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Family Ties

 “Don’t!” Yuuki snapped at the boy who was heading towards the door. “I don’t care, I must go!” Akira uttered. “Why?” Yuuki asked. “You know Madoka-san wanted to meet us for dinner tonight. Are you not happy with that?” Yuuki tried to reason with the boy. “I promised my friends as well. I’ll be happy with them!” Yuuki grabbed his shoulder. “Matte yo! Your promise to Madoka-san! Which one is more important?” Akira insisted as he held the doorknob, intending to open it. “F… friend!” Akira uttered. He opened and closed the door behind him. “Ja na!” Akira uttered. “Akira…” Yuuki sighed.

He put down his suitcase and took off his tie. Madoka wouldn’t come back now, she said she would straight head to the restaurant after work. He closed his eyes for a while.

The restaurant was full of people. “Kanpai!” Madoka cheered. Yuuki laughed as the lady gulped down a fair amount of beer before stopping for breath.

“Ne, Yuuki… don’t be too sad. Akira is just being with his friends. We can always have dinner together next time,” she smiled. Yuuki sighed. “Maybe you’re right…” he nodded. “So how’s your manga doing?” Yuuki asked. “Oh the manga? We’re having a debut tomorrow.  A big list of people are coming,” she smiled. “That’s good,” Yuuki smiled.

Akira waited for his friends. “Where are they?” he mumbled. Then he saw a few girls giggling among themselves on the planter box nearby. He could roughly hear them. They were talking about some cute guy who was standing near a poster. Akira turned around and he saw that he was standing right in front of a poster. He started to blush.

“Yo, Akira!” A familiar voice called. Akira looked up and smiled. His friends came. “So, where’s your girl?” one of them asked. “Eh… I don’t have one,” Akira sighed. “Well, you can tag along if you want,” he smiled as he gestured Akira to follow them.  They walked straight towards the bunch of girls who were talking about him just now.

“Oh, he’s Akira-kun?” they asked. “Ah, hai… hajimemashite,” Akira bowed. “Waii~!” they cooed. Akira frowned. His friends were hugging the girls and they didn’t act like high school students. He began to feel uncomfortable. They were kissing in public and made him feel left out.

He looked up to his friends. “Ah, minna-san! Gomen ne!” he apologized and bowed. “Ne? Doushita na no, Akira?” one of his friends asked. “I remembered that I needed to do something important. Forgive me. I need to go,” he uttered. His friends shrugged. “Suit yourself. Next time bring a girlfriend,” he smiled. “I have one, just that… just that she’s busy tonight!” Akira lied. “Ah… Akira-kun… why must you go back so fast?” the girls asked. “Sumimasen,” he bowed again and ran away from them.

He bit his lips as he dug deeper into his jacket. When he felt that he was far away from them, he leaned against a tree. He caught his breath and closed his eyes. ::… What’s Yuuki doing now? …:: he pondered alone. He was jealous of his friends. They all had nice girlfriends, but not him. His eyes began to sting and he felt like crying. Slowly, he could almost hear Yuuki’s voice in his ears.

With his eyes closed, he could see himself in Yuuki’s arms as the handsome man reached out slowly to kiss off his tear.

Suddenly his eyes snapped opened. He looked around and saw people walking past by minding their own business. “What am I thinking?” he asked himself, his face was hot and he knew he must look like a ripened tomato. “Bad Akira,” he squinted his eyes.

After dinner and more talk, they decided to head home. “Ahh… it’s cold outside,” Madoka smiled. Yuuki waved goodbye at the shop owner and followed Madoka out. “Hmm… cold…” he nodded. She stretched and smiled. “The food was fabulous!” she exclaimed. Yuuki nodded. “The price wasn’t bad too,” he giggled. “Maybe we should come here and eat often?” she suggested, mainly to herself.

Yuuki blinked and frowned. “Ah? Akira’s friends…” he uttered. “Where? Where? Ooo… they’re bringing girls along…!!” Madoka exclaimed. “Eh? Akira’s not with them,” Yuuki frowned.

“Ah! Yuuki-san!” one of the boy acknowledged him. Yuuki smiled. “Konban wa,” he waved. Madoka sweat dropped. “How is it possible that they know him as well? This guy… really…” she shook her head. “Akira’s not with you guys?” Yuuki asked him. “Oh, he broke his promise,” the boy said. Yuuki frowned. “Oh …” he nodded. “Where are you guys going?” he asked.

“Us? Oh, we’re having a group dating. But Akira didn’t bring along any girls. So I think he must have felt left out and went home,” the boy explained. “He gave out an excuse saying that his girlfriend was busy,” the other added. Yuuki blinked. “Oh, he did?” he forced a smile. “Anyway see you guys! Have fun!” Yuuki wave and walked away with Madoka.

“Who was that? Who was that?” the girls asked. “Oh, Akira’s friend. Might be his mother’s boyfriend,” the boy smiled. “Wa… kakkoi jann!” they exclaimed.

Yuuki shook his head. “Stupid boy,” he suddenly uttered. “Why?” Madoka asked. Yuuki turned to her and smiled. “He can go out with us and have a decent dinner, but no, He must go out and get himself hurt,” Yuuki sighed. Madoka smiled. “That’s how they learn,” she leaned on the guy.

When they got home, Madoka head straight to the bathroom. Yuuki opened his shirt and dumped it in the laundry basket. He then walked over to Akira’s room and opened the door. The guy slowly peeped inside. Akira was there sleeping soundly under his blanket. He walked towards the boy and ran his hand through his hair. “Baka na,” he shook his head and kissed the boy’s forehead before standing up.

Yuuki opened the door wider. “Oyasumi,” he uttered before closing the door behind him.

“You should see Akira’s mother’s boyfriend. He’s so cute!” a girl cooed. Akira stopped on his tracks as soon as he heard that. He frowned. When did his mother have a boyfriend, and why didn’t he know about it. And now his friends knew instead. “Maji? What’s his name?” another girl asked. “I think I heard them calling him Yuuki,” the first girl answered.

“Are you sure?” Akira suddenly joined the girl’s conversation. They girls nodded. “We saw her with Yuuki yesterday. They even asked where were you!” she smiled.

“Mama… and Yuuki?” Akira’s eyes were as large as dinner plates now. He quickly chucked his things in his bag before going out of the class with everyone else.

He walked faster than usual. ::… Mama and Yuuki? …:: the phrase kept ringing in his head. He needed to go home. He needed to ask if this was true.

“Tadaima!” Akira called as soon as he entered the door. No answer. “Shit!” Akira cursed as he threw his bags on the floor. 3 o’clock in the afternoon and no one was at home. Why was he so anxious? Would it be wrong if Yuuki were really going out with his mother? They knew each other for a long time already, and who was he to say no?

But it really bothers him, because he likes Yuuki.

Then he heard a bitter laugh mocking him in his head. ::… Who was the one who pushed Yuuki away so many times? …: it asked. Akira frowned. “Shut up!” he gritted his teeth.  Just as he wanted to go and bathe, the door opened. Yuuki closed the door behind him and stretched.

When he spotted Akira he smiled. “Akira,” he smiled and walked past the boy without trying to kiss or hug him. He was too tired to try his luck. He was just about to sleep last night when a phone from the hospital called him for duty at 4 o’clock in the morning. He hadn’t had any sleep since then and now he seriously needs one or he’ll have baggy eyes.

Akira blinked. That was odd. Yuuki just walked past him without another word other than his name. Maybe Yuuki didn’t love him anymore?

Yuuki opened the door to his room and closed it behind him. Akira frowned. When he had collected enough courage, he entered Yuuki’s room without even knocking. The man stopped on his tracks as he was changing into his pajamas. “Ne, Akira? Doushite no?”

Gathering enough logic in his irrational brain, Akira walked up to him and slapped him hard. Yuuki held his burned cheek and blinked. “What did I do?” he asked.

“What did you do?” Akira asked. “You went out with my mother!” Akira shouted. Yuuki sighed. “You were the one who didn’t want to follow,” Yuuki was too tired to argue.

Yuuki fell on his bed and closed his eyes. He’d deal with Akira later when he’s finished with his beauty sleep.

Akira bit his lips. Yes, it was true that he was the one who didn’t want to follow and Yuuki might still be angry because of that. “I trusted you!” Akira cried. “Yeah, yeah…” Yuuki nodded groggily. He didn’t catch anything that Akira said but he nodded nonetheless.

“Why don’t you love me anymore?” Akira asked. Yuuki opened one eye. But he was too tired to even talk; he would straighten things out when he wakes up later.

Akira’s eyes began to emit tears. He suddenly felt lonely and jealous. All his friends have lovers and not him. And just as he wanted to love Yuuki back, he got the news that Yuuki loves his mother instead.

Akira climbed onto Yuuki’s bed and slept next to him. “Yuuki,” Akira uttered as he hugged his lover.

Yuuki opened his eyes suddenly. It was 7’clock. He suddenly felt something restraining him from getting up. When he turned around, he saw Akira sleeping next to him with his arms around his own middle. He smiled and untangled Akira’s hold. He ran his hands through Akira’s hair before going out of the room.

“Ah, you’re awake!” Madoka smiled. She was making dinner. Yuuki went to the fridge and got a glass of milk. “It’s always good to sleep,” Yuuki smiled. Madoka nodded. “Ne, you saw Akira?” she asked. “Oh, he’s sleeping,” Yuuki answered. “Not in his room,” Madoka shook her head. “I don’t know why but he slept next to me,” Yuuki shrugged. “Maji?” Madoka smiled.

Yuuki nodded. “But I was slapped earlier though. I don’t know why. I was too sleepy to hear the reason,” Yuuki sat on the counter. Madoka laughed.

Madoka waited for the gravy to boil as she reached out for he newly bought magazine. As she flipped through some pages, her eyes widened. “Ne, Yuuki… look at these dresses!” she pointed out at the page. It was full of nice designer clothes which were on a mid year sale. Yuuki turned and leaned on Madoka’s shoulder to get a better view of the magazine.

“You planning on a shopping spree?” he asked. Madoka thought for a while. “It’s been a while since I bought any, why not?” she nodded. “I’m free tomorrow morning. The hospital gave me a 36 hours rest for working this morning,” he smiled.

“Oh, you’re so sweet. At least I have someone to hold the bags for me,” Madoka giggled to herself as she reached up to ruffle Yuuki’s soft hair.

Just at that time Akira emerged from the room. He blinked as he saw his mother being so ‘friendly’ and affectionate to Yuuki.

He walked up to Yuuki and pulled him away from his mother. “Eh, Akira? You’re up?” Madoka asked. Yuuki ruffled his hair. “Of course you hope I’m not!” Akira snapped. Madoka blinked. “What’s wrong dear? Anything the matter?” she asked.

“You went out with Yuuki last night!” Akira exclaimed. Yuuki rolled his eyes, again this subject. “You’re the one who didn’t want to come dear,” Madoka said softly. “And you said you would be happy with your friends. I’m sorry your girlfriend didn’t turn up,” Yuuki uttered. “But… but how could you? You love my mother!” Akira accused.

Yuuki’s eyes were large. When did he… Just as he wanted to protest, Madoka stopped him and nodded. He frowned. “What’s wrong with that Akira?” she asked that boy. Akira blinked.

“Yuuki deserved to be loved by someone. He’s such a nice guy, sweet and handsome nonetheless. Why can’t I love him?” Madoka asked. “And since you don’t realize this beauty in front of you, I decide to take it,” Madoka smirked.

“But I want him!” Akira shouted at his mother. Yuuki blinked. “I think I need to go and shower,” he uttered as he walked away from both of them.

Madoka laughed. “That’s a lame answer son. Coz I want him too,” she smiled. “But I love him! I have always loved him!” Akira snapped. “Oh no you don’t! If you loved him, you’d treat him as a nice lover; not to hit him every time he tries to hug you or kiss you. And not tell everyone else that you have a girlfriend and not Yuuki as a lover. You know how does it feel to know that your lover has someone else to love from another person?!” Madoka nearly shouted.

“I don’t want to see him suffer anymore. He hasn’t anyone to love since high school. He moved out to live on his own with his boyfriend after an argument with his mother. They broke up after high school and Yuuki had poured all his love for you since. But did you do anything decent to repay him? No,” Madoka scolded her son.

“I’m sorry…” Akira uttered softly. Madoka sighed. “Don’t be dumb Akira, I would never love anyone but Kotaro. Go and talk to Yuuki,” she smiled. Akira nodded.

Yuuki walked out of the bathroom and found that they had stopped fighting. He shrugged and walked into his room, shutting it firmly behind him. “Ah, Akira?” he called when he saw the boy was in his room looking out from his window.

“What are you doing here?” he smiled as he walked up to the boy. “Yuuki? Why did you move out to live by yourself?” Akira asked. Yuuki blinked. He walked away and opened his closet. “Why?” he asked the boy back. “I want to know,” Akira uttered.

Yuuki smiled as he sat on his bed, his back facing Akira. “I was in need of love. The only one in the family who loved me was my dad and he was always away. My mother hates me and my sister loved my mother so much that she hated me as she thought I was the cause of my mother’s misery. So I moved out to live with my first lover when I was 16. He gave me so much love I was addicted to it. And when he left me, I felt so alone. I asked myself why was I even born… and when you came along and gave me hope; I thought you could give me love. But it turned out that I had to wait more than a decade to even kiss you,” Yuuki laughed.

Akira turned around, Yuuki was laughing all right but he was also crying. That beautiful human crying, it was a pitiful sight.

Akira moved closer. “I’m sorry,” he sat next to the man. “I’m really sorry,” Akira hugged the man.

Yuuki looked at Akira and blinked. The boy looked up and pulled Yuuki’s head closer, he slowly closed the space between their lips and slipped in Yuuki’s slightly parted lips.

Their tongue wiggled around each other in passion. Akira had always liked these kisses but Yuuki always have to do it in public…

They separated for breath as Akira smiled. “I thought of you when I said girlfriend…” he giggled. Yuuki blinked and looked at himself. “Hmm… do I look like a girl to you?” he asked. Akira shook his head. “Of course not, dummy!” he bonked Yuuki’s head.

Yuuki smiled and ruffled Akira’s hair. “You are really sweet… since you were little, you’re the only one that could give me happiness, cheer me up when I’m down and gave support when I need it,” Yuuki uttered.

“You gave me no less,” Akira hugged the man and closed his eyes. For the first time, he felt full and complete.

“Hmm… remind me to tell my friends that Yuuki doesn’t date my mother okay?” asked the jealous boy. Yuuki laughed light-heartedly. “You silly little boy,” he uttered.


30 March, 2001

Author’s Note : Another AkiraXYuuki fic. Haha… this one’s short though…

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