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The Civil War in Kansas

Constructed 19 Oct. 1998
Updated 18 Oct. 2000
     This site is in UNDER CONSTRUCTION,

and added to weekly. It is designed to share information and research of the Civil War on the Western Border Union soldiers prepare for a move near Fort Riley, KS (click to see full size image)The U.S. gunboat KANSAS (click to see full size image)John Brown (click to see full size image)William Lloyd Garrison (click to see full size image) THIS PAGE WILL PROVIDE LITTLE KNOW FACTS, IMAGES & LINKS TO Web Sites specifically about the Civil War in Kansas Missouri Arkansas Oklahoma & THE ROLE OF THE NATIVE AMERICAN AND

BLACKS IN THE CIVIL WAR ON THE BORDER. We will offer facts about the Civil War that may not be significant enough to warrant mention elsewhere. We will provide accounts of battles, skirmishes and raids overlooked by most historians including: The role of the Indians

in the Civil War, The infuence of missionaries

on the Civil War, Bleeding Kansas, Border Ruffians and Raiders We will, however, need your help! Please submit your links, essays or images to:

1660 E Madison St.
Springfield, MO 65802
United States

Slavery was introduced early into Kansas, 

as early as the 1820s. "Trixier's

Travels on the Osage Prairie" discusses

Agent Chouteau's slave (northwest

of Osage Mission,

present day Saint PAUL, KS)

and the Black man, whom the

Osages called Nika Sabe'.

John Allen Mathews and his brothers introduced

slavery to extreme southeastern Kansas

when they settled at the Osage village of

Little Town (present day Oswego)

Kansans were divided early on this issue.

Years before Fort Sumpter, blood

was shed on the Western Frontier.

To completely understand

the War on the Western Border

we will examine the lives of

some of those who

lived on the frontier

before and during the War,

Beginning with John Allen Mathews ON PAGE THREE

Early settlers in Kansas and 

Missouri were not the only ones

affected by the War on the Western Border. Native Americans,

forced onto Reserves in Kansas and Indian

Territory were likewise divided. Read their story


Some who lived on the frontier

had devoted their entire lives to

preserving the peace,

and the Civil War was but one more

foe to conquer. Coming soon: Read the story of the Jesuit

priests and sisters of Loretto

at Osage Mission during the Civil War

Examine the source material:


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