• Images for the Queen are being obtanined from:

    The Clip Art Castle
    Kyl's Clip Art
    The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bowser - Mythic Naturalist Painter

  • Featured Artists, Come from this website
    Mystic's Fantasy Gallery
  • Artist Credits for Images used are
    Larry Elmore, Fred Field, John Howe, Don Maitz, Luis Royo
    Rowena Morrill, Julie Bell, Chris Achilleos, Jeffrey Broderick,
    Jonathan Earl Bowser, Clyde Caldwell, Jeff Easley, Mirage
    Many More.... Enjoy !!!

    Fantasy, and MORE Screensavers
    Second Nature Screensavers

  • Borders and Backgrounds

    Fantasy Collection from Lady Kali

    Background in the Dungeon's Head Mistress section supplied by
    Borders By Silverhair

    Mermaid from
    Fantasy Collection
    Grapholina (on my 1st credit page, has the Animated Complaint Form)
    Lots of Medieval Images.
    Medieval Galore
    Strange Images, and Grotesque, known as "Gothic"
    Strange Benedictions
    Information Regarding The Tudors and King Henry
    Welcome to Tudor England
    History of Costume
    Information regarding Dress of the Medieval Period.
    Art and Dress of the Medieval era and more
    Mostly Great Graphics of The Dress of the Time
    Costume Links
    Tulane University Theatre
    Medieval Domain (Mostly Links)
    Where are the Medevial Faires???
    Welcome to the world of The Renaissance Faire Junkie!
    Learn thow to "insult" properly
    Medieval Insult Generator
    Medieval Insult Lessons
    Shakespearean Insult
    The Virtual Fooles Troupe
    So, You want to Become a Wench????
    International Wenches Guild

    Special Made Images

    Many Images, on the Queen pages, were made Special.
  • Graphic Cat. of the Bad Girls. (they are the ones with the Purple Name and Writing on them)
  • Pandora, (link above, made her image of the Jester.
  • Fia,(link Above) supplied her Witches writing, The Dungeon PMS, and the Dungeon Enter at your own Risk
  • Jeansie supplied the Kitchen mouse, and Breezy's image of the Dungeon Freak (along with Clip art Castle's 4 armed lady)

    hehehe, and you think My stuff is Scary?

    Note, Voodoo Baby Must have moved from AOL. Her link does not work
    VoodooBaby's has a great list of links also

    Some images in the Dungeon supplied by
    Spooky's Halloween Crypt

    Some images in the Dungeon supplied by
    Caverns of Blood

    MPTBBS horror and Halloween Links

  • GOTHIC THINGS, (and a little of Everything, Fantasy Horror, etc.,

    Fantasy of Elfwood

    Max's Fantasy Art Gallery

    Some Cartoons came from

    Designed to a T

    This background, also, by Pam, which is listed in page Prior

    MORE Being Added Soon!!!!!
    What this all means, is I have surfed it , and maybe picked up an image from them, though I do not describe which image, I do link them if I have even thought I grabbed an image.
    When I do remember, I come back, and list them usually, though, links without something, mean I found them and put them here for future reference.

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