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This fic takes place in the Golden Saucer’s Ghost Hotel where the whole 
group takes the night off before going to the Temple of the Ancients. 

Yaoi… ??? Scan my YYH fanfic page and guess for yourself. ^_^;

A fanfic by ~> Bulma Briefs


			  Truth Told On a Journey…

 	"Golden Saucer. The place of wonders. Yeah right!" Yuffie Kisaragi 
snorted. She shifted in her bed. *Yuk Yuk Yuk* she practised her punch 
while on the bed. "You can’t get lazy here if you want to keep up with 
the team. Cloud beaten me once and that’s no fun!" she continued her 
punching. The team had decided to spend the night here. "Good thing I 
don’t have to pay for it," she smirked. The Ninja girl stretched herself 
and yawned. :… Aeris seems to be somewhere in dreamland now. Wonder what 
an Ancient like her would dream about? Materia? Nah, that’s me. Haha! …:

	Just as she was to fall asleep, the door opened. She turned and 
saw Tifa. "Hiya! Where you been?" asked Yuffie, letting out another big 
yawn. Tifa was smiling from ear to ear. "I was… umm… I…," she struggled 
with her words. "Let it out, you’re with Cloud, ne?" she grinned at her. 
Tifa blushed and nodded. 

 	"So, tell me about it," Yuffie said half-heartedly and let out 
another humungus yawn. "Well… we were the 100th couple to enter the 
Event Square and was offered to play one of the roles. You should see 
Cloud uttering those funny lines… haha… and we took a ride in the 
Gondola around Golden Saucer. It’s nice, you should go and try it," Tifa 
stopped for breath. "Yeah…," Yuffie mumbled, eyes closed.

 	Tifa looked at Yuffie and found her already snoring. She smiled. 
at least she had even replied her offer. She’s one peculiar girl. Always 
stands up for herself, very independent. 


	"Snorkkk… Khrrr… Snorkk… Khrrrr," goes Barret’s snoring. Vincent 
blinked his eyes. He can’t sleep with all these sounds. He straightened 
up and looked around. Cid had his pillow on his face so he could drown 
the sound of Barret’s snoring. RedXIII was also doing the same thing, 
the difference was that he was on the floor, under Cid’s bed. Vincent 
smiled at the scene. 

	:… Wonder where Cait Sith is? …: Vincent covered his mouth as he 
yawned. He took a deep breath and looked at Barret. The feeling of 
blowing him off with his Death Penalty twiddled between his fingers. He 
smiled and slowly ran his fingers along the shotgun. Which is his most 
precious Ultimate weapon. 

	The door creaked open. Cid mumbled a couple of curses and stirred, 
but didn’t wake. Vincent looked at the door and golden haired boy 
appeared. "Oh, Hiya Vinny! Still awake?" asked the absent-minded boy. 
Vincent nodded in acknowledgement. :… Where did he got such an idea as 
to call me Vinny?! …: Vincent smirked.

	Cloud looked around. All three beds seemed to be occupied. One by 
Cid, Another by Barret who seems to be snoring like thunder every now 
and then in a steady rhythm. And the other one was by Vincent. "Darn! No 
more beds," he sighed and slumped on the floor. 

	"You are actually sleeping like RedXIII?" suddenly Vincent asked. 
Cloud supported himself with his arms and shrugged. Vincent shifted a 
bit to the side. "It’s bad for your spine," he offered indirectly, 
making space for Cloud. Cloud scratched the back of his head. "Well… 
okay," he shrugged and walked nearer to Vincent. 

	Cloud pulled the covers and got inside next to Vincent. Their eyes 
locked together for a moment. "You know what?" suddenly Cloud asked. 
Vincent arched his brows. "This is the first time I saw you without your 
face partially hidden in your cape or whatever it was you’re wearing," 
commented the golden haired boy. 

	Vincent let out a small chuckle. "Well, look all you want sir. 
Cause I’m not wearing it to sleep. The air circulation in Golden Saucer 
is not good," Vincent started to close his eyes. 

	Clouds gaze travelled down from Vincent’s closed eyes to his 
perfectly shaped nose to his small slightly puckered lips which was 
normally hidden and blinked. He looked somewhat… interesting to him. No… 
that’s not the word… attractive. Yeah… that’s the word. 

	His eyes stared at Vincent’s collarbone then down… He’s only 
wearing his black pants under the covers. How interesting. 

	Clouds mind travelled back to when he was 16. When he already 
became a First Class SOLDIER and had his first mission with Sephiroth. 
Sephiroth was different then. He was so different. He was his idol. 
He’ll do anything to become like Sephiroth, to be with Sephiroth at that 

 	Memories… it seems blur… very blur… but roughly he could make out 
what had happened. Sephiroth’s flowing white hair, gelled neatly to the 
back was messed up by him. Him. He had allowed Sephiroth to enter him. 
To claim him. If feels real… it was real, was it?

 	Cloud opened his eyes. He reached out his finger to run it across 
Vincent’s bare chest. Smooth and muscular. 

 	Vincent opened his eyes, the feeling of Clouds gentle caress on 
his chest woke him, darting his spine with electric shocks. He eyed the 
boy and saw his aquamarine eyes looking intensely on his chest. Trying 
to divert his thoughts away, he came up with a conversation.

 	"Where were you just now?" asked Vincent. Cloud looked up into 
those red rubies. He blinked and smiled. "I had a visit throughout this 
entire Golden Saucer," said the boy, his fingers still moving on 
Vincent’s chest. "Alone?" Cloud shook his head. "Nah, Tifa was with me," 
he said casually.

 	"You like her don’t you?" asked Vincent. Cloud sighed, no answer. 
"But she likes you. A lot, I can see," Vincent continued. "Well, it won’t 
work if both sides don’t share the same feelings, right?" Cloud searched 
in Vincent’s eyes for answer. 

 	"She’s a very good friend. Someone who you could depend all. 
That’s all," Cloud shrugged.

 	"Well, I know what you feel," Vincent closed his eyes. He gathered 
the boy in his arms and gave him a warm embrace. "Lucrecia was a nice 
woman. But that stupid professor Gast had to destroy her. Had to create 
Sephiroth," he stopped himself from producing tears. He had swore not to 
cry. Never ever.

 	Cloud stared at this normally cold distant ally of his. He reached 
up to cup Vincent’s face in his hands. Now he could feel the loneliness 
that was felt by this man. All this time, alone. He stretched himself up 
and planted a soft kiss on Vincent’s slightly puckered lips.
 	Vincent opened his eyes. "Let me tell you something," Cloud 
wrapped his arms around Vincent’s middle and looked deep into those ruby 
eyes. "When I was in my first mission with Sephiroth a long time ago. We 
went back to my hometown in Nibelheim and spent a night with him. Same 
case, no more empty beds. Ha… ha…," Cloud chuckled. 

 	Vincent blinked. "You actually slept with the big guy?" Cloud 
shrugged. "There was no more bed in the Soldier’s room that he decided 
that I could stay with him," the golden haired boy grinned. "And that 
was the first time was being entered by a guy…" Cloud trailed off. 


 	5 years ago… 

 	The Shin-Ra truck was riding it’s way to Nibelheim. I blinked and 
looked at the window. "It sure is raining hard!" I commented and looked 
around. I smiled at a SOLDIER near me who looked kind of dizzy and 
tapped his shoulder. "Hey, how are you doing?" I inquired the man in the 
blue suit. "I’m alright," he nodded. I shrugged. "I wouldn’t know, I 
never had motion sickness before," the SOLDIER rolled his eyes. I think 
he thought I was mocking him or whatsoever. 

 	I turned and saw another SOLDIER further to me. I made my way to 
him and grinned. "Everything okay?" The guy just nodded. I sighed and 
thought of something to do while waiting to reach our destiny. 

 	Sephiroth looked at me and shook his head. "Hey," he called up to 
me. I immediately turned to meet Sephiroth’s same aquamarine eyes. 
"Settle down," he told me, giving me a warm smile. 

 	I smiled happily. Sephiroth was actually talking to me! "They gave 
me some new Materia! I can’t wait to use it," I told him excitedly, 
trying to make a conversation. 

 	Sephiroth narrowed his eyes at me. "… Just like a kid," he 
commented. "You going to brief us about the mission?" I asked. Sephiroth 
shrugged. "This is not a typical mission," he started. "Good!" I cut his 

 	He blinked at me. "Why do you say that?" he inquired me. "I joined 
the SOLDIER so I could be like you," I told him. He arched his brow as 
if interested in what I was talking about. So I continued. "But by the 
time I made it First Class, the war was over. My big hopes of being a 
hero like you ended with the war. That’s why I always sign up whenever 
there’s a big mission. You know, to prove myself. Say, how do you feel 
MISTER Sephiroth?" 

 	He smirked at me. "…I thought you wanted a briefing?" he asked me. 
I scratched the back of my head and grinned sheepishly. Guess I talked 
too much. 

 	Sephiroth didn’t seem to be angry at me, he just smiled and 
continued his words. "Our mission is to investigate an old Mako Reactor. 
There had been reports of it malfunctioning, and producing brutal 
creatures. First, we will dispose of those creatures. Then, we’ll locate 
the problem and neutralise it," he ended his explanation. The look in 
his eyes hope that I understood.
 	"Brutal creatures? Where?" I frowned. "The Mako Reactor at 
Nibelheim," he answered. I blinked. "Nibelheim, that’s where I’m from," 
I told him. He gave it a thought. "Hmm… hometown…"

 	Suddenly the driver alarmed us with his distress calls. "S…sir, 
something strange just crashed into our truck!" Sephiroth got up and 
nodded. He turned to me and gestured. "That would be our monster… should 
we?" I nodded and followed him outside.

 	A big green dragon awaits us. We fought with it. Sephiroth was so 
cool. He’s so strong that I felt like a pile of rubbish next to him. I 
was slashed and nearly died, but I did faint. Fortunately, Sephiroth 
finished off the dragon in two attacks. His Masamune cut through the 
green dragon like hot knife through butter. 

 	We won… obviously…

 	Sephiroth’s strength was unreal. He’s far stronger in reality that 
any other stories you might have heard about him. My ambition to be just 
like him grew stronger and stronger and I swore to do anything… anything 
so that I could be like him.

 	I was mesmerised by the way he fought… dazed…

 	I opened my eyes when I heard someone talking. "Are you hurt?" 
Sephiroth asked me as his hands wandered around my body after the fight 
checking me. I shook my head. "No, I’m fine," I told him. He stopped his 
wandering hands. "Good. We’re reaching Nibelheim soon. You can take a 
rest there," he smiled and stroked my cheek. "Thank you," I uttered. 

 	And then, we reached Nibelheim. Sephiroth, of course walked ahead 
of us. He turned and smiled at me. "How does it feel?" he suddenly 
asked. I looked at him, puzzled. "It’s your first time back to your 
hometown in a long time right? So how does it feel? I wouldn’t know 
because I don’t have a hometown," he repeated himself.

 	I ignored his question and decided to inquire more about himself. "How about your parents?" I asked.

 	Sephiroth reached to cup his own face and sighed in it. "My mother 
is Jenova. She died right after she gave birth to me. My father…" there 
was a pause, then a bitter laughter. Hatred, anger, disgust, you could 
hear them all. 

 	"What does it matter?" he dropped the subject and gestured to me. 
"All right, let’s go," he nodded. I followed him cause one of the guards 
warned me not to wander around aimlessly. I caught up with Sephiroth. He 
turned around and examined the area. "The Mako smell is pretty bad 
here," he twitched his nose. 

 	The town was quiet. Everyone must be staying in their houses, 
afraid to come out because of the monsters. No, maybe they’re afraid of 

 	Sephiroth sighed. "We leave for the reactor at dawn. Make sure you 
get to sleep early," he told me. I nodded, but didn’t move a muscle. As 
he was just going into the Inn, he stopped and turned. He shook his head 
as he saw me still standing there like and idiot. 

 	He actually made his way back to me and smiled warmly. "All we 
need is just one lookout. So you, others get some rest," he told use, 
but his eyes were set only on me. He knew. He knew about us that would 
stay out here in the cold to protect him. It was very kind of him. He 
was worried about us. He actually cared about us. About me…

 	Just as he was about to go into the Inn, again he stopped and 
turned. "Oh, that’s right… you may visit your family and friends," then 
disappeared. I blinked. As if a spell has been broken.

 	I made my way roaming around town. Someone was even excited that 
Sephiroth came to our town and wanted to take pictures with him. Made 
him remembered me and got a deal to take a picture with Sephiroth when 
he said I was growing up to be a nice looking lad. 

 	Later, decided to go back into the Inn. Made my way up the stairs 
to the 2nd floor and saw the big guy staring out the window, deep in 
thoughts. Decided to talk to him. 

 	"What’re you looking at?" I asked, trying to peer out the window 
as well. He smiled. "…This scenery… I feel like I know this place," he 
sighed. I nodded and tried to get more out of him. He turned and smiled 
at me. "…We have an early start tomorrow. You should get some sleep 
soon," he put a hand on my shoulder. 

 	I snickered. "It’s still early," I replied. He chuckled softly at 
my childish remark. "I’m not going to wake you up tomorrow," he smiled, 
giving me a slight push to the room across and turned back his gaze to 
the window.

 	I shrugged and went inside to talk to the SOLDIER who’s standing 
near the door. "They’re shot of one bed," he told me when he saw me 
looking at the three beds. I shrugged.

 	So I made my way back outside and bugged Sephiroth once more. He 
told me about the guide he hired to guide them to the Mako Reactor in 
Mt. Nibel. It’s Tifa. I could hear in his voice that he didn’t have much 
confidence in her.

 	When he finished his talk about the guide, I told him about the 
short bed. 

 	He widened his eyes. "Oh… if you don’t mind you can sleep with 
me," he told me. I shrugged. He smiled and put an arm around my 
shoulder, guiding us both into the room. Two soldiers had already 
occupied the two beds nearest to the door, snoring softly. The one near 
the window was a bit bigger. Most probably they leave it specially for 

 	He walked over to the corner and took off his black cloak, hanging 
it on the coat hanger at the corner of the room. I looked at his body. 
It was so… muscular and… perfect.

 	"You wearing full armour to bed?" he inquired me as he walked to 
bed. I shook my head and took off my top, following him to bed.

 	He pulled the covers and got into it. Then he looked at me, still 
holding up the covers. "You coming?" he asked. I nodded and got under 
the covers with him. This must be a dream I convinced myself. A dream 
that I didn’t even dare to dream of.

 	Then he turned to me and smiled. "You met your family and 
friends?" he asked me. I nodded. "Your girlfriend?" he smiled 
mischievously. I shook my head. "I don’t have one," he chuckled softly. 
"So it means you’re free?" he asked. I was debating with myself. Was he 
joking about this or what?

 	Spontaneously I shrugged, didn’t even thought twice. "I didn’t 
have anyone special too. Since I was small, I was very close to 
Professor Gast. Then he died. Since then I had no one," Sephiroth 
sighed. The look in his eyes told me that they were lonely. Very lonely 

 	Then suddenly, his eyes met mine. He smiled softly. "You’re 
special. The more I look at you the more I like you," he told me. 
"Really?" I blinked. Sephiroth shrugged. "You made me realise that life 
is lonely without a loved one," he leaned down to kiss my forehead.

 	I blinked. I’ve never being kissed by a guy before. In normal 
state I would be puking and all, but this is Sephiroth who’s doing it to 

 	My body worked before my brains could make them stop. I snuggled 
closer to Sephiroth and breathed in the soft musky smell from his chest. 
He chuckled "You’re really into it, ne?" he commented.

 	Then I heard the door being shut. I turned and saw the other two 
beds were already empty. They left the room. Privacy maybe?

 	Sephiroth’s hand wander around my back. It travelled from my back 
to the waist of my trousers. Before I knew it, he was already tugging it 
off and throwing it somewhere in the room.

 	I licked the guy’s strong chest muscles and looked up at him. He 
had his eyes closed, then he opened it. I tried to shy away. But he took 
my chin with one of his strong sturdy fingers and looked into my eyes. 
"Tonight, I claim you as mine," he whispered to me. 

 	He looked at me from head to toe and sat in between my knees. I 
was stark naked in front of his eyes. He eyed me, then at my semi 
erected member. He reached up to it and stroked it gently until it 
hardens more. 

 	The feeling was pain at first. I have never felt like this before. 
Then I felt warmth and wetness cover my length. I was puzzled. I tried 
to look at what was happening and saw him licking my rod. His flowing 
long hair rested around my thighs and it tickles slightly. But the 
wonderful feeling of Sephiroth’s hot cavern blurred the rest away. He 
licked faster and faster, soon I was boiling. I feel like exploding. The 
blood gorged inside me and I spurted my seed right into his mouth. I 
looked at him. He was actually drinking it all up, leaving bits of it 
trail along his mouth. I could fell a warm liquid travel down between my 
legs to my ass. Feels warm and good there too.

 	I blinked at him after he finished his treat. He extended his 
hands and grabbed mine, pulling me up to sit. He looked at me in the 
eyes and stroked my hair, slowly. He applied a bit of pressure on the 
back of my head and kissed me deeply. His mouth felt kind of salty and 
sweet at the same time. Then it occurred to me that he was sharing my 
seed between us.

 	After the long indulgence, he parted himself and smiled. "I hope 
you’re not afraid of pain," he uttered. I laughed. "I am anyway, a First 
Class SOLDIER," I told him. Sephiroth shrugged and took off his own 
trousers. I could see his rod already alive and hard. That hot rod was 
going to be his feast next. Or will it?

 	Sephiroth threw his trousers somewhere I don’t know and pushed me 
gently and I was lying down again. He turned me over with his hands so I 
was on my stomach. I frowned, wondering what he’s doing. 

 	He wrapped his hands around my middle and pulled it up so I was on 
my knees with my ass facing him. Then he stopped. "No, I want to look at 
your face while doing it," he uttered. Look at my face? I wondered what 
he meant by that.

 	He turned be over again and I was on my back, facing him. He 
travelled his finger from my mouth, trailing it down to my neck, chest, 
stomach, navel and finally up my rod which seems to be alive again.

 	He leaned over and kissed me softly, rubbing our hips against each 
other in a steady rhythm. 

 	He got up and put my legs on his shoulders. Then he put two 
fingers in my mouth and I sucked on it. After a moment, he pulled it out 
and inserted it somewhere else. Into my little puckered hole down there. 
It was okay when one finger entered the tight hole. But when two went 
it, I winced in pain. Sephiroth saw the look in my face and ran smooth 
circles around my stomach. "Was it painful? Don’t worry. It’ll be okay 
in a moment," he told me, voice full of concern. I felt better 
instantly, knowing that he cared. His two fingers roamed the insides of 
my hole, making it numb with pleasures.

 	I didn’t even felt it when he withdraw his fingers. But when he 
inserted his slippery length, I winced again. He gave me a soft gentle 
hush and stopped just as the head of his length was in. His other hand 
was stroking my own length making me forget about the pain in my ass.

 	"You ready?" he asked me. I nodded. Just as he was convinced that 
I was ready, He pushed in further. The slippery length was in and 
finally I could feel him against the cheek of my ass. He moved slowly 
back and forth. It felt divine. When he knew I could take it, he moved 
faster. Rhythmic with my own pace.

 	A few hot moments passed and he exploded inside me. Hot flowing 
juice was shot straight into me. He slumped down next to me, careful not 
to crush me with his weight. 
 	I looked at him, he had his eyes closed. Then suddenly it opened. 
"You were a great kid," he told me. I smiled. "You were too! Didn’t knew 
it could be this good," I honestly told him. He shrugged and gathered me 
in his arms. His hand wandered around to get the covers so that they 
were securely under the warmth of it.

 	The next day I woke up, I found myself alone in bed. "He really 
didn’t wake me up," I uttered and smirked. I got dressed and went out of 
the room. Took me quite a while cause I can’t seem to find my trousers. 
I smiled at the rising sun at the window and nodded to myself. I ran 
down the stairs, can’t wait for the journey to the Mako Reactor.


 	Vincent smirked, he actually listened to the story I was telling. 
His eyes were already alert now. He was really sleepy just now. "So 
you’ve done it. I did too, when I was working with Shin-Ra. A lot of 
desperate guys there who would do anything to sleep with me… hehe… but 
Sephiroth…" Vincent shook his head. "If I remembered well, Rufus’s was 
also a homo," Vincent winked at Cloud. Cloud laughed, carefully not to 
wake anyone up. 

 	"Anyway, Sephiroth was a damn good one," Cloud snuggled closer to 
Vincent. "The ones with Mako Energy and Jenova Cells in them are good at 
everything. That’s why they’re injected into the Soldier and Shin-Ra 
workers," Vincent said softly. 

 	Cloud widened his eyes. "Is it so?" Vincent nodded. "Hey, I used 
to work for them," Vincent smiled. "Do you have it?" asked Cloud. "Have 
what?" Vincent looked at Cloud, puzzled. "The Mako Energy… the Jenova 
cells," Cloud cleared himself. Vincent gave him a mischievous smile. 
"Both," he nodded. 

 	"Are you sure you want to share this bed with me?" asked Cloud, 
slightly, a sly smile appeared from the corner of his lips. "And I used 
to think that you’re a useless scumbag," Vincent turned and got on top 
of Cloud.


 	"Jeez… Barret sure snores like a bull," commented Cloud, as he 
heaved for air. Vincent wiped off the sweat on Cloud’s forehead. "I’m 
too tired to even hear him," he smiled. Cloud shrugged. "Yeah, guess I 
am too…"


 	Barret startled himself with a big snore to mark the end of his 
sleep. He blinked and focused himself. After a little bit of stretching, 
he looked around the room and blinked. "Damn!" he cursed under his 
breath. The bed next to him was a very naked Cloud who’s on top of 
Vincent. The bed covers were halfway down and Barret could see Vincent’s 
gold left arm on Clouds ass. 

 	"These guys are making love?! Shit!" he muttered more a few curses 
and went out of the room unsteadily. Clearing his mind. "How could this 
be? I always thought that Cloud was with Tifa? Why… Vincent? I… I can’t 
think right now…" he stumbled on the stairs and nearly fell off.

 	At breakfast, everything looked normal. Barret looked at Vincent, 
then at Cloud. Their face was normal. Like nothing happened. Tifa, Aeris 
and Yuffie appeared a moment later. 

	"Ohayo minna!" exclaimed Yuffie and jumped on her seat. "If the 
chair breaks, I’ll be the first one who laugh," uttered Cloud as he 
sipped his juice. "Oh, you’re always picking up on me. I know how cute I 
am, but you have to let that hobby go," Yuffie made her first joke in 
the morning. Everyone laughed. 

 	"Morning Cloud," smiled Tifa. Cloud smiled back and stuffed the 
meatballs in his mouth in one go. Cid sighed. "Boy, you would get 
yourself killed like that. We need you to take out Sephiroth. So take 
care. Vincent has good table manners, learn from him," Cid shook his 
head. Cloud looked at Vincent and the guy smiled behind his cape.  He’s 
so mysterious. Maybe that’s what attractive about him. They knew how 
each other feels and all. 

 	And that’s what important. Understanding. 


My first Final Fantasy fic! Sorry, but I was so indulged in yaoi that I 
had to made this yaoi too. I hope those Cloud X Tifa fans out there are 
not going to kill me. Vincent Valentine is my favourite guy *because he 
just kicks ass* and second comes our hero Cloud Strife! 

Anyway, Vincent could double his HP in limit breaks (I was so happy when 
I got 9999 HP to laugh with, nyahahaha) And Cloud was so cool with his 
Omnislash (even though I only got that when I fought Sephy-chan for the 
last time. Anyway, I included Sephiroth because he’s sharing the same 
rank as Vincent in my list. (Hahaha) It’s because I could only get him 
in my fic at the flashback that I couldn’t make Vincent X Sephiroth. It 
would be fun to try someday… 

*Runs away before the other FFVII fans attacks her with Ultima Weapon, 
Death Penalty, Conformer, HP Shout, Missing Score, Premium Heart, 
Princess Guard, Limited Moon and Venus Gospel.(You know what these are, 
the ultimate weapon of each and everyone of them!*

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