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A Day In Life Of A Rock Band…


Kizuna woke up from bed and blinked. He pushed some stray strands of purple hair from his eyes. He turned to his right and narrowed his eyes. Something under the white pristine covers of the bed beside his seemed to move. "Oi, get up!" said a course tenor. Kizuna turned and saw Shuu coming out from the bathroom, towel hanging loose on his hips. The creature under the covers moved again.

 "Oi, Koori! Wake up," this time it was Kizuna calling his sleeping mate, he had just realised that it was already 8.30 a.m. It was the morning after their fist rock concert and everything went well. "I'm tired, let me sleep some more," Koori whined under his covers. His voice was a soft angelic alto. But he could move it up to lower soprano if needed.

 "Koori doesn't want to get up?" asked Yuki who appeared from the kitchen, 4 mugs of steaming milk in his hand. Everyone nodded. They knew if Koori would listen to anyone, it'll be Yuki. Though he has the coarsest voice of all, his name seemed to give a sense of femininity to everyone who heard his name.
  Yuki put the mugs on the table and smirked, he jumped on the bed thus startling the poor boy under the sheets. "Ouch...!" moaned Koori. "Get off of me, you idiot!" Koori punched into thin air. Yuki pinned Koori on the bed and pulled off the covers. "My god, look at you! You didn't even wash off all the make-up!" Yuki shook his head. "None of your business," Koori tried to turn around and continue his slumber but Yuki pinched his round ass.

  "Yuki! Stop doing that!" Koori's glassy blue eyes opened instantly and shot a deadly glare at Yuki. Yuki reached up to pinch Koori's rosy cheeks but was slapped away by Koori's hand. Yuki got off the bed and ran a hand through his pale blonde hair. "We have an interview in two hours time. Knowing you and your make-up, we'll be late if you don't get up now," Yuki said softly as he walked to the table to take a sip of his milk.

  Koori looked at the back of his companion and sighed. He had accidentally hurt his feelings again. He looked at Kizuna and Shuu who were already drinking their morning share of milk on Kizuna's bed, silently watching them. Koori rubbed an itch on his face and looked at the smeared make-up left on his hand. He decided that he needed to wash the make-up off and pushed away the bed covers. He walked over to Yuki and embraced him from the back. "I'm sorry, Yuki," he uttered; breathing in the soft scent of Yuki's faded perfume. It was Gianni Versace's Blue Jeans, his Christmas present for Yuki last Christmas.

  Yuki was silent as he took another sip of milk. Koori sighed and walked to the bathroom. "Be quick pretty boy, I need to wash myself as well," Kizuna smiled from his bed. Koori nodded and laughed. "Okay, okay," he waved as he shut the door behind him.

  It was nearly 10 o'clock when they were ready. Well, almost ready. "Are you done yet?" Yuki sighed. Kizuna raised a hand and gestured them to wait. "Just a little more!" he uttered as he brushed Shuu's hair for the last time. "There, perfect!" he smiled. Shuu's blue hair was so slick and straight that the shines were in order.

  Yuki shook his head as they went out of their hotel room and to the car waiting for them outside.

It seemed that not only the car was waiting for them; the crowd in the hotel's lobby was huge! Took more than a dozen police authorities to keep those fans out of the way and out of trouble. Kishiro, their manager waved frantically from the blue van that was waiting for them. "Kishiro is there!" Shuu pointed as they ran that way.

 "Didn't know we're this famous!" Kizuna beamed as they got into the van. "Can I sleep?" Koori's small voice was heard. "NO!" they all shouted simultaneously. "You had a perfect 8 hours sleep already baby," Yuki teased the boy as he pushed a stray red strand of hair behind Koori's ears. Koori pouted and he leaned on Yuki's shoulder.

 "Hey guys, listen!" Kizuna turned on the volume of the radio. "... I'm sure you all had great fun at their concert that was held in the Tokyo Dome Stadium yesterday. So here it is for all of you Luna Sea fans, ‘I For You’!" the DJ announced. "That's our song!" Kizuna beamed, they all exchanged hugs and high fives.

  When they arrived at the TV station, the props and producers were waiting for them. "Welcome, welcome," said the producer, who was a middle-aged woman. Kishiro shook hands with her and exchanged friendly comments.

  "Come, we're ready for you," she guided them towards the studio. All four of them entered another studio where there were tons of people seated. They sat comfortably on the sofa. "Hi, I'm Akako your host," a young girl smiled, as she shook hands with them.

 "Ready?" the cameraman asked, giving a thumbs-up. They all nodded.

  "Live from the Fuji TV studios, we give you Luna Sea 'the interview'!" Akako announced. Claps and whistles were heard from the studio audiences. The cameraman changed view to focus at the four. Yuki gulped. He was actually nervous of cameras, but he followed his friends as they waved at the camera.

  "Why don't you introduce yourselves?" Akako asked. Kizuna smiled and waved. "I'm Koori, I am the vocal and I sometimes play the keyboard," he introduced himself gaily. Claps and cheers were heard.

  "I'm Shuu, I play the bass," he said, winking at the camera as more cheers followed.

 "I'm Kizuna, I play the drums," the boy smiled showing his white row of teeth. It was noisy in the studio; everyone seemed to go crazy.

  Then there was a pause. All three of them looked at Yuki. He was still looking at the camera, blinking once a while. Koori gave him a gentle nudge on the side as Yuki smiled nervously. "I... I am Yuki, I play the guitar," he uttered.

  "Yuki here is camera shy," Koori smiled. Cheers and giggles were heard. "I'm sorry," Yuki uttered, his face still white under the make-up.

 The interview was a success. A lot of fans actually called to ask them questions.

  "So, I bet you all want to see them perform live, right?" Akako winked at the camera. "So the next caller would have the honor to pick one of their songs to be performed here, live in Fuji TV Studios!" claps, cheers, whistles and horns were heard.

  "Hello?" Akako answered as a lucky caller got through the busy line. "Did I get through?" the girl on the other side asked. "Yes you do!" Akako nodded.

  There were shrieks and laughter in the background. "Wow... calm down... start by telling me your name," Akako chuckled. "I'm Nanako," she said excitedly. "Okay, Nanako what song would you like to listen Luna Sea perform live?"

  "Gravity!" they all exclaimed simultaneously in the background. "Wow, you seem to have such enthusiastic and energetic fans!" Akako commented. All four of them smiled proudly.

  "Okay, Thank you Nanako!" Akako smiled as she gestured the four off them towards the instruments ready for the show. All four of them nodded and walked over to their instruments. "Live from Fuji TV Studios, Luna Sea's 4th rock ballad single, Gravity!" Akako announced.

  Shuu started with a catchy bass melody. Yuki took his crystal electric guitar and experimented with a scale of chords accompanying Shuu's melody. This was soon followed by Kizuna's almighty drum playing.

  More claps and cheers were heard. Girls and boys of all age were going crazy of their music.

  "For all of you... This is 'Gravity'," Koori whispered into the microphone.

  The guitar started as the bass and drum followed soon after.

  Koori held the microphone and started singing.

  After a hearty lunch with the producers, the group went back to their hotel room.

  "I really need to sleep before I faint," Koori pouted, he was sprawled on the bed. "Koori-dear... you're messing the covers. The maid will go berserk again," Shuu uttered from the dressing table as Kizuna brushed his hair. "You'll pull off all Shuu's hair by brushing his hair at that rate!" Yuki smiled, sitting on the bed next to the tired Koori.

  "But his hair is so nice!" Kizuna cooed as he brushed Kizuna's soft hair again and again. "Fetish," Koori giggled.


  The brush flew and landed on Koori's head. "OUCH!" Koori rubbed his sore head irritatingly. "What was that for?" he straightened up and pouted at Kizuna. "Thank you," Kizuna uttered at Yuki who took the brush and handed it back to him.

  They had a press conference that night at 9 o'clock. Yuki’s teasing as usual awakened Koori. It was around 5 o'clock then. Shuu and Kizuna were still playing Final Fantasy IX on the Playstation.

  "There! There, I told you Zidane would have to talk to Vivi!" Kizuna pointed as Shuu controlled Zidane to the small black magician.

  Yuki walked over to the other side of the room and took his guitar. He thought of a tune in his head and started playing. Koori looked at the direction where Yuki was sitting playing his guitar and got curious. He walked over with a yawn and blinked. It must the most beautiful melody he had ever heard.

  He started hymning after the melody and smiled. "This is good!" he commented. Yuki stopped playing and looked up to his blue eye partner. A smile formed in his face. "Thanks," he uttered. Koori ran a hand though his hair and winked at Yuki. "Write down that tune. We will all talk about it when we're free," the boy walked away.

  Their press conference was held in their hotel. Reporters from all kinds of media came to listen to them but Kishiro, their producer, did most of the talking. A short autograph session was done sooner after that.

  By the time they came back to the hotel, it was already past midnight. "Hey guys," Koori started. All of them looked at the boy and blinked their sleepy eyes. Shuu was sitting in front of the dressing table, taking off their stage make-up while Kizuna was brushing Shuu's hair as usual. "Get together afterwards. Yuki thought of a beautiful tune just now," Koorime smiled. "All right," Kizuna and Shuu said simultaneously as Yuki smiled.

  With that, another day in life passed. Not too bright, not too dull just perfect.


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