? …:

	Kurama looked around, he was now standing alone on the back lane. 
He felt cold suddenly, he felt frightened, he felt… he needed to run 
home… he needed a place to think, to get himself straight again. 

To be continued…