Standard Disclaimers apply. Yoshihiro Togashi created these characters and 
I'm just playing a fool with them. 

Kill me if you want, but this fic is Yaoi. Can't stop it…  sorry…

A short fanfic by -> Bulma Briefs

 			     Skate 'n' Spiders    

 	Clapika looked out the window and smiled. His hands wondered 
aimlessly around himself, slowly making it's way to his eyes, rubbing
it slowly. "Life is so nice don't you think? And it will be better when 
I become a hunter," he spoke to himself. 

 	"You think so?" replied a voice. Clapika turned around and saw
 Kirua. "Oh, Kirua-san… what are you doing here?" Clapika smiled. Kirua 
seldom talked to anyone except Gon. 
 	"Nothing in particular," replied the spiky haired boy. Clapika 
smiled, sometimes the boy looked so cute to him. Kirua pushed his skateboard 
back and forth. He looked as if he wanted to say something but wasn't sure 
of it. 

 	Clapika shrugged. The silent boy will talk to him when he wants to. 
"I saw Gon catching a big fish just now," suddenly Kirua spoke. "Oh, really? 
Is it 3 times his size again?" Clapika asked, sitting next to the boy. Kiura 
looked into Clapika's sapphire gems. So calm, serene. 

 	"Well… no… not really… this time I think it's bigger than this 
room," he replied, eyes still on Clapika. "Sou da ne," Clapika nodded. 
"Nice skateboard you have," Clapika ran his slender fingers over the 
rough surface of the board. "I have tons of them back home. But I left, 
so I only have this with me," Kirua explained. Clapika smiled as he looked 
at the skateboard again. 

 	"Do you like it?" 

 	Clapika looked at Kirua. It was strange. Why was he suddenly so 
friendly towards him? "Well… I would love to have it, but unfortunately 
I don't know how to use it," Clapika smiled. "Oh…" Kirua nodded. "It's 
okay, I'll teach you," Kirua smiled. 

 	Clapika nodded. Kirua was being nice to him. During the tests 
earlier, he hadn't even spoken a word to him. 

 	"Do you want something to drink?" Clapika asked Kirua. "Sure,"
 the spiky haired boy nodded and blinked a few times before taking his 
eyes off the beautiful redhead. 

 	Clapika went to the cooler and opened it. "How was the test going 
for you?" he asked. "Hehe… boring and stupid," Kirua answered right away. 
"Oh…" Clapika smirked. 

 	Just as he turned around, something caught the corner of his eyes. 
It was a very big, very black, very icky looking 8 legged spider crawling 
innocently, minding it's own business off the table. 

 	"Shimatta!" instead of giving the soda cans in his hands to Kirua, 
he threw it on the spider. His eyes turned into a wonderful reddish colored 
gem. "Damn you! Why are you even here!? Die! Die!" he went beserk. 

 	Kirua jumped up as he wrapped Clapika, calming him down. The spider 
trotted away in surprise. :… Idiotic Kuruta-people …: it mumbled as it 
disappeared back into the hole behind the wall. 
 	Clapika closed his eyes as Kirua embraced him. "Damn! I swear to 
myself! When I become a hunter, those spider bastards will pay! I will get 
back every one of our Kuruta-clan eyes," his voice full of hatred. 

 	"Shh…" Kirua calmed Clapika down. "We'll be here with you. Gon, 
Reorio, I…" he pulled Clapika's head gently to his chest. Clapika's eyes 
slowly turned back into his normal sapphire gems. 

 	"CLAPIKA!!" hollered a voice as it suddenly entered the room. 
Reorio gaped for air when he saw two of his new friends were in each 
other's arms. "Kirua… you're here too?" he asked, a sweatdropped appeared 
behind his head. 

 	Clapika got up from Kirua and took back the soda cans he threw 
around the corner. "Well, where else you expect me to be?" Kirua smirked. 
Reorio shrugged. "I mean… I never seen you talked to Clapika before and 
now you're in his room," Reorio stumbled on his words. Clapika returned 
with three cans of soda. Kirua stepped on the edge of his skateboard, it 
jumped up into his hands and the spiky haired boy tucked it under his arms. 

 	Kirua took a can of soda and opened it. "Enjoy the soda, Reorio… 
I'll be somewhere around," Kirua walked out to the door. Before he left, 
he eyed Clapika. The redhead was trailing him with his eyes. Kirua winked 
at the redhead and smiled. "See you later… maybe I will teach you to play 
skateboard some other time," with that he left.  

 	Clapika smiled. "He finally talked to us," Reorio smiled. Clapika 
looked at the big guy. "He's okay," Clapika commented. "Okay?" Reorio echoed 
suspiciously, his eyes gleaming suspiciously. "What?! Hey, don't get any 
weird ideas or I'll…" Reorio laughed. "Okay, okay… I was just joking," 
Reorio drank his soda. 

 	The door suddenly opened and a loud shout was heard. "Clapika! 
I caught a big fish! Come and see!" Gon hollered excitedly. Reorio 
frowned. "Oi, Gon! Is it edible?" he asked. Gon nodded enthusiastically. 
"We're doing a barbecue by the forest! Come on! Everyone will be there," 
Gon smiled, proud of his fish that was 6 meters long. 

 	Clapika thought for a while. "Is Kirua coming?" he asked. Gon 
nodded. "I saw him by the hallway just now. He'll be coming. Now, let's 
go!" with that he went out of the room, getting other people to join in 
the barbecue party.

 	Reorio looked at Clapika. "Oi, Clapika!" he called. Clapika blinked 
as he looked at Reorio. "Nan da?" he asked. "Kirua… you…" Clapika gritted his 
teeth at Reorio who's grinning like an idiot. "I will not talk to you," he 
walked out of the room. "Okay, okay… it's just that… you and him… and he's 
cute… and you're nice… and…"

 	"Reorio… shut up,"

Owari… ^_^ 

Hehe… my first HunterXHunter ficcie… I know it's not that good… it is 
because I just read the first five volumes! (because I could only find 
until the fifth volume… I'm dying to read vol 6 ^.^;)  So if there's 
anything wrong with the facts in there, please do tell me…
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