This midi song is "Lord, I lift your name on high"

Welcome, this is My Page, reflecting My Love For Jesus

My Testimony

There came a time in my life, to reflect on what was important to me, my life, and something that was missing.
What ??? I had a new home, I had a pretty good life, but something was haywire. I fought endlessly with my self. Born and Raised Catholic...I knew very little of the Faith of Catholicism growing up except I had to be sent to communion, confirmation, blessing of the easter basket, and so on. and all those things. But did I know God in spirit?

No..... and so... as I got older I fought with it. I fought against it. Saying I don't need to go to church to honor God. ..Fact is, I began to fight him down.. too many questions and little answers coming from parts of the bible that I didn't understand. People would send me pieces of scripture but it often mislead me, confused me, and at many times angered me. Mainly, I believe it came from Old Testament, maybe a King James Version and the "terminology" confused me. See The Word NIrV by Zondervan for a Beginner easy to understand bible.

How I found God, and Learned and keep learning is still very new to me.. One day our truck left me stranded. I sat for hours waiting for the tow truck and Poof The Man in the Tow truck had a contemporary Christian music station going and the truck began and started. He followed me home... and never took a dime.

Later that day, (April 1999) my Husband and I went to get a new starter for the truck. But!!!! we went to a different town than usual to go to an Auto Zone. I told my husband .....Hey, why are we going here to this town when there is an Auto Zone closer in Burleson. So..... to return the old starter (which has lifetime warranty) we ended up in Burleson.

Mind you we were in search of church's at that time, and bought all new fancy to wear. I got a pretty dress, fancy and shoes. My Husband new boots, new jeans and Suddenly... after we spent all that money to get Fancied... A sign of a church said
COME AS YOU ARE... Casual Worship... We are a Contemporary Cutting Edge Church , A place where you can be yourself. A small sign said "Baptist Fellowship"

To this day, we still attend that Church..we still Love God, but Love his works now than ever before because this Church, teaches me step by step.... What God, is all about. thru adult classes and full explanation, before yu join the church what the church is made of and the structure of the church

June 13,1999 Me and my Husband were Baptised together on that Date. and everyday is a new learning experience and power of growth.

YES, "Lord, I lift Your name on High"
Lord, I lift your name on High " **lyrics to this midi Playing"
        -Lord I Lift Your Name On High-
        Lord I lift your name on high.
        Lord I love to sing your praises.
        I'm so glad your in my life.
        I'm so glad you're here to save me.
        You came from heaven to earth, to show the way.
        From the earth to the cross, my debt to pay.
        From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky.
        Lord I lift your name on high.

One of my favorite songs, 'Your name is above all Names"
Comes from the Passion 98 Live Worship From 268 Generation
If you have Real Audio, You can hear it here
Passion 268 Bible Study

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    (Lyrics by 268 Generation From their Passion Live Worship
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