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To William, Greta, Ray-Ray and Jim I'll remember you always,

The Rose beyond the Wall

A rose once grew where all could see,
sheltered beside a garden wall.
And, as the days passed swiftly by,
it spread its branches, straight and tall...
One day, a beam of light shone through
a crevice that had opened wide-
The rose bent gently toward its warmth
then passed beyond to the other side...
Now, you who deeply feel its loss,
be comforted-the rose blooms there-
Its beauty even greater now,
nurtured by God's own loving care.

Your friend always


When I was just a little lass
of maybe one or two
I had to stay overnight
with GG, that is who

You ask me who is GG
she is my favorite girl
She bought me toys, read to me
my hair she'd even curl.

When I got older
maybe ten or so
I'd ask to sleep at GG's
it was the place to go

You ask me who is GG
she is my very best friend
and now it's time to say goodbye
for she is near the end.

I thought so long and hard
about what I would like to write
inside my mind I couldn't
my brain put up a fight.

I didn't want to say goodbye
I just wanted no more pain
but now I know that I will see her
sometime once again .

You ask me who is GG
she is my Grandma, oh so dear
when I wasn't feeling right
she'd hold me, oh so near.

I put all this into the hands
of our creator, God above
I'm asking for his peacefulness
I'm asking for his love.

You ask me who is GG
she's my Gram and so much more
I love her with all my heart
on her I won't close the door .

But now it's time for her
to move on with the best
I just want to wish her well
I want for her some rest.

You ask me who is GG
of my life, she's more than just a part
My GG is a piece of
my gentle and loving heart !

1999: Debi Fisher

"The Friendship Garden"
by Marge Cowart Tindal in loving memory to my mother.........

I linger in the memory garden....
because I find you there.
each yellow daisy that I pick...
reminds me of your golden hair.

The flowers that I see,
whether yellow, pink or white,
remind me of the times you held me.....
and made my world seem right.

The fragrance of the rose..
reminds me the most of you......
you always loved the roses.......
no matter what the hue.

In the friendship garden today,
I saw a butterfly......
I knew that for just a moment......
your spirit came fluttering by.

I'll think of you dear mother......
as I gather a big bouquet......
I'll take your memories with me,
and put you on display.

I'll arrange your precious memories,
and place them in a vase..........
and when I gaze upon them....
I'll remember your smiling face.

For you taught me to love the flowers,
planted in the garden of love......
and I'm sure that you'll be watching me.....
from the friendship garden above.

      To my loving mother, Beverly W. Drury Cowart too short.....gone too long...I weep but I am comforted by the memory of her love.

A wonderful lady named Betty

Betty came to the nursing home where I work knowing that she had very little time left. She had recently been diagnosed with cancer but it was too late for anything to be done. Oh,they could have tried, but it would have meant her life either way.

Betty was already in poor health and there was no way she could survive such an operation.
This woman was totally amazing!!! She has already planned her own funeral, chose her clothing and everything!!! yet she was in great spirits.

She was not with me for very long but in the few short days that she was, I learned what real, honest to goodness strength is.

Betty,you may be gone but your memory and your strength are still with me and I thank-you for sharing some of your memories with me.

God Bless you,Betty.
with love, Linda

In Loving Memory of my DAD,

who I knew for far too few years.
He was the inspiration of any that is good within me.
His passing onto a higher plane of existence, has not left me empty, but full of expectations of our reunion in the future.
Perhaps then, we will be able together, to travel the many uncharted roads we never had the chance to while he was here.

I love you Dad...and miss you with all my heart.
I Bless your memory and delight in the fact that you were MY DAD!

LOVE Always...BOB


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