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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs

A Tidal Wave in the Sea

 “Konomi-chan… Please… marry me…” Yamada smiled at the girl on the wheel chair. Everyone turned and look. Ayanokouji turned around and blinked. Konomi looked at the young man’s face. So sweet yet sincere. She smiled and fainted.

  :… You’re destined to be alone …: That familiar voice from the back of his head approached surface. Kyou turned around, unable to control the sudden pain in his chest.

  “KONOMI-CHAN! Wake up!! Please!!” Yamada shrugged the fainted girl. She felt so light and fragile. “Don’t worry Yamada-kun. She’d be fine. She might be just surprised,” Oki Himiko patted the boy’s back. “But she haven’t answered me!” He pouted childishly. “Well, adds to the suspense. I’ll tell you when she answers, tomorrow. Hehe…” Oki laughed.

  “Well, let’s send her back,” Yamada said. They all nodded. Just as Yamada wanted to follow Oki who was pushing the wheel chair, he paused. “Kyou-chan? You’re not coming?” he asked.
  Kyou didn’t even looked at him as he walked to the other side of the rooftop. Yamada sighed. Kyou seemed off his mood these few days. He seemed detached, distant. Yamada thought it was best if he left the boy alone so he left with the others.


   “Kyou?” Yamada called. Kyou looked behind him and frowned. “What are you searching for in the middle of the night?” he shone the torch into the burnt room. “What are you doing?” he asked.

  “Even the police can’t find anything in the day, what are you looking for in the dark?” Yamada asked again. “I don’t know… maybe something,” Kyou finally answered one of the questions.

  “You! Look at you, wearing such thin clothes!” Yamada took off his jacket and covered Kyou’s body, putting the hood on his head. “Sugee… Don’t you feel the chill?” Yamada asked. “Your body temperature is getting low, go back to your room fast!” Yamada ordered. “…………” Kyou was silent. “What about a warm drink?” Yamada asked. “Come to my room, it’s warm. I’ll go to the kitchen and make some cocoa…” Yamada’s sentence was cut when Kyou took off the jacket and shoved it back to Yamada.

  “Kyou?” Yamada asked. “You don’t have to take care of me,” he said in a cold tone. “I… have nothing to do with you…” he uttered and walked off.

  End of flashback…

  “Take care of her for me okay?” Yamada said one last time before leaving the girl’s room. “Just go away and sleep. She’ll be fine with me,” Oki said and slammed the door.

  Yamada smiled and turned around to walk back to their room. Tomorrow would be their last day here for their volunteer work. And after tomorrow he’d have one whole day off before starting work the next day.

 He walked back to their room expecting Kyou to be inside packing, getting ready for the journey home tomorrow but he saw the boy sleeping soundly on the sofa.

  “Kyou-chan… don’t sleep here…” Yamada asked. Kyou didn’t answer. He seemed to be in a very deep sleep. “Kyou-chan…” Yamada started pushing the boy.

  “Fine! You don’t want me to sleep here!” Kyou suddenly snapped and got up. “Kyou-chan… I just wanted you to…” Yamada winced as Kyou walked out the door and slammed it behind him. “… to sleep on the bed because it’s cold…” he finished his sentence.

  Yamada sighed. He took off his own jacket and hung it by the door. He fell on his bed and instantly fell asleep.

  Yamada frowned. He couldn’t find anything that belonged to Kyou in the room. He sighed and picked up the phone. “Moshi-moshi… Oki-san, have you seen Kyou?” he asked. “Oh, Kyou took the first train back already this morning,” she told Yamada on the other line.

  “Oh… he did? Why?” Yamada asked. “I think he said something about work. I don’t know, I was sleepy,” she uttered. “Oh, then it’s okay. Bye,” Yamada put the phone down. He felt bad.

  When he arrived back in their apartment, he didn’t see Kyou anywhere. But his luggage was there unpacked and neatly put aside. “Kyou-chan… where are you?” he asked to no one in particular.

 Kyou looked down at the city. It was busy as ever. It looks like he was the only one with the troubled heart here. The rooftop and the ground seemed like a long distance. If he jumped and end it here, wouldn’t it be nice?
  “Moshi-moshi…” he answered his cell phone. “Hey, Kyou! I heard you came back!” it was Yuuki Hisayoshi, his friend. “Yuuki, can I see you now?” Kyou asked. “Sure! I’m at home. Akira’s out and I’m bored. Come over,” Yuuki invited. He was on a one-week holiday.

  Kyou reached Yuuki’s place in less than half and hour. “So, what brings the famous Kyou Ayanokouji here?” Yuuki jokingly asked as he shut the door.

  “Yuuki…” Kyou’s voice was shaking. “Kyou?” Yuuki frowned. “Yuuki!” Kyou turned around and hugged the man. “Kyou-chan? What’s wrong?” Yuuki asked. “Yamada asked Konomi to marry him!” Kyou cried on Yuuki’s chest. He never cried. This was his first time and he felt scared.

  “He what?” Yuuki pushed Kyou and looked into his eyes. “Are you sure?” he asked. Kyou nodded and Yuuki pulled the man back into his arms, rubbing soothing circles around his back.

  “Kyou, I told you to tell him…” Yuuki said as he guided the guy to the sofa. “I don’t know. My feelings for him was unsure until I heard that he was going to marry the girl…” Kyou admitted.

  “Then tell him!” Yuuki urged. “It doesn’t matter, he’s marrying the girl!” Kyou shouted, breaking down again. Yuuki pulled him close so that he could cry on his shoulder.

  “You can stay here for the night,” Yuuki smiled and carried the light boy into his room. “You sleep and dream nice things,” he tucked the guy into bed and kissed his forehead. “I’ll be just next door in Akira’s room okay?” he smiled and got up. “Yuuki?” Kyou called. “Em?” Yuuki arched his brow. “Thanks,” Kyou uttered. “No sweat,” he laughed as he exited the room.

  As he came out the room, Akira came back. “Ne… Akira, can I bunk over at your room?” Yuuki asked. “Em? Sure, but why?” Akira asked. “Kyou’s in my room. He’s in a state of shock. Yamada wanted to get married with some girl,” he said. “What?” Akira was surprised. He always thought that the two had something together. “I was afraid if I didn’t keep him here, he’d do something stupid,” Yuuki told the boy.

  Akira sighed. “Poor guy,” he said as he lunged forwards and hugged Yuuki’s middle. Suddenly Yuuki scooped the boy up. “Ey! Put me down!” Akira ordered. “Nope, I’m bringing my baby into our room,” he giggled. “You idiot! Put me down!” Akira playfully struggled as they went into his room and shut the door.

  ‘ring… ring…’

  Yuuki pushed the boy’s hand gently off is middle so he could move and take the phone. “Moshi-moshi,” he answered. “Yuuki-san? Yamada here. Is Kyou there?” Yamada asked. “Ah… He’s here asleep. Why?” Yuuki asked. “Oh, I just wanted to check. Anyway, tell him I’ll pick him up for class tomorrow okay?” Yamada told Yuuki. “Oh, okay. Er… but I thought you guys had another day off?” Yuuki asked. “Oh, yeah… well I’ll just drop by to pick him up anyways. He forgot his wallet so I don’t think he’d have the money to come back by himself,” Yamada smiled. “Oh, okay… and umm… congrats…” Yuuki uttered. “Em?” Yamada’s voice was puzzled. “About you and Konomi,” Yuuki explained. “Ahh… hehe… arigatou,” Yamada smiled. “Oyasumi,” Yuuki said. “Yeah, Oyasumi… ja!” with that he hung up. Yuuki frowned. Sometimes he didn’t understand them.

 Tomorrow morning, Kyou got up and saw Akira and Yuuki on the breakfast table. “Ey, sleepy face Yamada-kun’s coming to fetch you today,” Yuuki told the guy as he put a cup of coffee in front of him. “Ah? Oh…” he was dead. Akira sighed and pitied the fellow. But he had to go to school. “See you all,” he said and reached out to kiss Kyou. “Don’t worry. I’m sure everything would turn out great,” he winked at the pretty guy. “Thanks,” he smiled.

  “Oh… don’t I get a kiss too?” Yuuki pouted. Akira sighed and motioned Yuuki to come close. Yuuki happily jumped on Akira and Akira kissed the guy deeply. “That should last you the whole day,” Akira giggled. Yuuki was in 7th heaven. “Bye… bye,” they said back.

  Then the doorbell rang. “Akira must’ve left something,” Yuuki smiled. As he opened the door, it was Yamada.

 “I’m supposed to be here to fetch Kyou but can you please tell him that I have something to do? I promised Konomi to buy some things with her and I think I’m already late. Can you tell that to him?” Yamada asked. Yuuki nodded. Yamada held Yuuki’s hand and smiled. “Thanks,” he uttered and walked away.

  Then the guy paused. “Ah! This is Kyou’s wallet. Please give it to him okay?” he handed Yuuki the nice wallet. Yuuki nodded and smiled as the guy turned around to go. He was actually a really nice person, but too blind to realize that his housemate is in love with him.

  Yuuki closed the door. “Did you hear?” Yuuki asked. Kyou nodded and sighed. “Hora!” Yuuki threw the wallet to the boy. “Why don’t we go out and enjoy the day today?” Yuuki asked. Kyou nodded. “Sure,” he forced smiled.

  It was already lunchtime when they were both ready to go out.

“I’ll wait for you at the coffee shop opposite okay?” Kyou told the guy. “Okay, I’ll take my car in the parking space and come join you,” Yuuki smiled and waved as he walked away.

Yuuki got into his car and started the engine. He stepped on the gas pedal a few times to ensure the fuel injection was okay. Then he drove away to meet Kyou.

There were tons of people but no sign of Kyou. He looked around in the café but can’t find anyone who looks like Kyou. Then his gaze went to the streets where a crowd was gathering. He frowned. Maybe he’s there helping out with the scene?

He killed the engine and walked over to join the crowd. “What’s happening?” he asked one of the spectators. “Oh, there’s this guy who got knocked by a motorist. Pretty bad looking,” the guy said and walked away. Yuuki frowned. Somehow he didn’t feel too good here.

 “Make way, I’m a doctor!” Yuuki exclaimed and he made his way through the crowd, his worst nightmare was happening. It was Kyou lying on the ground in a pool of blood. His pale blonde hair was already drenched in blood and his body…

He bit his lips and reached down to feel Kyou’s pulse. He let out a big sigh. The pulse was faint, but it was there. “Kyou! Can you hear me? Kyou! Answer me!” But the guy could only open his eyes slightly it was brimmed with tears.

Yuuki took out his handphone and dialed his hospital number. “Hello Yuuki here… please send an ambulance here to ……” he told the operator to send help.

“Yuuki… itee yo… totemo itte …” Kyou uttered faintly. Yuuki brushed Kyou’s messy bloody hair to the back and smiled. “Don’t worry, you’ll be okay,” he smiled and opened Kyou’s shirt to promote air.

 It was less than five minutes that the ambulance came and took them away. “Should I call Yamada and tell him?” Yuuki asked. Kyou shook his head. “He’s going to get married. Don’t… *cough* bother him…” Kyou uttered faintly. He emitted blood as he cough, it meant he had an internal injury. “Shh… no more talking. You bleeding internally,” he leaned down and kissed Kyou’s forehead.

Kyou was emitted to the emergency room as soon as they arrived in the hospital.

Two hours passed, he looked at his watch and frowned. It was the time to pick up Akira from school. He dialed a series of number and waited. Akira picked up on the other line when he saw Yuuki’s name appeared on his phone. “Yuuki? Doko e, kimi?” Akira pouted. “Akira, Kyou’s met with an accident and I’m at the hospital. Can you come here?” Yuuki asked. “Shit… okay… I’ll come as fast as I could,” he shut the phone and ran to the train station.

Akira reached there when Kyou was out from the wad and was placed under ICU for now.

“Ah, Akira-kun!” the nurse smile at him. “Ne… Neesan, where’s Ayanokouji Kyou?” he asked. “Emm… the guy who just went into ICU ne? chotto…” she typed something on the keyboard and smiled. “ICU room 663,” she smiled. Akira smiled. “Sankyuu!” he uttered and headed towards the elevator.

“Yuuki!” Akira called as he reached the room and opened he door. Yuuki smiled and gestured for Akira to lower down his volume. He shut the door behind him quietly and walked over to Yuuki. He looked at Kyou and frowned. The boy was bandaged around his head, hands, chest…

“What happened?” he asked in a whisper. “A hit and run case. He had a brain concussion. A major surgery due to one of the broken ribs punctured his lungs…” Yuuki bit his lips. Kyou looked miserable. He was on an oxygen mask and a life support system. His hair was still blood stained due to the accident and surgery and cant be washed yet.

“Does Yamada-san know about this?” Akira asked. Yuuki shook his head. “He said not to bother the guy because he’s getting married,” Yuuki sighed. “Shit! He should know! Kyou-san’s dying here and he’s off to a happy ending? I’m not letting anyone be happy now!” Akira exclaimed, tears falling off his eyes. Yuuki pulled the boy close to him as he cried, Akira held Yuuki tight and cried. “No one deserves this! Especially not Kyou… he’s such a nice person…” Akira cried.

Yuuki ran soothing circles on Akira’s back to calm the boy down. “I told his grandmother already… she’s flying back from Hakone to see him,” Yuuki ran his fingers through Akira’s hair.

 A soft knock was heard. Both Akira and Yuuki turned around and smiled as the lady came in. It was Kyou’s grandmother. The elegant lady smiled back and walked over to her most precious grandson. Though she loved him so much, she was as stubborn and as self-centered as him. So resulting in an on-an-off tongue slashing between grandmother and child. “How’s he?” she asked. “He’s stable. I signed for his operation, a major one. One of his broken ribs punctured his lungs,” Yuuki told her.

  The old lady sighed and ran her hand on Kyou’s smooth cheek. “Stubborn little boy. If he never moved out, he’d never be in this accident. I don’t know what he sees in that Yamada boy. Where is he anyway?” she asked.

  “He’s going to get married with another girl!” Akira blurted out. He wasn’t going to let Yamada get off that easily. “Akira!” Yuuki exclaimed. Mrs. Ayanokouji frowned. “He’s what?” the lady bit her lips. “I knew that he was good for nothing,” she gritted her teeth.

  “But…” Yuuki tried to calm the lady down. “No buts, Yuuki sensei. I know you want to protect him. But Kyou’s staying in my place just as soon as he’s out of hospital; You make sure of that,” with that she stood up. “Please call me when he’s going to be released. I’ll pick him up personally. For now, I need to rush back to Okinawa,” with that she bowed thank you to both of them and walked out of the room after kissing Kyou’s cheek.

 “Thank you for going shopping with me,” Konomi smiled. Yamada smiled back. “It’s nothing, since I’m on leave today,” he giggled. He wanted Konomi’s answer to his question but he knew that this thing can’t be rushed, so he can wait patiently.

  “Yamada-san?” Konomi called. “Yes?” Yamada’s face was bright. “I’m going for an operation and therapy in America,” she started. “Wow! That’s great!” Yamada smiled. “It might take around 2 to 3 years,” she explained. “Oh…” Yamada nodded. “Yes, that’s a long time. So now you know why I didn’t reply your question,” she smiled. “It’s okay! I can wait!” Yamada held Konomi’s hands. “… but I can’t,” she uttered slowly.

  Yamada blinked. “Besides, you’re still young. You might find your true love after this,” she uttered, her eyes were pure and sincere. “But where can I find true love after you leave?” Yamada asked he was depressed.

  “Who knows, it might be just under your nose and you didn’t realize it,” she smiled. Yamada sighed. “I guess this is a no?” he guessed. She nodded and pulled him for a one last sweet kiss. “Thank you for all you’ve done,” she smiled. Yamada nodded. “Ganbaru yo!” he wished her good luck.

  “Aa… arigatou…” she smiled and went into her apartment. Yamada sighed. “Well, at least I can go home and cook,” he shrugged and walked his way towards his apartment.

  “Tadaima!” he opened the door, but found it empty and dark. It was almost midnight now, where could his housemate be? He switched on the lights and frowned. Everything was still. It seemed like Kyou hasn’t come back yet.

  He reached out his phone and dialed Kyou’s all too familiar numbers.


  “It’s Yamada-san,” Akira said as he looked at the phone. Yuuki blinked. “I think we should tell him,” Akira said softly. Yuuki nodded. “He deserves to know anyway,” he smiled.

  “Moshi-moshi, Yamada-san?” Akira answered the phone. “Ee? Dare? Akira deshou?” Yamada asked. “It’s me. Kyou’s in the hospital where Yuuki works,” he uttered. “Hospital? Is he doing a medical check up?” Yamada asked. “Yamada-san, he’s been in an accident! For your information, he’s on life support system now!” Akira exclaimed.

  Yamada’s eyes widened as dinner plates.

  A knock was heard and Yamada rushed in. “Kyou?” he called. In his heart hoping that Akira was lying and Kyou would be okay.

  He blinked once as to assure him that that guy on the bed was Kyou. He looked so fragile and helpless.

  “How did this happen?” Yamada asked. Akira frowned and looked out the window. He was still angry at Yamada.

  “A hit and run accident,” Yuuki told him. “Is it serious?” he asked. Akira turned around. “I don’t know. What you think? Broken ribs, punctured lungs, a brain concussion. I just hope that he remembers his name when he wakes up!” Akira smiled bitterly at Yamada and went out of the room.

  “Why is he angry at me?” Yamada asked. Yuuki smiled. “You know Akira, he’s really emotional,” he explained.

 “This means he’ll be staying here for a long time,” Yamada sighed as he looked at Kyou’s pale features. He reached out to touch those pale cheeks and bit his lips. “How could he be so careless?” he uttered.

  “He’s troubled,” Yuuki finally decided to tell. “By what?” Yamada asked. “Your marriage,” Yuuki uttered. “Why?” Yamada frowned. “Yamada-kun… do you ever realized that Kyou loves you?” Yuuki asked. Yamada blinked. Now it all fits like a puzzle.

 Kyou felt lightheaded still, but he missed the sunlight. He knew there was one coz it’s shining into his eyes. He slowly opened his eyes and fed it with the rays of the sun. Ever so refreshing. It was so bright as if he was in heaven.

  He tried to move the fingers on his left hand. Okay, it moved. He said to himself. Then he tried to move his toes. Oh-oh… bad news, it’s numb. He must be paralyzed or some sort.

  He took a deep breath and tried to move his right hand. He felt something on it and frowned. Someone stirred and woke up. “Kyou-chan?” it was Yamada’s voice. He blinked as he saw the guy smiling at him. “You’re finally awake,” he said.
  “How did you know I’m here?” Kyou asked. “Oh, Akira-kun told me yesterday when I called your phone,” he smiled. Kyou sighed and looked away. “Oh, is the sun too bright?” Yamada walked over to the window and shut the blinds.

  “Yamada…” Kyou called. “Yeah? What is it?” Yamada asked as he walked over to the water jug and filled it with a glass of water. He helped Kyou to sit up gently as not to hurt his wounds and fed him some water.

  “Why are you so kind to me?” Kyou asked. Yamada smiled. “I dunno,” he grinned.

  Suddenly Yuuki came in with a nurse. “Doctor’s going to do a check up,” she smiled. “Ah, gomen ne. I’ll go eat breakfast first, then I’ll be back,” with that Yamada went out of the room.

  “So, how are you?” Yuuki asked. “I think I can’t move my legs,” Kyou uttered. “Good, you don’t have amnesia,” Yuuki smiled. Then he pulled the white sheets covering Kyou’s legs. “Maybe the brain concussion triggered something on your nerve system. This might take a few days, weeks even years,” Yuuki sighed. “Yeah, you sound like someone from a soap opera,” Kyou smiled.

  “I’ll go take the medications,” the nurse said and went out.

  Yuuki smiled. “You want a lady nurse to bathe you? You’re filthy,” Yuuki smiled. “Yuuki! You’re free right? You can bathe me,” Kyou said. Yuuki looked at his watch. I’ll finish my rounds in about 15 minutes time. I’ll come later to bathe you,” he smiled. “Don’t tell Yamada about my leg okay?” Kyou told the guy. “Why?” he asked. “He might think I was just trying to pull out a stunt to mock Konomi,” he said softly.

  “Baka!” Yuuki snapped. “If he dares to think that, I’ll slap him so hard that he’ll have to look into a mirror to know that he still has a cheek,” Yuuki put back the clipboard and walked to the door.

  Yamada came back after that and smiled. “So, how was the check up?” he asked. Kyou nodded. “Yuuki told me that your leg is temporarily paralyzed,” Yamada uttered. “You don’t have to worry about it. I can do everything as I used to do even though I can’t move my legs for a while. You just get on with your wedding,” Kyou smiled and turned around.

 “Kyou…” Yamada started. “Ah, and don’t worry… My grandmother’s telling me to move back into her house so you can stay with Konomi there,” he forced a smile.

  “Kyou… I’m not going to marry Konomi-chan… she’s leaving for America,” Yamada told Kyou. “Oh… that’s why you were so nice to me…?” Kyou said tactlessly.

  “But no thanks… I can take care of myself. I don’t need your sympathy,” Kyou uttered.

 “Kyou…” Yamada started. “Uruse…” Kyou uttered. Yamada sighed. “Kyou…” he called again. “Uruse yo!” Kyou exclaimed. If only his legs were functioning, he would’ve run away now. “Go away!” he shouted, but then a series of coughing follows. On the third cough, blood oozed out from his mouth.

  Yamada was scared. The sight of blood coming out from Kyou’s mouth was scary. “Doctor! Doctor!” he shouted. An intern, Kyou’s classmate and a nurse passed by when Yamada went hysterical, he quickly budge into the room and found his friend unconscious. The nurse had went over to the counter to beep Yuuki.

  Yuuki rushed back into the room after being alerted on his beeper by the nurse. He told the nurses and intern to take Kyou back down to radiology and get him scanned through.

   … cold…

 … cold…

… It’s so cold…

Slowly Kyou opened his eyes and saw a dim light source. “Haa…” he uttered slowly. “Kyou?” a soft voice called him. It was Yuuki’s, but the guy was nowhere to be seen. Then he felt the gentle hands working on his hair to clean it off dirt and blood that’s been caked for… a few days at least…

Kyou was quiet. He felt safe and peaceful here. He knew he was naked and being bathed by Yuuki, Yuuki’s currently washing off the shampoo lather from his hair.

Suddenly tears started to emit out of his eyes. He felt cursed, he felt sad. Deep inside he was broken. “Yuuki…” he called. Yuuki appeared from his back and smiled at the lying creature on the steel bed. “Yup?” he asked, his smile was warm.

Looking at Yuuki’s smile almost made him receive enough courage to smile. To forget everything that’s sad and just go back on to their routine life. “Don’t worry… everything will be fine…” Yuuki smiled as he covered Kyou with a towel.

Yamada came to visit everyday and Kyou was fine about it, or rather acted fine. He treated Yamada as usual. Talked to him and joked with him sometimes. But deep inside he was still hurt and juggling the fact that Yamada was only being nice to him because he was now disabled for a while. Good for him he was having a mid semester break. He was in time to do his last assignment as a volunteer doctor in a rural area and after 3 discussion classes, which he excused himself from; now they are going for a 2 months semester break.

After two weeks stay at the hospital, Kyou was finally allowed to go home. His grandmother was phoned by Yuuki to be informed. She came as soon as she got the call.

Mrs. Ayanokouji came into the private room and gritted her teeth. That Yamada was there at the same time. Akira was there as well and Yuuki was behind her as they entered the room together. “Yuuki! Mrs. Ayanokouji!” Akira called. Yamada and Kyou nodded in acknowledgment. “Packed your stuff?” Mrs. Ayanokouji asked. “Yeah,” he answered as he tried going back and forth with the new wheelchair.

“All here!” Akira and Yamada held a bag each. “Thank you,” Mrs. Ayanokouji took the bag from Yamada and closed her eyes. “Thank you, Yamada-kun for taking care of Kyou for all these times,” she said, rather coldly. “Oh, it’s my pleasure,” Yamada smiled. “But from now onwards, Kyou’s moving back to my house and you don’t need to care for him anymore. And about your wedding, I’ll be sending a gift but we won’t be attending it,” she bowed. “But …” Yamada started to protest. “Enough said,” Mrs. Ayanokouji said, her voice was powerful. Everyone was quiet.

“Yuuki-sensei, if you don’t mind would you please wheel Kyou down to the entrance?” Mrs. Ayanokouji asked. “I’ll push!” Yamada offered. “No, thank you. I don’t want my grandchild to suffer more because of you! It’s enough he has to suffer such. Now, if you’ll excuse us. Yuuki?” she called. Yuuki nodded and went behind Kyou to push the boy out of the room.

Kyou looked lifeless. He didn’t know what to do. Of course he loved him, but Yamada’s mind was constantly on Konomi… it was better for both of them this way…

Yamada blinked. He didn’t know he was the one who contributed to Kyou’s suffering.  He watched silently as they walked out of the room leaving him alone.

As soon as they reached the ground floor, Yuuki went to check Kyou out and have Mrs. Ayanokouji pay the hospital bills. “Do you want some hot chocolate?” Akira asked. Kyou smiled. “Sure,” his voice was frail. Akira put down the bag he was holding and winked. “I’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere,” he smiled and walked over to the vending machine on the other wing. Kyou sat on the wheel chair and looked out the glass door, opening automatically as people go in and out the entrance.

Then suddenly his eyes saw Yamada who came out from the other wing. The guy walked dazedly out to the road where a car was coming at high speed. Kyou frowned, he was waiting for Yamada to stop and let the car pass but the latter seemed to be in a deep thought to care for such things.

“Yamada!” he exclaimed. Everyone on the lobby looked at him. Kyou felt useless, he couldn’t move. And his voice couldn’t be heard because the door was closed. No one was thinking of walking pass the door at that time. “What’s that?” Mrs. Ayanokouji asked. Yuuki smiled. “I’ll go check,” he said as he ran over to Kyou.

Kyou bit his lips. “Yamada!” he shouted again. But the guy couldn’t hear him and if he waited for another second, Yamada would be knocked flat by the speeding car.

He tried his best to kick his way and finally stood up but instantly fell in front of the door, alerting the censors and opening the door. “YAMADA!” he shouted as loud as his frail voice could. His voice finally reached Yamada and startled him as he stopped walking just in time before a black car speed pass him to head to the emergency ward on the other side missing him by a few millimeters. He blinked and turned, seeing Kyou on the floor hands stretched out to call him.

Yamada ran towards Kyou, the same time as Yuuki arrived. Yuuki stopped to see Kyou on the floor and Yamada walking up to him, reaching to Kyou’s outstretched hand. “Yamada…” he cried. “Kyou…” He helped the boy to his feet as Kyou stood unstably leaning against Yamada. “Yamada…” Kyou hugged the guy and cried on his chest. He couldn’t think of what would’ve happen to him if he saw Yamada got rammed by a speeding car right before his eyes.

Mrs. Ayanokouji and Akira arrived to see Kyou sobbing in Yamada’s arms. “What happened?” she asked, seeing her grandson now standing up hugging another man in public, crying even. Yuuki shrugged. “But it would be best to leave them for a while. We’ll catch some snacks. They’ll call when they’re done,” Yuuki smiled at the old lady. Mrs. Ayanokouji looked at Yuuki and sighed. This boy sure knows how to talk.

Yamada held Kyou for the longest time he ever remembered as the guy wept uncontrollably on him. He was silent.

Both were finally in the park. Yamada pushed the wheelchair, as Kyou’s legs were still unstable. They were silent, just enjoying the soft breeze that blew, hitting their skin gently. “Don’t move out, Kyou…” finally Yamada gathered courage to speak. Kyou was still silent. “The house won’t be the same without you,” he said softly.

Kyou bit his lips to suppress his tears. He would dream of nothing but to do so, but Yamada kept thinking of Konomi constantly and he wasn’t sure that he could tolerate that.

:… But it wouldn’t hurt to try… besides, she’ll be gone for a long time…: a soft voice told him.

“I’ll talk to grandma…” he said softly back.

Mrs. Ayanokouji sighed. “I think your grandson likes Yamada a lot,” Yuuki commented. “Hmm… I just wished he wouldn’t hug that Yamada boy in public,” she replied. In a way, she tried to accept the fact that her grandson loves the other boy.

“I’ll let Kyou stay with him as long as Kyou wants it,” she sighed finally. Akira and Yuuki smiled.

“Ti-ti” Yuuki looked at his phone. It was a message sent from Kyou. “WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE? WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU ALL IN THE LOBBY!” “Let’s go to the lobby. They’re there,” Yuuki smiled.

Yamada peeped from behind and saw Kyou doing something weird with his back to him. “Kyou-chan? Nani o suru?” he asked as he came into their room and looked at Kyou from the front. “Taking off the bandage,” Kyou said softly as he slowly peel of the layers of bandage on his chest.

“Come, I’ll help,” Yamada smiled as he gently reach out to take the bandage from Kyou’s hand and softly took off the bandage. He then saw the scar bearing Kyou’s stitches which thread had melted off. It looked painful still. “Does it still hurt?” Yamada asked. Kyou looked up into Yamada’s concerned eyes and sighed. “A little…” he answered.

Yamada smiled and laughed. “I’ll go get dinner ready. You wear something comfortable and come out,” Yamada said as he walked out to the kitchen.

Kyou smiled. He somewhat happy to be around Yamada. Maybe this is the nearest he could get to love… an ersatz of love…

But he was contented with it nonetheless…


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