Disclaimer *Words of caution before Complaining about my websites*
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  • Scenario #1 Image Credits.

    First, Let me remind you, in my own words about this disclaimer. It has come to my attention that some people, have been running around websites and complaining about website content. Not only of mine but of some groups I belong to. They are Posting the "mistake" on Boards, Which is a Public Humiliation of Sorts, in my eyes.
    This can happen to anyone, and a gif, background, etc., passed on by e-mail, etc., There are 500,000 boards out on the web. 500,000 or more images, and it takes time to mark up, where you surfed, etc., I say get off the high horse, and Think about what you are accusing a person of first, but, it's not gonna do anyone a bit of good, when a person gets accused publically, and you come back to some BBS and say, ohhhhh it was all a mistake. Yada Yada Yada.

    Sure, you're distraught over it, . YOU Saw your friends image being used. ACCCCCKKKK.... no credit was given, EEEEEKKKKK.... I put alot of time into it. Hey, STOP and THINK !!! Rules are changing constantly on the WWW regarding this subject. But, the whole WWW is not a genious. !!! The Newbie, hat is just learning, etc., does not know all the ins and outs.

    You had to learn somewhere, and so did they.

    Let me explain something to you in very simple terms. If you see the graphic, background, etc., and you know it belongs to a certain artist. Don't go posting all over public message boards, how that person stole this. !!!!! YOU don't friggin KNOW that. OR better yet, Damn near accuse the person of thievery by sayin, "LOOK at this Website !!!!. She /he stole so and so's background or image, or whatever!!!

    "Sound Familiar" ?????
    it should, and I for one, witnessed the posting of this with my own eyes. Who deemed you , or that group God of the Almighty WWW??? Find your e-mail button... e-mail the person, and let them know nicely. There may be reasons, she/he omitted the acknowledgement

    There are newer rules going up all the time regarding this copyright stuff Some, want each and every single graphic noted, on that page alone, Some, don't want their graphics associated with certain sites.

    Be that as it may. That is the artists, choosing. But, if the artist, of that graphic, has done as some have, the image can be traced, to wherever it is being used. They don't need web mommies, and web daddies, to run around snitching on the graphic. I cannot speak for the thieves, but I can speak for myself.

  • Scenario #2 = Group Association

    Then, I read about some people, who of a christian nature, are running through guestbooks, and saying, you will burn in hell, etc., WRONG!!!! You cannot do that either.

    It has happened to me three times now, First, I got attacked because of a group I belong to , that is my personal choice. and this woman, made it clear, she did not want me to be a member of the group, and she forced her beliefs, on everyone in it. WRONG!!!!! She e-mailed everyone, who belonged to the group, and tried to force everyone out. She has no right, doing this. and she knows it.

    Especially, if a Disclaimer page is noted. That means, you did not view my/the disclaimer and you took it upon yourself to voice your views.

    Heres' the Deal, many of you know me, many of you don't. For those that do or don't I have some webpages that are in a nature that may not appeal to you. Dungeons, Penthouses, etc., though they are not Porno, and have no nasty images, they are in the Nature of Gothic horror, and the Penthouse, is for Males with some "sexy" looking art images. Some of Bubba Munchkin, is set for Adult view also, as it mentions posts from a bulletin board I frequent, taken out of context as it was posted, and not meant.

    I state on my site, this is more adult nature, and I expect you to understand that and not bash me for it, or complain. I have several other sites, in my main page, that can be viewed, that you will love and adore.

    This is known as Website Pissing on my cheerios. I don't pee all over your guestbooks, and I don't expect you to pee on mine. I've heard of people, leaving major guestbook entries to others, that can be over a megabyte in trash. Don't even think about it here, in my websites as they are all e-mail generated Guestbooks.

    This means, it tracks your IP number, straight to your ISP. Meaning, It's Flame, and abuse, meaning, I will have you traced, and reported to your isp, should you not choose your words carefully, regarding your opinion. If you like my content great. If you don't, You are free to comment, but not be nasty about it or tell people we will burn in Hell, etc., not every website, you come across, is going to be to your liking That's part of the WWW.

    Some Groups I or other people belong to, are not going to be to your likeing. That is also part of the WWW. We all make our choices and so do you. Meaning, I don't pee on your choice of group or belief. That's your choice. I have my choices.

    For those who Insist on Flaming, and carrying on and Refusing to let up, and demanding, that your voice be heard in my guestbook, or any other of people that know me and request this. I will Dungeon you, and have you Cyber Beheaded LOL !!!! I had once created the Dungeon as a fun thing, but because some people are so frothed at the mouth, and need to be insistent on their views. This is your final resting place in my little Virtual world of Take your Toys, and go home.

    And Finally, for those of you who need me to Summarize this,
    1. This is My playground, If you don't like it, take your toys, and go Home

    2. This is a Little of Burger King, You can have it your way, if you go to another section of my site. I'm sure, you will find something that appeals to you there.

    3. I am A Believer in God, although, I do like to understand other beliefs as well. I don't profess to any one Religion nor will I. So do not make me drown in your beliefs.

    4. I am a member of many groups. Do not ever try to dismantle my choice of what group I choose to Belong to. That's my Business not yours.

    5. If you continue to badger me, and refuse to give in
    Visit yourself here !!! The Dungeon

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