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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

Boku… Honto ni Kimi o Ai Shiteru?
*Do I really love you?*

Akira sighed and reached for the phone. He dialed a series of number and waited as the other phone was being picked up. “Moshi-moshi…” answered a sleepy voice. “Ohayou… Akira here,” said the boy. “Oh, morning Akira…! Anything wrong?” the girl on the other side asked, straightening up from bed.

  “Em, yeah… I’m sick today…” he sniffled. “You are? Then you’re not coming to work this afternoon?” she asked. Akira nodded. “Yeah…” he spoke through his stuffed nose. “Oh, maybe I’ll come by later to visit you then,” she smiled. “Thank you…” Akira smiled widely.

  “What soup do you want me to bring? Chicken or mushroom?” she asked. “Ahh… chicken. I like that more,” he giggled and let out a big sneeze.


  “Oh god… you better stay in bed. I’ll come soon,” she giggled. “Umm… m’kay,” Akira rubbed his nose violently. “Bye,” she uttered. “Bye,” Akira replied as he hung up the phone.

  It was then he heard rummages outside. The keys being put on the table, the coat being hung and the utensils in the kitchen were being moved. Then there was silence.

  After a few moments, there were sounds of footsteps and the door opening. “Akira?” Yuuki peeped into the room. Akira smiled. “Oh, hi Yuuki,” the boy smiled. Yuuki came in with the bowl of steaming chicken soup. “I came back as fast as I could. And I bought some chicken soup for you,” the young doctor smiled and put the bowl on the table. He reached out to feel Akira’s forehead. “A slight temperature. Did you take any medicine?” he asked. Akira shook his head. “Hold on,” Yuuki smiled and patted the boy’s head. “While I get the medicine, drink the soup,” he said. Akira nodded.

  He came back later with a glass of water and a few paracetamol tablets. “Here, take this down after you finish the soup,” he smiled. Akira held the bowl in his hand and sighed. He felt so feverish, he can’t hold the bowl properly. Yuuki smiled. “Come Akira, I’ll feed you,” he said, taking the bowl and spoon-fed the boy.

 Yuuki tucked Akira into bed properly after he took the medicine. “Anything else you want?” Yuuki asked, giving the boy a peck on the cheek. Akira shook his head. “Em… nothing…” he mumbled as he drifted to sleep.

The doorbell rang. Yuuki looked up from his magazine and looked at Akira. The boy was still sleeping soundly. Yuuki got up from the chair and walked out of the room to the door. He looked through the peephole and saw a familiar girl. She works at the doughnut shop with Akira.

Yuuki opened the door. “Yes?” he asked. “Oh hi, I’m Akira’s friend. He told me he’s sick so I bought some chicken soup. How is he?” she asked. Yuuki let her in with a smile. “Oh, he’s sleeping,” Yuuki took the soup and placed it on the counter. “He’s in his room,” Yuuki smiled and guided her to Akira’s room where the boy is sleeping.

“Akira, your friend is here,” Yuuki called as he pulled the window blind to let more light in. He then went out.

Akira stirred and smiled. “Oh, Hi Mei-chan…” he straightened up. “I bought you the soup I promised,” she giggled. “You did? Thanks,” he smiled. “Gods you look pale,” Mei frowned. Akira shrugged. “Well, I’m sick. But good thing I have Yuuki to take care of me,” Akira smiled.

Mei nodded as they talked more. She went back around evening.

“You don’t need to go to work, Yuuki?” Akira asked as Yuuki changed the boy’s clothes. “Um? Oh, I took 3 days off,” he smiled. “Why?” Akira frowned. “So I can take care of you. Now go to bed,” Yuuki pushed the boy playfully down and tucked him.

Madoka then came in. “How is mama’s boy?” she asked, giving the boy a kiss. “I’m okay… Mei-chan came to visit me,” Akira grinned. “Oh, she did,” Madoka smiled. “Oh, I feel so tired. I’m off to bed,” she stretched and yawned. “Oyasumi,” she said softly. “Good night,” Akira laughed softly.

Akira woke up in the middle of the night to find Yuuki sleeping on the chair with his head on his bed. He felt thirsty and wanted to get some water to drink. But just as he stirred, Yuuki opened his eyes. “You want something, Akira?” he asked. “I’m thirsty,” Akira smiled. “Oh, I’ll get you some water. Don’t force yourself,” Yuuki got up and was gone. He came back later with a glass of water and a jug full of it. “It’ll be easier next time you want to drink,” he smiled.

“Thank you,” Akira uttered softly as Yuuki helped him with the glass of water. “Don’t say such. This is my responsibility,” Yuuki grinned.

“Yuuki, I’m cold,” Akira uttered softly. Yuuki frowned. “I’ll stay with you so you won’t be cold,” Yuuki held Akira’s hand.

Akira smiled. He felt slightly warmer.

And it took 3 whole days for Akira’s fever to diminish properly.

 Madoka sipped her coffee as she eyed the young man in front of her. He was barely 2 years younger than she was, but he seemed to be in deep thoughts that made him more matured. Yes, he was a doctor. He sometimes even cut dead people. Sometimes she would think that if Yuuki were the right kind of person for her son.

  But if it were true love, she wouldn’t mind. Akira was a happy go lucky kid. He would find something to do if he were ever bored.

  Akira… do you even remember what you told dear Yuuki when you were 4? Or you didn’t mean it? Have you been playing with this young man’s heart? Poor Yuuki, waiting for nearly 12 years for nothing if Akira really changed his mind or forgotten totally about it.

  “Yuuki, you alright?” Madoka asked, putting down her cup of steaming coffee. It was going to be Christmas soon, and snow had started falling to approach the white Christmas.

  The young doctor looked up and smiled. “Yeah, Madoka-san…” he slowly let out his sigh and looked out the window. “You upset about Akira going out without you?” she asked again. Yuuki looked up at her. “Oh, no… he asked me to go with him, but I have a date with a corpse instead,” he sighed. “Besides, I’m too old to join Akira’s friends,” he chuckled flatly to himself. Madoka smiled. The boy had an autopsy to do so he had turned down her son’s invitation to join them.

  She knew he loved her son with all his heart. And it would certainly hurt him so very deeply if asked about it now.

  Why? Because lately Akira had fallen for a girl; by the looks of it Yuuki was having a hard time. But he didn’t show it out, instead giving the boy encouragement. To go for it if he thought the girl was the right one for him.

  And put himself in the dumps where he would be melancholically alone. Such a kind young man seemed to be extinct. But there was one in front of her.

  Maybe he thought he would be happy if Akira’s happy.

  And another thing, Madoka sighed. The poor young man hadn’t had sex since… like 12 years ago? Poor boy, all because of the promise Akira and himself make to each other. But Akira seemed to drift away from the promise out of forgetting his childhood memories. And Yuuki still stayed with it. Akira would be such a jerk if he fell for the girl and broke the young heart of this man.

  Sometimes Madoka would get up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water and she would see Yuuki leaning on Akira’s door, crying to himself. And she would slip back in her bedroom, pretending that she had seen nothing.

  Madoka got up. “See you tomorrow, boy. I need sleep,” Madoka announced as she stretched. “Oyasumi,” Yuuki uttered, smiling at her. She walked to him and gave him a kiss on his forehead. “Don’t worry, Yuuki. You’ll always be my son-in-law,” she winked. Yuuki giggled and uttered some coherent comment.

Akira opened the door to his house and hollered. “Tadaima,” he called, rather softly. But no one answered. He looked at the clock on the wall. It was 4 a.m in the morning. His mother must have been asleep and Yuuki must have been to work. He shrugged and stretched on the sofa, switching on the TV. But nothing worth watching was on.

He went Christmas shopping with his friends just now. And Mei, the girl he liked. Oh gods, she’s so cute. He thought leisurely on how to get her heart. “Maybe I should ask Yuuki?” he smiled at the thought. That guy seemed to have a solution for every problem he ever had.

Yuuki parked his car and saw a small stall still opened for business. It sold hot chocolate. Good, cause it was cold. He ran in the snow to the stall. “Yes?” the guy asked. “Oh, gimme one big hot chocolate,” Yuuki smiled. “Okay,” the guy smiled and poured the hot chocolate into a container. “300yen please,” he handed Yuuki the hot chocolate. Yuuki gave him the money and took the hot chocolate.

He walked his way back to their apartment. Along the way he saw a lot of couples. Some male and female, some male and male, some female and female… Everyone has a partner, but not him.

Sometime it hurts.

Suddenly the door opened, it was soft. “Yuuki?” Akira called. Yuuki looked up and smiled. “Akira… you still awake?” Yuuki shut the door, smiling warmly at him. He offers the best warm smiles ever, thought Akira. “I just came back,” Akira replied. “Aa… It was cold outside. So I bought some hot chocolate. We can share,” Yuuki smiled, putting the big container of hot chocolate on the counter and taking off his snow-covered coat.

After putting the hot chocolate in two mugs, he walked over to sit next to Akira, settling the two mugs on the table. Akira reached out for the mug and breathed in its warm steam. “Smells sweet,” Akira smiled. “Yeah, just like you,” Yuuki teased. “Yuuki, you’re teasing me again!” Akira complained. “Oh…” Yuuki grinned, scratching the back of his head. “Sorry, but I just can’t stand it,” he chuckled.

“Ne, Yuuki… how do you court someone you like?” Akira asked. “You still haven’t told Mei-chan yet?” Yuuki asked. Akira shook his head, leaning on Yuuki. “No…” he answered. Yuuki smiled, even though his heart hurts. “Well, you need to understand her first. Then you can be her special friend. From there you develop,” Yuuki advised. :… Nice one there Yuuki, but it didn’t work for you …: a voice in his head mocked him. He ignored it.

Akira finished his drink while Yuuki haven’t touched his. “Say, I’m darn sleepy. Oyasumi,” Akira got up from the sofa. “Akira?” Yuuki called softly. “What is it?” the boy stopped. “Gimme a good night kiss?” Yuuki smiled. Akira frowned. “Yuuki, I’m not a kid anymore!” he complained and waved his hand. “Good night,” Akira uttered as he yawned, leaving Yuuki on the sofa.

“Good night… I love you,” whispered Yuuki softly.

Madoka got up and yawned. Akira was already up and about. She glanced a look at Yuuki on the sofa, he must have feel asleep on it when he came home last night. “Akira dear, why don’t you get something to cover up your Yuuki? He’s shivering there…” Madoka asked as she sat down on the kitchen counter, drinking her morning coffee. “Or you can carry him to his bed,” Madoka smiled.

“Oh, okay…” Akira nodded and went to Yuuki. He pushed the guy. “Ne, Yuuki wake up. Go sleep on your bed. You’re shivering here,” Akira said, most in-affectionately. Madoka rolled her eyes.

Yuuki opened his eyes. “Emm… Akira?” he asked. Akira smiled. “Yeah. Wake up, go sleep in your room,” Akira patted the guy’s head. Yuuki nodded and got up. Then suddenly the tall figure fell on the floor unceremoniously.

“Yuuki!!” Akira exclaimed. “Gods, what did you do?” Madoka rushed over to them. “I dunno… I asked him to go to his room and he was getting up, then he fell!” Akira panicked. Madoka shook her head. “Carry him to his bed,” Madoka ordered.

Akira and Madoka supported the limp guy and carried him to his bedroom. “You stay home today and take care of him,” Madoka told her son. “But mama, I promised Mei-chan I’d go out with her today!” Akira protested. Madoka looked at her son. “You can go another time. I need to go to work and Yuuki’s sick. Someone needs to take care of him!” Madoka said firmly. “Mama, he’s a doctor. He can take care of his own sickness,” Akira tried to reason. “No, you stay at home. Who knows if he needs anything? You remember him not sleeping for days just to take care of you when you had fever right?” Madoka raised a brow. Akira reached out to touch Yuuki’s forehead. Its temperature was normal. “But he’s not having a fever. Him being tired must be all,” Akira pouted. “So you take care of him and that’s final,” Madoka said firmly as they tucked Yuuki in bed. “You take off his clothes and clean him. Cook something for him to eat and drink and stay by his side. You can call Mei-chan and tell her,” Madoka took her handbag and went out.

“Take care,” she gave her son a kiss and walked out the door. Akira looked at Yuuki and pouted. “Why must you be sick now?” he mumbled and took off Yuuki’s tie, then vest, shirt and pants. He took a damp towel and washed the guy’s face, then tucked him back properly.

Akira walked to the kitchen and made some chicken soup and while doing it, he called Mei. “Moshi-moshi? Mei-chan? Yes, Akira here… well I’m sorry but today I can’t come… yeah, Oh Yuuki’s sick so I had to take care of him… of all days… yeah, it’s his turn… it’s okay… see you… bye,” he hung up and sulked.

After the soup’s boiled, he shut the fire and left it covered on the stove. He’d scoop some out when Yuuki’s up.

When he came back into Yuuki’s room, the guy was awake. “Oh, you’re alright already. What’s wrong?” Akira asked, sitting on the bed. Yuuki looked up at Akira and the boy felt perturbed. Yuuki reached out to pull gently on Akira’s neck as he softly planted a kiss on his mouth. It took Akira less than 2 seconds to shout and struggle, hitting Yuuki’s head. Yuuki looked away and sighed. He couldn’t bare it anymore, to be able to see Akira but not to touch him or receive his love.

“I’m moving out,” he said suddenly. No, he had not found any new home, but he could stay in his office for the time being until he found any. Akira frowned. “Why?” Akira frowned. “Are you mad at me for hitting you?” Akira asked. It was weird. He felt uneasy. He had been living with Yuuki for more than 12 years and now he’s moving out? Yes, they moved houses, but they still lived together!

Yuuki’s brain thought of an excuse as he shook his head. “I… I… found a nice home,” he smiled. Akira frowned, but he couldn’t do anything. Who was he to prevent Yuuki from moving out?

Madoka blinked. “You’re moving out?” she asked again. Yuuki nodded. “But why? What about your promise to Akira?” Madoka asked. “I’ll tell you why. I am lonely. And I feel really bad staying here; to get and see Akira but not be able to touch him. About the promise, I still kept my words, but Akira seemed to even forget it. He wouldn’t even give me a good night’s kiss. He pushed me away when I tried to hug him, I think he’d freak out if you tell him he’d ever say that,” Yuuki reasoned. “You can tell him now. He’s big enough. You don’t have to wait anymore,” Madoka coaxed the guy. “I would be willing to wait for how long it takes, but he already has Mei-chan… so there’s no point on waiting, Madoka…” Yuuki trailed off.

“But you can’t go! The promise! You have to keep your promise to Akira,” Madoka exclaimed. “But he has to keep his first!” Yuuki retorted.

Akira stood at the doorway just in time to listen to the last argument. “What promise, mama?” he asked. Yuuki smiled. “Oh, it’s nothing, Akira…” Yuuki took his big suitcase. “You’re moving out now?” Akira gestured the big suitcase. Yuuki nodded.

“Where’s your new home?” Akira asked. “I’ll bring you there some day, Akira,” Yuuki smiled. Madoka was speechless.

“A goodbye hug?” Yuuki asked, extending his arms out for Akira. Akira walked into the embrace as Yuuki hugged him tight. Yuuki breathed in Akira’s sweet scented hair and unconsciously let a tear roll off his cheek. Akira stayed in Yuuki’s arms, waiting for him to let go.

Oh he wished he could do more than just hug this boy. Yuuki sighed and turned around so Akira couldn’t see his tearstained face. “Bye,” he uttered as he took his suitcase.

“Mama, why did he go?” Akira shut the door and sat on the sofa. Madoka looked at her son and sighed.

“Love sucks,” she uttered.

 “Oh, so Yuuki moved out?” Mei asked. Akira nodded. “3 days ago,” he sighed. “That’s sad,” she sighed. “Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve. And we usually stay at home together, eat and sleep,” Akira sighed. “Well you can still do that. Go to his house,” Mei suggested. Akira nodded. “Yeah, maybe I’d go to the hospital. Sure they know where his new house is. Maybe can give him a surprise,” Akira smiled.

  After sending Mei home, Akira went to the hospital. He saw Yuuki’s car nearby so he must be in.

  “Oh, hi Akira…!” said a nurse who was familiar with him. “Ah, you know where’s Yuuki’s new home is?” Akira asked her. “Oh yeah, the corpse room. He’s down there right now. Off shift.” she giggled. Akira blinked. “The what?” he blinked. “Oh you didn’t know? He had been staying there since 3 days ago,” she smiled. “Why?” Akira asked. “He’s looking for a house, so for the time being, he’s staying there. You kicked him out, Akira?” she asked. “NEVER!” Akira exclaimed and ran to the elevator.

  He pressed a button and waited as the elevator descended to the basement where the cold Corpse Room was. He pushed the door opened and Yuuki was there, sleeping on one of the empty beds with his back towards him.

  “You liar!” he exclaimed. Yuuki woke up and blinked. He needn’t turn to know whose voice was it. “Why did you lie to me, Yuuki?” Akira asked. Yuuki blinked, but he was silent.

  “Why did you tell me you have found a home but you stayed here while looking for it? Why in such a hurry to move out, Yuuki? WHY?” Akira walked up to him, but still looking at Yuuki’s back.

  “Because I can’t stay with you anymore, Akira,” Yuuki uttered softly. “Why not? I didn’t kick you out! Hell, I didn’t even want you to move out!” Akira exclaimed.

  Yuuki turned around. “I moved out because I can’t stay with you anymore! To be able to see you but not to touch you, to be able to love you, but not being love back! It hurts even more when you wouldn’t even give me a kiss!” Yuuki reasoned.

  Akira frowned. “Why?” he asked.

  “Because I love you… and I kept my promise, but you didn’t,” Yuuki’s eyes were misted up with tears.

  “Tell me the ‘promise’ Yuuki. Because I totally forgot about it,” Akira said. “It’s okay… you’d be gross out,” Yuuki replied softly. “That’s for me to decide. Tell,” Akira demanded, his arms across his chest.

  “You promised me that we’d get married when you’re old enough. You even told your mother. But now you hate me, so I’d better move on and not dream of the impossible,” Yuuki got off the bed and walked over to the sink to wash his face.

  Akira closed his eyes. He vaguely remembered the things that happened when he was in kindergarten. About Rina-chan telling him about homo, and his mother teaching him about it and…

  After a roll of flashbacks in his head, he finally remembered one of his thoughts about Yuuki.

  ‘Yuuki was not only handsome and cute, he also has a heart of gold…’

  “I don’t hate you…” he said softly. More flashbacks played. He now realized how much Yuuki took care of him and cared for him. The guy would support him whatever he did and would sacrifice anything in order to have it his way.

  But being an adolescent, he knew his hormones knew better. “I…” Akira’s words were cut off when someone entered the room. “Yo, Hisayoshi-san… there’s a kid trashing about in the pediatric wad. You better go take a look at him,” the other doctor winked at him.

  “Uhn… I’ll come,” Yuuki nodded and looked up from the sink. His face was sunken in. Been days since he had proper food.

  “You wanna come with me?” Yuuki turned to Akira and smiled. He had always a heart of gold. He would never leave Akira behind. Akira was silent, but he followed suite.

  Yuuki went to the 5th floor where the pediatric wad was. “I’m okay! Why should I check my leg? It’s damn perfect!” Yuuki could hear voices from inside. Yuuki gave the door a knock. The door opened and a doctor sighed. “Hisayoshi… come and see him. He didn’t let any of us touch him. I thought maybe you could do since you’re a charm to everyone,” the doctor patted him. Akira watched by the side silently.

  Yuuki peeped through the curtain and blinked. “Junya-kun?” he smiled. “HISAYOSHI!!!” Junya exclaimed, opening his arms. “You still remember me?” Yuuki asked. “Of course I remember you!” Junya hugged the young doctor as Yuuki gave him a hug. “What’s wrong?” Yuuki asked. “I fell when I was dancing and they said my leg was broken!” Junya pouted and made a face at the other doctor. “It is? lemme see,” Yuuki pushed away the covers. Junya pointed at his ankle. It was slightly swollen. “It might just be a dislocation,” Yuuki smiled.

 Akira bit his lips. He didn’t like it when Yuuki went around hugging everyone. Then he frowned. Why didn’t he like it? What was he to Yuuki to disallow the guy to do so?

  “So it’s not broken?” Junya asked. “Nah… but we have to make sure by giving it an x-ray scan. It’ll be okay,” Yuuki smiled. “You bringing ramen for me tonight right, Hisayoshi?” Junya asked. Yuuki nodded. “Okay Junya-chan… I’ll go buy ramen for you and you follow Doctor Izumi to the x-ray room okay?” he smiled. Junya nodded.

  Yuuki waved at him and turned around to leave. Izumi followed him to the door and shook his head. “You are really a charm,” he sighed. Yuuki grinned and giggled. He smiled when his eyes met Akira.

  “I’m going to get ramen for Junya… you hungry?” Yuuki asked. Akira nodded. Yuuki nodded back and went to his room. He changed back into his normal clothes as his shift for the day had ended. It would be 8 more hours till his next shift.

  They went around the corner to buy some ramen. They both walked silently next to each other without a word. Not even the talkative Yuuki knew what to say.

  Then suddenly a few guy ran past them and knocked Akira off his balance and made the boy fell, putting some pressure on his foot. “Hey! Watch where you’re going!” Yuuki cursed and bent down to help Akira up. “You okay?” he asked, pushing some stray strands of Akira’s hair behind the boy’s ears. Akira nodded and tried to walk but his ankle hurts. “I can’t walk,” he cried. Yuuki patted the boy’s back. “It’s okay… it’s okay… don’t cry…” Yuuki carried the boy on his back and smiled. “I’ll get it checked when we reach the ramen stall okay?” His smile was sweet and pure. Maybe it was his doctor’s instinct that made him so nice even though Akira just crushed his heart.

  Yuuki put Akira on the chair and smiled at the guy running the ramen stall. “3 ramen, take away,” he smiled. The guy nodded and got to work. Yuuki turned his attention back to Akira and knelt in front of the boy. He took off Akira’s shoe and checked Akira’s foot. “Why is everyone dislocating their foot?” he smiled to himself. He softly massaged the sore spot and put back Akira’s shoe. “It’s a minor dislocation. I’ll send you home and dress it up,” Yuuki patted Akira’s hair.

  “3900 yen please,” the guy smiled. Yuuki dug into his wallet and gave the guy money. “Come hold my shoulders,” Yuuki patted his own shoulder as he put Akira on his back again before taking the ramen.

  He carried Akira back to the hospital with him. “Hisayoshi-kun… what’s wrong with Akira?” the nurse on the reception desk asked. “Oh, he dislocated his foot,” he grinned. Akira was red.

  They went into the lift and up to the 5th floor. Junya was reading some comic when they entered. “Junya-chan… here’s your ramen,” Yuuki smiled. “Sankyuu!” Junya opened his arms as Yuuki leaned in for the hug and kiss. Again Akira felt like kicking the boy but his foot hurt. “What’s up with him?” Junya asked, pointing at Akira.

  “Oh, he’s my patient and had the same case as you. He fell,” Yuuki smiled, checking Junya’s health report on the clipboard. “I want you to carry me around like that tomorrow,” Junya grinned. “No way,” Akira made a face at Junya. “Why not?” Junya asked. “Hisayoshi is everyone’s doctor! He should treat all his patients equally!” Junya pouted. “I’m not his patient! I’m his…” Akira bit his lips. What was he?

  Yuuki reached out and patted Junya’s head. “It’s okay… I’ll carry you tomorrow, Junya-chan,” Yuuki put back the clipboard on the table. “Then we’ll buy chocolates down the road,” Junya suggested. Yuuki nodded. “Okay,” he promised. “I need to go now, Junya-chan… see you tomorrow,” Yuuki smiled. “Oyasumi,” Junya yawned.

  They left the boy after Yuuki tucked the boy.

  Akira’s mother came home already and was already in dreamland when they came back. Yuuki carried Akira and let him sit on the kitchen counter as he put the ramen in the fridge first.

  He then carried Akira to his room and put the boy on the bed after he took the first aid kit from the cupboard. He took off his coat and the boy’s shoe, checking the dislocated foot again. It really was just a dislocation. He then reached for the Lint Methyl Alicylate and applied on the boy’s ankle, bandaging it up. “Okay, just don’t move around until you feel better,” Yuuki smiled and kept the stuff. He then went to the bathroom and washed his hands. Must be a doctor’s thing.

  He then tucked Akira into bed. “The ramen’s in the kitchen. I’ll leave your mother a note,” Yuuki patted Akira’s head. He didn’t try to give Akira a kiss when he turned around.

  The young doctor then reached for his coat. Akira frowned. “Where are you going?” he asked. “Back to hospital,” Yuuki smiled. Akira didn’t like that. Yuuki might just go back and watch over that Junya and eat with him and…

  “No you’re not!” Akira spoke. “Akira… I don’t live here anymore…” Yuuki sad softly, Akira blinked. “I’m your patient. You’re suppose to take care of me,” Akira reasoned. Yuuki sighed and nodded. He put down his coat and sat on the chair next to Akira’s bed.

  “Sleep here,” Akira pushed his covers and made some space for Yuuki. Yuuki blinked. “I don’t want you sleeping on that chair and ending up with headaches and backaches tomorrow,” Akira muttered. Yuuki moved in and sat next to Akira. Akira felt a stab of pain and jealousy. Yuuki would normally hug him and exclaim in happiness or even kiss him if he offered such, but now. He really made as if Akira was his patient and he was doing what Akira asked.

  And he was jealous of Yuuki’s promises towards Junya. Yes, Junya was taller than he was, cuter and cooler even though he was just 12. Yet this 16-year-old Akira was… shorter, lamer and cold hearted towards the one who cared for him until it was too late.

  He wanted to just hug Yuuki and tell him how he felt but his pride was too high. So he cried silently to sleep.

  “Oi, wake up…” it was his mother’s voice. Akira shot opened his eyes. He would be doomed if his mother caught him in bed with Yuuki. But when he turned around, no one was next to him but his mother; looking at him in a rather odd way.

“You okay?” she asked. Akira nodded. “Yuuki said that my leg should be okay if I don’t move around,” Akira uttered. Madoka nodded. It was a Saturday and Madoka stayed at home. She just came back from the market, a bowl of steaming ramen in her hand. “I saw Yuuki just now,” she started, blowing the steam off the hot ramen. “Open your mouth,” she ordered. Akira opened his mouth and she pushed in the noodles into his mouth.

 After silently feeding her son, she put the bowl aside.

 “He was with this boy named Junya. He was quite nice and they were buying Christmas presents,” Madoka came up with a red box tied up with green ribbons. “He told me to give this to you,” she put it next to her son.

 Madoka looked out the window. “At least he finally had proper love now. It had been a while since he had someone to hug and kiss,” Madoka bit her lips and smiled. Suppressing her tears, she took the bowl and stood up. “I hope you’re happy for him too,” she said bitterly and walked out of Akira’s room, slamming the door behind her.

  “You heartless son of a bitch,” she uttered behind the door and walked over to the kitchen.

  Akira got his mother’s message clearly. She was angry with him for driving Yuuki out of the house. He knew she treated Yuuki like a son of her own and he knew better of her wishes.

  And why did those words hurt him like needles. Yuuki hugging Junya, Yuuki kissing Junya… didn’t he like Mei? And Yuuki was supposed to go Christmas shopping with him. They do that every year! Why couldn’t he bring him too this year? He could carry him like he carried Junya, couldn’t he?

  He reached for the phone. Junya could have him for shopping. But he wanted Yuuki for tonight on Christmas Eve. He pushed the button and found out that the phone was being used. He silently listened.

  “… Oh yeah I gave him the present… I think he’d like it… Yes you come to dinner tonight. Bring Junya-kun along…”

  Akira frowned. “NO!” he shouted.

  Madoka and Yuuki blinked. “Only Yuuki comes,” Akira uttered and slammed the phone.

  “I’m sorry… I dunno what’s wrong with Akira,” Madoka apologized. “It’s okay… I’m actually kind of immune to it” Yuuki smiled. Madoka sighed. “I pity you… you’re such a nice and kind person. I can’t imagine how in the three worlds my son could treat you this way… I’m sorry, Yuuki…” Madoka started to cry. “Madoka-san… it’s okay… It has nothing to do with him… it’s just me… I… I…” Yuuki had lost his words as tears engulfed him as well.

  “It’s okay… You come for Christmas dinner tonight,” Madoka smiled. Yuuki nodded. “Thanks,”

  Akira spent the whole afternoon sulking in his bed while Madoka prepared dinner. When it was all done, she came to see her son. “You better get washed up. I don’t want Yuuki to think that I reared a goat in here,” she then shut back her door.

  His eyes then gazed over the box to his side. It was Yuuki’s present for him. He took it and untied the ribbon, taking the lid off. Inside it was a snowball. One angel and one devil were inside it. The devil had a white ribbon tied to its tail and the angel had a black strap with silver spikes around its left leg. On the bottom of the snowball was written “…As impossible as angels and devils to be  together, our forbidden love is forever obtained… ”

  Akira remembered looking at this particular snowball. He had thought it as one unique piece of art.

  He put the snowball aside and opened the bandage on his foot. After a good shower, he put on his shirt and pants. He emerged into the kitchen and saw Yuuki already there helping his mother. “Hello Akira,” Yuuki smiled. “How’s your foot?” he asked.

  “It’s okay…” Akira said softly and looked around. Good, Junya didn’t come.

Dinner was good. They sat near the balcony to watch the city. “Akira, go take some more beer,” Madoka told him. Akira nodded and went inside to take some more beer. “Junya your lover?” Suddenly Madoka asked the young doctor? Yuuki shook his head. “As much as I wish, I can’t love anyone else…” Yuuki bit his lips.

 Akira came back with a few cans of cold beer. “Has it started?” Akira looked around. Yuuki looked at his watch. “Few more seconds,” he uttered. Akira made himself comfortable and enjoyed the last few moments of quiet night sky.

“3… 2… 1…” Yuuki said softly as the first of the many fireworks shot into the air. Christmas songs could be faintly heard below. “Merry Christmas!” Akira greeted and kissed his mother as she kissed him. Akira then waited for Yuuki’s kiss but he only gave it to his mother. He bit his lips.

After a few more minutes, they went inside. “You going to spend the night here right?” Madoka asked. Yuuki nodded. “Your room’s still there… good night,” she yawned and shut her bedroom door. Yuuki finished washing the dishes and took his coat to his bedroom door. He turned the knob but it wouldn’t budge.

“I locked it and lost the key,” Akira said from his bedroom door. “Oh,” Yuuki nodded softly and turned around. He was too lazy to drive back to the hospital. So he decided on the sofa.

 “Where you going?” Akira asked when he saw Yuuki turning around. “Sofa,” he uttered.

 “No, in here,” Akira gestured Yuuki to come his way. Yuuki sighed and walked towards Akira’s bedroom. He entered it and Akira shut it behind them locking it.

“You didn’t give me a Christmas kiss,” Akira said softly. “I didn’t think you want it anymore,” Yuuki said softly. Akira stepped forward and took Yuuki’s face in his palms. He pushed Yuuki on the bed and leaned down to kiss the guy. His lips were sweet of Christmas pudding. Akira suddenly cried when he didn’t get much respond from Yuuki.

“Why don’t you kiss me back?” he asked. “I don’t want to confuse you further,” Yuuki said softly. He had been rejected so many times by Akira. He didn’t want to love the boy further as he knew one day, Akira would find himself a girl he really loved and ditched him for her. By then, he didn’t know if he could survive such heartbreak anymore.

“I love you Yuuki…” Akira uttered. The old Yuuki would faint to these words. But… “I’m sorry Akira… I know you’re just confused. I’m sorry to have caused you so much trouble…” Yuuki got up. Akira hugged Yuuki’s middle. “Don’t love Junya please… don’t love anyone but me…” Akira cried, embracing Yuuki firmly. Yuuki laughed. “Akira… You have to know that you’re the one and only person in my heart that I love,” Yuuki said softly. “Then why don’t you kiss me back?” Akira asked.

“Because I know one day you would go away. And I don’t think I could survive such. It’s better if my love for you don’t grow anymore when you leave for Mei,” Yuuki bit his lips.

Akira bit his lips. “I don’t love Mei… I love you…” Akira uttered.

 “You’re confused, Akira,” Yuuki got up and walked out the door. Akira frowned and sighed. Why must it be this way?

Yuuki dialed a series of number on his phone and waited for the answer. “Moshi-moshi…” a sleepy answer picked up the other side of the line. “Kyou-chan? It’s me, Hisayoshi… can you please come out to meet me at Honky Tonk Bar?” Yuuki asked. “Now?” Kyou Ayanokouji blinked, reaching for his alarm clock. “Um…” Yuuki nodded. Kyou sighed. “Okay… Gimme a few minutes to change,” Kyou muttered.

“Who’s that?” Ippei Yamada asked, turning to face the pretty faced boy. Kyou got off the bed and walked over to the closet. “Hisayoshi seemed to be in the dumps. Going out to see him,” Ayanokouji uttered. “Oh…” Yamada nodded and went back to slumber.

Ayanokouji drove to Honky Tonk and went inside. As usual, there would be a bunch of teenagers there giving their social life some food. He spotted Yuuki and went over to him. Ayanokouji smiled at the bartender and ordered some drinks.

“Yuuki-san?” Kyou smiled at the guy. Yuuki was really in the dumps. “Kyou-chan… thanks for coming,” he uttered softly.

“So, what’s wrong?” Kyou smiled. “It’s Akira,” Yuuki uttered softly. “Akira? Something happened to him?” Kyou asked. Yuuki shook his head. “He’s confused… and so am I,” Yuuki uttered. “Sou da…” Kyou nodded.

“So how’s Yamada?” Yuuki asked. “Oh, he’s okay… still can’t get over the incident last year,” Kyou smiled. “About?” Yuuki asked. “His old girlfriend,” Kyou told Yuuki. “Say, Kyou… You guys sleep together but he’s missing his ex-girlfriend on Christmas Eve and you’re fine with it?” Yuuki asked. Kyou laughed.

“I sleep with him coz we can’t afford to buy a bed each so we shared one big bed. He can miss all his girlfriends, as long as I can sleep on my side of the bed. If he has any problems, I’d stay by his side to solve it. It just goes that way,” Kyou smiled.

“So you don’t love him?” Yuuki asked. “I dunno… well, it’s a different matter,” Kyou looked away. Such a pretty boy… Who needs girls when there’re pretty guys like Ayanokouji and witty boys like Akira?

“So, what’s up with Akira?” Kyou asked. “He made a move on me,” Yuuki uttered. Kyou smiled. “That’s good. So how was it?” Kyou’s eyes were of mischievous glints.

“I backed off,” Yuuki took a sip on his drink. Kyou frowned. “Why is that?” he asked. “Firstly, I know he’s really confused. I don’t want him to give himself to me when he’s confused. I want him to be really aware of what’s he’s giving and receiving and not regretting it the next morning,” Yuuki explained. Kyou nodded. “As careful as a doctor can be,” he patted Yuuki’s back.

After a slight silence, Yuuki looked up. “Kyou, when was the last time you had sex?” Yuuki asked suddenly. Kyou looked up at Yuuki and blinked. “As in?” He was a little blur on this. “Sex? As in you and another person making love,” Yuuki uttered, almost blushing himself.

“Oh…” Kyou frowned. “There was once when Yamada and I were drunk and he said I was pretty and poof! There it goes… I think it was last week,” Kyou said softly. Yuuki smiled. “Good for you. I haven’t had sex since I was 16. I had it once with this guy name Akame then. He had red eyes and white shiny hair,” Yuuki paused for a drink. “And guess what?” Yuuki looked at Kyou. Kyou raised his eyebrows. “I did an autopsy on him this morning. He’s dead, Kyou… DEAD!” Yuuki exclaimed and lunged forward. Kyou embraced the guy and ran soothing circles around his back. “I felt lonely suddenly when I saw him. I wanted to be loved. But Akira was so confused I was scared I’d hurt him in the future,” Yuuki cried on Kyou’s jacket.

Seeing his friend’s desperate need, Kyou felt that he needed to do something. He could at least help to ease his loneliness for the night.

Both of them ended up in a 4 star hotel room. Doing nothing but talk and lay in each other’s arms. “I need to go out of town for three weeks,” Yuuki told Kyou. “Is it? Where to?” he asked. “Well, a plague had been aroused in a small village in Hokkaido Island last few weeks. So there was a shortage of doctors. Since the hospital had more forensics than needed, they could afford to send me there,” Yuuki smiled. “Ahh… your first time, ne?” Kyou smiled. Yuuki blinked. “First time?” he echoed. “First time working outstation? You look excited,” Kyou explained. Yuuki nodded. “You’re a real brainy to know that,” Yuuki teased.

Kyou sent the doctor to the airport the next morning. The doctor just packed some clothes and basic utilities. Simple. “Did you tell Akira?” Kyou finally asked. “I didn’t have the chance to tell him where I am going. I told all the nurses in hospital to just tell him I’m going outstation if he comes and ask. It won’t make much difference if you tell him,” Yuuki smiled. Kyou gave the guy a warm kiss on the cheek. “Take care,” he patted Yuuki’s back. “Bye!”

It has been three days after Christmas. New Year was approaching soon and Akira intended to get Yuuki by the stroke of midnight. But the problem is he hasn’t called and his handphone was inaccessible.

Akira dialed Yuuki’s phone number and waited for it to connect. “Were sorry, the number you have dialed is out of our service area, thank you. Please try later,” Akira frowned. It had been that same message for the past 3 days.

“Mama, you know where Yuuki went?” Akira asked. Madoka looked at her son and blinked. “How should I know. I’m not the one who chased him away,” she said. That tone again. He hated it when his mom does that. Made him feel so much guiltier.

Akira went to the door and opened it. “Where you going?” the young lady asked. “To the hospital. Maybe they’ll be much kinder to tell,” he snorted and went out.

The boy made his way to the hospital and saw the same nurse who teased him that other day. She smiled upon looking at him. “Oh, Hi Akira. What can I do for you?” she asked. “You know where Yuuki went?” he asked. “Ah… hold on,” the nurse checked something in the computer and looked up at him. “Oh, he’s working outstation, Akira,” she smiled at him. “Where?” Akira asked. It says there XXX village, Hokkaido but it was under confidential so she shook her head at Akira. “Didn’t say so. Sorry,” she smiled. Akira sighed and walked away. “Thanks,” he uttered softly.

His heart felt bad. Now he didn’t even know where Yuuki was, or how was he. Maybe he’s sleeping comfortably or eating properly? The dejected boy went out of the hospital and walked along the sidewalks. Passing by all sorts of shops. Flower shop, Automobile shop, candy, café…

His eyes suddenly spotted someone he knew in the café. He smiled and pounded gently on the glass window.

Yamada looked up and blinked. “Akira,” he said softly. Ayanokouji looked up from his morning-paper and blinked. “Akira,” he smiled as the boy ran around and came into the café. “Ohayou futari-tomo!” Akira greeted. “Ohayou Akira-kun. Come, have something to eat,” Yamada pulled out a chair in next to him. “Oh, it’s okay,” Akira grinned.

“Ayanokouji-san… do you know where’s Yuuki?” Akira asked suddenly. Kyou looked up from his paper and smiled. “He’s working outstation in Hokkaido. There’s a plague running around in a village there, so he’s working hard to be a hero there,” Kyou told the boy. “Yuuki’s cool. Just imagine… you saving the whole village from a plague,” Yamada smiled, sipping his cocoa.

“A plague? But that’s dangerous!” Akira exclaimed. Kyou nodded. “He could be infected! How long would he be there?” Akira asked. “3 weeks,” Kyou told Akira. “What? He could be infected and die there and we won’t even knew it!” Akira sighed. “Why didn’t he tell me?” the boy looked at the floor. “He hadn’t had a chance to. He’s been through a lot lately. So his mind was a bit jumbled,” Ayanokouji uttered softly as he bit a piece of pastry in his dish.

Akira sighed. “At least I know where is he. Thanks,” he got up. “You’re not going to have something to eat?” Yamada asked. Akira shook his head. “No, thanks… enjoy your meal,” he forced a smiled. Yamada smiled and nodded. “Bye!” he waved.

Akira entered his house and saw his mother watching soap opera on cable TV. “Yuuki called,” she said, her voice was flat. “He did?” Akira asked. Madoka nodded. “He’d in Hokkaido now. Living in a small clinic made out of wood. No mosquitoes but the food was tasteless and it was cold,” Madoka continued. Akira nodded. It is winter in the north. He said he misses you and he’ll call later,” Akira beamed. “Thanks mom!” Akira gave her a kiss and went to his room.

The boy took off his jacket and accidentally saw the picture on his dressing table. It was a picture of Yuuki and him with Yuuki’s arm arms around his waist, taken when they went to Osaka for a weekend trip a few months back. He looked quiet ashamed and uncomfortable with Yuuki’s attitude in that picture. But now it seemed to be the one thing he wanted most.

To be in Yuuki’s arms.

He took the picture and hugged it as he lay on his bed.

Yuuki sighed and locked the door to the quarantine room after the last check. There were still a few children and old people who were in bad condition inside. He went to take a Lysol bath and took off the suit. He walked back to his room and locked it, leaning against the door. He was tired, physically and mentally. His eyes draped through the room and saw A picture of Akira on his small table. Only god knows how much he misses the boy now. The phone service had been cut off since last week because of the bad snowstorm and he couldn’t contact Akira.

He sat on his bed thinking of the boy. The way Akira would lighten things up and the way he would look on the positive side. If only he could be here to cheer up of those sad villagers.

His hands unconsciously went down to his crotch and found it hard. It was hard to not think about Akira; his sweet face, his smooth skin, his lithe body.

The guy couldn’t stop himself and before anything, the young doctor was jerking his way to 7th heaven.

“Aishiteru, Akira…”

Akira sulked as he ate breakfast. “What’s wrong with you?” Madoka asked her son. “It’s been more than a week and Yuuki still hasn’t called,” he mumbled. Madoka smiled. “Why? Miss him?” she teased her son. “Mama!” Akira frowned he’s really not in the mood to joke around. Maybe something happened to him. “Mama, Do you think he’s infected with the plague and is dying right now? Mama!” Akira was nervous. “Don’t be dumb, Akira,” she rolled her eyes.

Akira felt bad… his mind suddenly replayed a scene about a few weeks ago when Yuuki won a holiday trip for 2 to America.


Akira walked out of his school when he spotted Yuuki’s 4 wheel drive was in front of the gate. He walked up to the window and knocked. Yuuki woke up from his snooze and smiled, gesturing Akira to hop in the car. Akira went around and climbed into the car. “Mama asked you to pick me up?” Akira asked as he fastened the seatbelt. Yuuki shook his head. “Guess what?” he beamed. Akira blinked. “What?” he asked. “We’re going for a 2 weeks holiday in America!! Our pre marriage honeymoon!” Yuuki exclaimed, hugging the boy. Akira struggled out of the hug. “Yuuki! I told you not to play a fool in front of people!” he frowned and hit the guy.

Yuuki rubbed the bump on his head and smiled. “Let’s go home and pack your bags!” Yuuki beamed. Akira rolled his eyes. “I don’t want to go. Besides, my friends and I are having plans for summer holidays,” Akira looked out the window. “Oh…” Yuuki said softly. “It’s okay then,” Yuuki smiled.

End of flashback…

He found out from his mother later that the trip was actually won when he entered a random contest. Now he felt so bad. He had always let Yuuki down.

“Arigatou, Hisayoshi-sensei…” the small boy thanked the young doctor as he sent him away. “It’s okay… try and stay at home by the fire okay?” he waved at the boy. The small boy’s grandmother walked away with him back to their home.

The plague was under control. The last of the patients were already sent home for their remarkable recovery. Doctor Yuuki Hisayoshi is the hero of the village. And today would be the last day he’ll be here.

Nurse Sui Mizugawa walked in as he closed the door. He shook off the snow on him and sighed. “Morning, Hisayoshi-sensei,” he smiled. “I made some cocoa if you want. It’s on the table,” Yuuki smiled. “Thanks,” he uttered and rushed to the table where a cup of hot cocoa awaits him. “Ne, Hisayoshi-sensei… I went to check the phone lines. But it seemed that it’s still not fixed. How stupid of them, it’s going to be 3 weeks and they still do nothing about it,” he pouted.

 “Still in New Year’s mood I think,” Yuuki smiled. “New Year their head. I had to spend my New Year’s here in an isolated village with no fireworks and LOTS of snow!” Sui muttered, blowing softly on his cocoa so the hot steam would soothe his cold face.

 “Well, we’ll be going back tomorrow,” Yuuki filed his last reports and kept it in a drawer. “I miss my daddy. I didn’t even called him for New Year. All because of that stupid snow storm,” Sui drank the last of the cocoa.

  Yuuki smiled. “Your complaints remind me of someone back home,” Yuuki chuckled. “Me? My dad says I grumble like a lady. So being a nurse is okay I guess,” Sui shrugged. “NO! I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just like you remind me of Akira,” he giggled. “Akira? Your brother?” Sui asked. “Yeah, you can say so,” Yuuki stretched. “I’m off to take a shower,” he walked away to the shower room.

 The flight back to Tokyo was delayed because of the bad weather. But Yuuki finally reached the airport late on the night of 18th January. He took a cab home and looked at his watch. It was nearly 3 o’clock in the morning when he reached Akira’s house. Who cares if it was 3 in the morning, the only thing was, he hadn’t seen Akira for so long and he misses him like anything; good thing he still had the key to enter the house.

 The house was silent as he went in. He put down his bags by the living room and headed to Akira’s room. He softly turned the knob and opened the door. Akira was sleeping like a baby inside. He slid into the room and shut the door behind him.

  He guy opened his outer coat and hung in on the chair. He then walked over to Akira’s bedside and knelt next to it, switching on the bed light. “Akira,” he whispered. The boy stirred and was still asleep. “Yo, tadaima…” Yuuki smiled. Akira frowned and opened his eyes slowly. “Yuuki?” he called. “Yeah… wake up,” Yuuki smiled. Akira’s eyes shot opened. “Yuuki?” he echoed his own words. Yuuki smiled.

Akira narrowed his brows and hit Yuuki. There was a moment of silence. “Why didn’t you call? I thought you were dead!” Akira exclaimed. “I’m sorry for not calling. The snowstorm hit the telephone cable and it was still unfixed until I came home. I’m sorry,” Yuuki rubbed the sore spot. “Do you know how worried I was?” Akira pulled Yuuki up to sit with him.

Yuuki gave him a pure warm smile.

“Yuuki… I love you… please don’t go and leave me like that again… I beg you…” Akira hugged the young doctor. “I promise,” Yuuki ran soothing circles on Akira’s back.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t get you anything from Hokkaido but a small tea set given by one of the villagers as a token from the heart,” Yuuki smiled. “It’s okay… I just want you, Yuuki,” Akira said softly, his hands reached up to cup Yuuki’s face.

“Me?” Yuuki echoed. Akira nodded. “Akira… are you sure… I mean… you won’t regret saying this, right?” Yuuki asked. “I had 3 whole weeks to think about it and hadn’t thought of changing,” Akira smiled, leaning up closer to Yuuki’s face.

“You want me, Akira?” Yuuki asked. “I want all of you Yuuki Hisayoshi… ” Akira said softly as Yuuki leaned down to kiss him full on the lips. Akira parted his lips slightly to let Yuuki’s intruding tongue. “I love you, Yuuki…” Akira uttered as Yuuki left his mouth and kissed his jaws. Yuuki’s hands slid off Akira’s shirt, as he couldn’t stand it anymore.

His hands danced around Akira’s smooth naked torso, turning his dreams into reality. Akira reached up to unbutton Yuuki’s shirt and trash it somewhere in the room after it was taken off.

Akira smiled and pushed Yuuki to his back as he stumbled with the belts of his pants. After finally figuring it out, he unzipped the black slacks and looked at his prize, a semi erected penis of Yuuki. “I’m sorry you had to wait so long,” Akira smiled as he engulfed the meat whole in his mouth.

For the first time in his life, Yuuki felt whole. Even though the young boy was inexperience, he was happy. That could be taken care of later.

When Akira paused for breath, Yuuki pushed him on his back and pulled his pants down, giggling as he threw it and partly covered the bed-lamp. Akira blushed. Yes, he had been naked in front of Yuuki but not in this manner. Yuuki looked at the fully erected rod from within a thin mass of pale yellow hair. He reached to touch the smooth skin of it. Akira blushed redder but he unconsciously bucked his hips to it.

Yuuki lunged forward to kiss Akira full on the lips then left it to trail Akira’s body with his tongue until he reached the tip of Akira’s manhood.

“My prize,” he smiled as he suckled on the piece of meat till both of them found their way to heaven.

Madoka walked out of her room to get a glass of water when she heard sound coming from Akira bedroom. She frowned and opened the door, peeping. “Akira?” she called.

But she was greeted with the sight of her son making love to Yuuki on the bed, both in their own worlds. She shut the door behind her and blinked. A smile finally broke from her face. “Finally,” she smiled and went to the kitchen to fetch her cup of water.

Akira opened his eyes and turned to find himself facing Yuuki’s chest. He gave it a kiss and hugged the guy’s middle. Yuuki stirred and opened his eyes. “Morning, Akira,” he smiled. “Good morning, Yuuki,” Akira hugged his lover firmer. “Can we stay in bed like this longer?” Akira asked. “Sure,” Yuuki smiled. Akira snuggled closer and hugged Yuuki’s faintly perfumed chest.

Madoka opened the door and sighed. “Get up lazy bums,” she called. It was a weekend, so Madoka was already up and about making breakfast. “I don’t wanna get up. I wanna hug Yuuki more… I miss him so much,” Akira pouted. Madoka sighed and walked closer. “Welcome home, Yuuki,” she leaned down to kiss his forehead. “I found the key to your bedroom door at the balcony. Wonder whose work was it?” her tone was sarcastic.

“You won’t need it, Yuuki’s sleeping here from now on,” Akira answered. Madoka shook her head. “Sleep all you want I’m going shopping,” she sighed and walked away. “Food’s in the fridge. Heat it up when you two are done, okay?” she closed the door.

Akira hugged Yuuki tighter. “Forget about her. I love you,” Akira uttered again and went to sleep. “Ore mou… Akira no koto aishiteru nan da…”

It was after all, a tiring night…


Took quite a long time to finish this fic… a month or so… had lotsa stuff to do. CnC r welcomed.

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