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A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs


				 The True Insides of Us

	Tsutomu Ishii scratched his head. Where the hell are they when you 
need them? he sighed heavily and turned, pacing back and forth. Then 
there was a hand landing on his shoulder.

	Ishii turned around to meet a pair of hazy blue eyes. "Sorry, I 
had to finish the biology notes," muttered the blonde boy known as 
Ranmaru Miura. 

	Ishii gritted his teeth and blinked irritatingly. "Where the hell 
is Aikawa and Fujiwara? Niisan was bored waiting for you guys that he 
went to buy some snacks," mumbled the fussy boy with black hair. He ran 
his fingers through his hair and it fell back to one side, making his 
features sharper.

	Miura turned around and shrugged. "What’s this big news anyway?" 
asked the good-natured Miura. "Let me tell you what’s happening," 
mumbled Ishii angrily as he opened the basketball magazine. As one of 
the people responsible for the multimedia in Mizuho High, he had got his 
hands on the latest basketball magazine.

	"This," he announced, pointing at an article in the magazine. 
Ishii’s eyes were red, angry. Miura frowned and read it. 

"How could they? How could they compare us to Tendouji? They’ve 
been doing this since we’ve managed to get into the finals for the last 
tournament! What, they think we’re not capable of doing better than 
Tendouji? With Aikawa, Fujiwara, you, me and niisan, there would be 
no…," Miura looked up and frowned as Ishii kept complaining.      

	Miura narrowed his eyes. As the team’s 3 point shooter, he felt 
what Ishii felt. They’ve been training hard ever since Aikawa joined 
them and had became one of the best basketball team around. Still, media 
wasn’t being on their side as Tendouji was far more experienced in 
basketball. And the fact that Aikawa used to be Tendouji’s captain and 
shifted to Mizuho was no help at all.

	"Ouch! Itai!" a shout was heard, then there was a few beating 
sounds. "Kazuhiko Aikawa, if you don’t shut up. I swear I will put my 
own dick in you asshole just to make you shut the fuck up!" was what 
everyone heard after that.

	Both Ishii and Miura turned around as a spiky haired boy and 
another boy with slick brown hair came into view and earshot.

	"What were you two fighting about?" asked Ishii. Takumi Fujiwara 
pointed at Aikawa with his finger that it almost went into Aikawa’s 
nose. "This idiot here was telling everyone to come to the game by 
bribing them that they could see me smile, laugh and CRY there!" snorted 
Fujiwara. Miura smiled, his friends could be kind of childish some 
times. Fujiwara now seems livelier that Aikawa had entered his life.

	"Hey! I was just telling the truth," said Aikawa, smiling 
endlessly. Fujiwara snorted again and turned around. He smirked as he 
saw Kenji Dobashi walking their way with bags and bags of chips.

	"Heh heh… I think I got too carried away," Dobashi smiled as he 
handed some of the chips to his friends. Ishii tore open a packet and 
started munching on it. "I really can’t believe they did that," he 
started to complain again as Fujiwara and Aikawa dived into the 

	Fujiwara looked up and a serious expression was now fixed on his 
boyish looks. He smiled slowly. "If a challenge they want, they’ll have 
it," he said casually, suddenly shoving back the mag to Ishii. "Okay, 
meet at the court at 5 afterwards," he said and walked away, suddenly 
paused when he realised something. 

	"Oi Aikawa, can you do something for me?" asked the slicked hair 
boy. Aikawa blinked and smiled. "Mochiron! Nani?" he asked. Fujiwara 
smiled and gestured Aikawa to come closer. 

	Fujiwara whispered something into Aikawa’s ears and smiled, Aikawa 
burst into laughter. "Yoshi! Haha!" and they walked away together. 
Ishii, Miura and Dobashi looked at each other. 

	Ishii shrugged and slid his arms into Miura’s arm, "You free for 
lunch?" asked the cute boy. Miura smiled and nodded. "My mum’s out. We 
can cook something at my house," said Miura. "Wahaha!!! Miura’s cooking! 
Niisan, call the ambulance!" joked Ishii, slapping Kenji on the back 
lightly. Kenji looked at Ishii. "What for?" he asked. Ishii blinked. 
"Forget it," he sighed. "Ano… mata na, niisan. See you at 5," said 
Ishii, waving goodbye at Dobashi. 

	Dobashi waved back at his pet brother. Ishii and him had been like 
brothers since they were small and Ishii, being the only child had 
‘claimed’ Kenji Dobashi to be his ‘brother’. He walked away happily 
whistling as he shoved more chips into his mouth.

	When they reached Miura’s home, Ishii jumped on the dining table. 
"Well, we will now look at chef Miura cooking. Please pay attention to 
his slender fingers running along the pots and pans making food," 
announced Ishii, holding a fork that he got on the table. A make-believe 

	Miura smiled and put down his backpack. He opened the outer layer 
of his uniform and started on the pot. "If my mum finds out that there’s 
a footprint on the table, I’ll say it’s you," he told Ishii as he filled 
water in the pot.   
	Ishii got down from the table and slid his arms around Miura’s 
waist. "Sou ka?" he teased the blonde boy, nibbling slightly on Miura’s 
ears. "I know you’re hungry Ishii, the food would be ready in 15 
minutes," giggled Miura.

 	Ishii let go of Miura and opened the cupboard. "Look, fast food. 
It’s better all over," said Ishii, rummaging through the cupboard and 
took out an instant noodle pack. Miura turned and smiled at Ishii. "What 
you think I’m boiling water for?" he asked the boy holding the instant 
noodles in his hand. Ishii started to laugh. "Cheh! I thought you were 
going to cook me something nice to eat!" said Ishii, curling his lips.

	"Well, I need to take cooking lessons for that," he said as he 
turned on the stove. 

	Suddenly Miura was pulled and was shoved on the dining table. 
Ishii was pinning him on the table and his mouth met his. "Then… I’ll 
have this first," he started on the blonde.

	Miura responded well. Very well indeed. 


	"Cool! You did that again!" shouted Aikawa as Miura did a 3 point 
shooting. "Okay boys, rest!" shouted Satomi Anzaki, the team’s manager.
Ishii slumped himself wearily on the chair. "Damn, I’m tired," he 
sighed. Fujiwara who was sitting next to him looked up at him. "What did 
you do before you came here?" he asked, almost innocently. Ishii 
startled. He looked at Fujiwara and smiled. "Nothing," he lied, gritting 
his teeth.

	Miura sat next to Ishii and leaned, slightly over to Ishii. "You 
drain me like a pipe," he whispered to Ishii. "Hah! Say that to 
yourself!" said Ishii. Fujiwara scowled at the two and raised a brow. 
"What’s going on here?" he asked. Ishii and Miura both looked at the 
captain and smiled. "Nothing," both said simultaneously. 

	Aikawa came and handed Fujiwara a bottle. "You two lovers can 
share," mouthed Aikawa at Ishii and Miura. Fujiwara’s jaw dropped. So 
now he knew. And with this new piece of information, he knew exactly 
what Ishii and Miura were talking about. :… Naughty high school kids …: 
he mumbled.

	He looked over at both of them, no reaction. Aikawa knew? How? 
This would be something interesting. He would find out.

	"Okay guys, places! We need to start working back at your defence. 
One on one!" shouted Satomi. "And I need to go to the toilet," she 
announced and went off. 

	"We’re going first!" shouted Ishii as he pulled Miura’s hand into 
the court. Ishii and Miura took their places and were glaring at each 
other. Then they laughed. "You looked like a cow!" said Ishii. "You look 
like a cow’s dung," retorted Miura gently yet annoyingly. Ishii looked 
around. He gritted his teeth and got in position. "If I get to dunk the 
ball, I’ll have my way with you," he told the blonde boy. "Suit 
yourself. But if you don’t, you’ll know what shouting really is," said 

	Aikawa, Fujiwara and Dobashi looked at both of the boys on the 
court. Talking sex in the middle of training? This is getting more 
intense. Fujiwara could feel himself floating with them. 

	Ishii smiled seductively and bounced the ball. Miura caught the 
steady rhythm of the ball bouncing off the floor and counted, planning 
strategies. Ishii started, forwarding his steps together, bringing his 
ball with him.

	As soon as he found an empty spot which he was confident that 
Miura was deserting, the blonde boy sprang from nowhere and grabbed the 
ball, bouncing it the opposite way. "Hey! No fair!" shouted Ishii, 
pointing at Miura who was happily bouncing the ball away from Ishii. 
"You are too over confident," snorted Fujiwara. 

	"Taku… now our turn!" said Aikawa, going towards Miura for the 
ball. "Ball, please," said Aikawa. Miura smiled and handed Aikawa the 
ball as he walked out of the court. 

	Then a high pitched shriek was heard. "Kazu! Ganbatte yo!" shouted 
Mai Moritaka. Ishii frowned at the two girls walking into the gym. Mai 
together with Aikiyoshi Mutsumu were making their way in the gym with 
puny faces. 

	Ishii pouted and gulped down on his thirst quencher. Eyes looking 
at the girls as they approached. 

	"Hello Ishii," greeted Mai as she took a place next to Miura. 
"Hi," Ishii responded, quite half hearted in tone. Boy, does he hate 
them. So loud and annoying. "Ganbatte Kazu!" shouted Mai. Then Aikiyoshi 
slapped Mai lightly on the head. "All the time Kazu, Kazu. Can’t you 
shout ‘TAKUMI’ for a change?" asked Aikiyoshi. Mai blinked at her. 
"Kazu! Taku! Kazu! Taku!" she shouted. Ishii can’t take it anymore. 

	He stood up and stomped out of the gym to the yard. Miura looked 
at Ishii and sighed. He followed him out and sat next to him on the 

	"Anything wrong?" asked Miura, placing his head on Ishii’s 
shoulder. "Those girls!" he gritted his teeth. "They’re driving me 
insane!" he continued. Miura sighed, rubbing his cheek on Ishii’s chest.
Ishii put an arm around his friend and stroked his hair.

	"Anyway, you have to come by my house tonight," said Miura. "Em? 
What for?" asked Ishii, totally forgotten. "Remember, I still have to 
show you what shouting really is," he teased Ishii. The boy with jet 
black hair laughed. "Yoshi!" he agreed and ruffled Miura’s hair. The 
blonde chuckled and straightened up.

	When they re-enter the gym, they could see Mai fussing over 
Aikawa. And Aikiyoshi having a small talk with Fujiwara. 

	Later that evening…

	Fujiwara waited for Aikawa to finish working at the video store as 
he sipped the cup of Cola he bought. Then the door opened and a familiar 
spiky haired boy appeared. "Taku!" he exclaimed, opening his arms for a 
hug from the slightly bigger boy. 

	Before Fujiwara could do anything, Aikawa was already hugging him. 
He returned the hug and smiled. He had developed a feeling for this 
particular boy for some time now.

	Fujiwara and Aikawa walked around the lanes and streets until hey 
reached Aikawa’s apartment door. "Wanna hang out my place again?" asked 
Aikawa as he put an arm around Fujiwara, with the other hand unlocking 
the door. Fujiwara shrugged. "Mochiroa… why not. I’m bored. Anyway, 
that’s why I’m here," said Fujiwara as he scooped Aikawa up, pushing the 
door open with his toes and shutting it behind him. He placed the boy on 
the bed. Aikawa was laughing lightly as he pulled Fujiwara down without 
releasing the grip on his neck. 

	"You like me," accused Aikawa. "So what if I do?" replied 
Fujiwara, slightly smirking. Aikawa answered that with a kiss. When he 
felt that Fujiwara was parting his lips slightly, he darted his tongue 
in and explored the hot cavern. It has a slight, sweet taste of Cola in 
it. Which made it better.

	Fujiwara relaxed himself and got on top of Aikawa. Running his 
fingers through those spiky hair when suddenly, he laughed. Aikawa 
parted their kiss and stared confusedly at Fujiwara. "Dooshite?" he 
asked. Fujiwara smiled and straightened up, sitting next to where Aikawa 
was lying. He rearranged Aikawa’s head so that his head was on his lap.

	"Remember the first day we met? I had scolded you, I had slapped 
you, I had even punched you. But you were still cool and still wanted to 
be my friend. So I guess I do like you after all," said Fujiwara. Aikawa     
smiled and only slits were visible instead of his big round eyes. 

	Aikawa unbuttoned Fujiwara’s shirt and flung it somewhere in his 
room. He did the same to his and told Fujiwara to lie down next to him. 
Fujiwara did as what he was told and Aikawa pulled up the covers. He 
reached for the air-cond controller and made it full blast.

	"Brrr…," said Aikawa under the covers. "Is it so?" asked Aikawa. 
Fujiwara shrugged. "I don’t care if Mai likes you and you like her. But 
I still like you," said Fujiwara. Aikawa chuckled. "Who ever said I 
liked her? I like you. That’s why I am so happy that you’re here. With 
me," said Aikawa, snuggling closer to his new lover. 

	"I can’t believe the school’s basketball team captain is a gay," 
teased Aikawa. "Em, so is the point guard small forward, the second 
guard and the forward centre," chuckled Fujiwara. "You smile a lot these 
days," said Aikawa. "Shut up," said Fujiwara and closed the space 
between them.    

	"Hey Kazu, how did you know that Miura and Ishii had… you know, 
something special?" asked Fujiwara as he ran his fingers through 
Aikawa’s hair. Aikawa smiled. "Hey, instinct. You can obviously see it, 
right?" asked Aikawa. 

	Fujiwara frowned. Yes, they have been very close friends but most 
of the things they did could be considered as friendly gestures. He 
shrugged. Anyway, it was proven. Who cares?


	Miura looked at the clock on the wall. 10.45. When is Tsutomu 
Ishii coming? He sighed and walked over to balcony. His parents were 
divorced and he lived with his mother. But his mother was seldom at 
home. The only way they communicate was by notes scribbled with their 
own handwritings left of the dining table.

	The last one he received was ‘RANMARU, KAASAN WOULD BE ON A 
FOOD. JA NE!’ It was good for another thing. That means he’ll have the 
house all to himself for the weekend.

	He wasn’t even sure of how his mother looked like now. 

	Then he was brought out of his thoughts by the sound of the 
doorbell. :… Ha ha he’s coming! …: cheered Miura silently. He opened the 
door and a boy with a cap, holding a box of pizza smiling cheerfully at 
him. "Komban wa! Pizza delivery," said Ishii. Miura curled his lips and 
closed the door. "Sorry, didn’t ordered any," he muttered, teasing 
Ishii. Ishii blocked the door. "Hey, relax," he said and went in, 
shutting it behind him. "You were late," complained Miura, slumping on 
the sofa. "The queue in the pizza hut was damn long! My legs had 
suffered from cramps for buying these!" he curled his lips, as he placed 
the pizza on the table. 

	Miura smiled and walked up to Ishii, wrapping his arm around the 
taller boy’s neck. "Thank you," he uttered sexily, kissing Ishii. 
"Mhmmpm… yo better finish it," said Ishii. Miura winked and pulled Ishii 
down to he sofa.

	"So, what should we do now?" asked Ishii, running his soft fingers 
over Miura’s back. 

	Miura let out a wicked grin and chuckled. "I am going to show you 
what screaming really is," he told Ishii casually. Ishii blinked, quite 
confused. Miura straightened up and started on his jeans’ zipper. He 
pulled it down with Ishii’s eyes trailing it’s pathway.

	Miura wore nothing underneath that. Ishii could see his golden 
soft hair emerging from the opening. This got the other boy aroused. The 
sexiest boy in the school is getting undressed in front of him. Was 
Miura really going to do it to him? Even though they have been going 
together for some time now, the most they did was sleep together. 
Kissing, yes they did it often but not having sexual contact with each 
other. Not yet. 

	:… Damn, he’s ready and I’m not! …: shouted Ishii mentally as 
Miura threw his brown coloured shirt away, hitting the wall before 
reaching the floor. 

 	Before Ishii could do anything, the Miura with the undone jeans 
was pinning him on the sofa. Straddling him, slightly lower than his 
hips. "What are you doing?" asked Ishii. Miura smiled and pulled down 
Ishii’s zipper. "Guess," he toyed with Ishii.

	"Baka," snorted Ishii and helped the blonde to pull down his 
pants. "Ano, that’s better," said Ishii and threw away Ishii’s jeans. 
Ishii was left with his shirt and underwear. Ishii gave him an annoyed 
look and unbuttoned Ishii’s shirt, flinging it away somewhere in the 

	"Now, what to do with this?" asked Miura, putting his finger in 
Ishii’s underwear and pulled it, letting it go with a snap. "Itai," 
mumbled Ishii. Miura laughed and pulled it. "Lucky you I don’t just cut 
it with a pair of scissors," he chuckled and stuffed it in the sofa.

	"Hey, no fair! You’re not undressed yet!" complained Ishii, 
pointing to Miura’s jeans. "Be patience," said Miura and looked at his 
feast for the night. A naked Tsutomu Ishii. Delicious it may look, but 
does it really taste as good?

	 The only way to know is to try…

	Miura reached out his slender pale fingers to Ishii’s semi-erected 
meat. It responded instantly, getting firmer by every second of his 
touch. Miura smiled, his first time with Ishii and his mate seems to be 

	Ishii couldn’t take it anymore. He only could close his eyes, he 
could only feel what pleasure Miura was giving him.

	Miura went lower, his fingers still touching the rod’s tip 
teasingly. Pearls of milky liquid began to drip slowly from Ishii’s rod 
making Miura excited. Suppressing the urge to just suck it down deep. 
But this is delicate work, needs concentration and time.

	He looked up and saw Ishii closing his eyes. He smirked and 
trailed his fingers lightly on the line located on the base of Ishii’s 
balls and dick.

	A shudder went up his spine in lightning speed. Miura was teasing 
him, he knew it and it felt… he wanted more.

	"Damn it…," he mumbled. Miura smiled, and darted out his tongue. 
Touching it’s tip slightly on Ishii’s trembling thickness. Ishii bit his 
lower lip and chewed on it. Miura grabbed Ishii’s balls and squashed it 
lightly between his fingers, gently massaging it.

	Ishii swore again and his voice was scarce, had Miura never heard 
Ishii sound like that. He sounded like a baby whining. 

	He began closing his mouth around Ishii’s rod and sucked lightly 
on it. A warm salty, milky liquid could be traced mildly. Ishii bucked 
his hips, trying to push more of himself into that hot cavern. Wanting 
to be sucked harder by his lover.

	Miura wanted to test himself if he could do it. If he could suck 
down this boy down to the base. He sucked deeper and it really went 
down, near to his throat but he managed to put all of Ishii in him. He 
pulled back and sucked in again and again, not as deep but faster. 

	Ishii shut his eyes tightly, a throbbing hot feeling was growing 
in his balls and it seems like it’s boiling down there. he couldn’t take 
it anymore. He knew he was going to come, soon. Miura too realised that 
and he stopped. He didn’t want Ishii to come first. He wanted to ‘teach’ 
him how to shout.

	He pulled out and pulled down his pants. "Turn," he instructed 
Ishii. Ishii did as he was told, frustratingly and laid on his stomach. 
Miura pulled him by the waist so his ass was high and in view. "Matte 
yo! It’s not lubricated!" said Ishii. 

	"I know. Who asked you to let me take the ball earlier this 
evening?" informed Miura and positioned his own erected dick on Ishii’s 
opening. His own penis was slightly wet and it would make it easier to 
probe in.

	That little hole was his objective and he pushed in. Ishii bit his 
lips as a big rod was trying to enter his small puckered hole. Miura 
pushed again and the tip was in. Ishii was trying hard not to shout in 
pain and agony. "Damn," he cursed again.

	Miura, seeing that Ishii wasn’t yet screaming, probed in further. 
Ishii couldn’t take it anymore. "ARGHHHHH!" he let it out. Miura 
smirked. He leaned over to Ishii and whispered. "You’re learning the art 
of shouting, baby. Keep it up," said Miura.

	He pulled out a bit and shoved the whole of his hard rod in Ishii. 
"Kuso!"" shouted Ishii. "Yeah, again," said Miura as he repeated his 
doings, tormenting Ishii. At the third thrust, Ishii was getting used to 
the pain and another feeling flooded through his mind. The velvety walls 
of his insides were responding to the rubbing of Miura’s rod.

	Miura was having his eyes closed as Ishii got their rhythm and 
their body smacked noisily at times their thrusts met.

	Now it was Miura’s turn to boil. He could feel his own seed 
spurting to his rod, spraying warm milky shots in Ishii. 

	Both, now bathed in sweat slumped wearily on the sofa. Miura puled 
himself out of Ishii and tangled their limbs together. Ishii turned and 
they faced each other, their rod rubbing against each other. Ishii 
smiled upon seeing his lover’s face. It was blushed and it looked so 
cute. He kissed Miura and nuzzled his neck and ears. 

	"You’re good," whispered Ishii. Miura smiled. "Am I?" teased 
Miura. Ishii nodded and hugged Miura tighter, both nearly dozing off. 
Miura reached on top of their heads and found a blanket he prepared. He 
close it over them and smiled. "If… by any chance kaasan comes back, she 
won’t be seeing us in an obscene manner," said Miura, closing his eyes.

	Ishii snapped open his eyes. "Won’t your kaasan be angry?" he 
asked. "Why?" asked Miura. "Well, coming back to see your son sleeping 
with another boy isn’t such a good view," said Ishii. "Daijobu… she 
should know the consequences leaving her son alone too much," said 
Miura. "Ai shiteru," he uttered in Ishii’s ear.

	Miura sighed and dozed off in his lover’s arms… "I love you too, 
blonde baby," whispered Ishii as he dozed off himself.


	   Next day at lunch time, they were discussing about their new 
strategies when suddenly Ishii came up with another topic. The girls.

	"Hey, no offence but I seem to think that Mai and Aikiyoshi keep 
bugging us when we’re training. And I don’t like it," complained Ishii, 
right on the spot. "Well, they do give us support," said Aikawa. "Kazu, 
support is one thing. But bringing food for you everyday is another. If 
you’re getting involved with Taku, tell her off! Don’t let her bug us, 
we’re loosing concentration," continued Ishii. Miura gave Ishii a slight 
elbow, to tell him to keep his temper in check.

	Fujiwara blinked. How did they… ? Boy, are they fast or what?

	Aikawa sighed. "But I like her cooking," he whined. "Aikawa, Taku 
or Mai?" insisted Ishii. 

Dobashi was looking at them and was blur from just now. He wanted 
to ask but scared that his pet brother would turn him into charcoal if 
he even dared to interrupt. 

	Aikawa looked up at Ishii and sighed again. "Of course Taku, 
but…," Ishii bit his lips. "No buts! If you don’t tell her off… I will, 
Kazu! And you, Fujiwara what are you going to do with that ‘too-
obsessed-with-Fujiwara’ girl’?" mouthed Ishii. 

	"Nothing. I don’t like her like what she thinks. I’ll just ignore 
her," said Fujiwara. "Good," said Ishii. Aikawa smiled at Miura. "Why 
are you quiet?" he asked the blonde boy. "Em? Nothing, just watching you 
guys makes me feel good and comfortable," he told Aikawa. "Honto ka?" 
mused Aikawa.  

	Miura nodded and leaned a bit on Ishii, landing his head on the 
other boy’s shoulder.


	Aikawa scratched his head. "Ano… Mai?" he started. "Nani," asked 
the cute girl in a high ponytail. They were having one of their time 
outs when Aikawa decided to tell Mai. 

"Can you not bring anymore food for me?" he asked, trying hard not 
to hurt her too much. "Why? Is my cooking that bad?" asked Mai. "No! no, 
no, no, no… It’s just that…" Aikawa tried hard to find an excuse and he 
found a lame one. "Someone is jealous," he told the girl.

Mai looked at Aikawa wide eyes. :… Jealous? Aikawa already has a 
lover? Why didn’t I know about that? …: pondered Mai. "Who?" she asked. 
"Um… I don’t think you would want to know," said Aikawa, turning around. 

"No, I want to know," she insisted. Aikawa sighed. "It’s Taku," he 
told Mai. Mai was squeezing her brains to identify any girls around with 
the name Taku. :… Taku… Taku… …: but then someone familiar bumped into 
her memory. :… Takumi? Takumi Fujiwara? …: "Takumi Fujiwara?" she 

Aikawa nodded. The basketball captain is involved with Aikawa? She 
nearly fainted if Aikiyoshi didn’t came by and greet them. 

"Hi! Aikawa, Mai! Whatcha doin?" she asked as she slumped down 
next to Mai. Mai, still dumbfounded turned to look at Aikiyoshi with her 
jaws still hanging. "Aikawa is in love," she told the long haired girl.

Aikiyoshi smiled, she leaned down to whisper at Mai. "I know. With 
you isn’t it?" she grinned. Mai shook her head and Aikiyoshi blinked. 
"Not with you? then, who?" she asked. 

Mai pointed into the court where a tall slender guy who’s playing 
one on one with a blonde boy named Miura stood. Once pacing to the left, 
then to the right in the next second. 

"You nuts? He’s a boy!" exclaimed Aikiyoshi, but not as loud. Mai 
just nodded but Aikiyoshi shook her head. "No, Taku likes me and I like 
him. this can’t be true. Kazu, tell her that you’re lying," said 
Aikiyoshi, getting hysterical. Aikawa shook his head. "But it’s true," 
he uttered.

Just then, Ishii dropped by and quenched his thirst with water. 
"What’s up here?" he asked. Aikiyoshi lunged up to him and pinned him to 
the wall. "You’re telling me that Takumi Fujiwara is involved with 
Kazuhiko Aikawa?" asked Aikiyoshi. Ishii smiled. "Yeah, so what?" he 

Aikiyoshi let go of him and stomped out of the gym. Fujiwara and 
Miura came up to them, wondering what ever did happen to Aikiyoshi that 
she stomped out like that, crying. 

Ishii told them and they nodded. "Okay, so now we’re free?" asked 
Aikawa. "Free? What’s free?" asked Dobashi as he came with a bag of 
chips. "Nothing niisan, can I have some?" asked Ishii, picking up some 
chips from the bag. Dobashi shrugged, he could never understand them.

Owari … ^_^

Okay, my first Dear Boys fic. Anything wrong with it, don’t complain. 
Especially you Kitsane and Yurikana. Kahkahkah… ^_^ Anyway, I wrote this 
fic is because of you guys and this is dedicated to Jaja-chan!

Bulma Briefs