Public Appreciation to Caregivers

Belmont Manor Health Care Center
  • To all the staff at Belmont..thank you for all the hard work and good care you give to our residents.You are all very special to me and I'm very blessed to work with you.

    To all nursing home in Washington State

  • You all need a pat on the back for the hard work we all do. I have been a Certified Nurses Assistant for 3 years now and love the job I do and we never get the thanks we all need. so I will say it for all the bosses out there. We do make a big different out there today and keep the good work up out there. We all deserve a big thank you.

    19th Avenue Healthcare Center

  • is blessed with a team of intelligent, thoughtful, and dedicated CNAs who work together in harmony and "pakikisama" to provide holistic care to our family of residents.

    Walk through our facility and see Rhea's quiet, consistent and loving caring,
    watch Elry as she advocates for her resident's comfort,
    notice that May is gently teaching and mentoring the newest CNAs,
    admire Rod's willingness to help a colleague in need,
    laugh with Lina,
    find Jane smiling with love while she combs her resident's hair,
    be inspired by Sonja's committment to doing the right thing no matter what others think,
    stop to notice Angelina's strong but gentle arms when she transfers her resident,
    smile with Joy's resident when he sees her coming his way,
    respect Margarita for her dedication to good skin care,
    honor Bea for her decades of unwavering goodness and excellence.

    I see these CNAs and their competent, caring co-workers joining together to make 19th Avenue a place where caring is at the center, the core of our daily work lives.
    Thank you 1st floor CNAs for caring for families as deeply as for your residents, thank you 2nd floor CNAs for your competence in managing the higher acuity residents, thank you 3rd floor CNAs for the harmony and peace you share with all who come to your floor. Thank you Gerrie for your solid and steady wisdom and support, thank you Elena for your brilliant management of schedules and central supplies. With much love and honor for your work, Traci
    Traci Schilling, RN Administrator

    Mill Manor

  • I came to this facility, never working in this field before..All the CNA's where great.I have learned so much there and so happy to be a part of their team..I enjoy working with all of them and my residents....Thanks for giving me the chance to work in a caring and giving facility..
    S. Hunter


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    Symbol Credits
    A lady, a special woman from Bad Girls Org created the hands, heart, Calla from her heart, as a consideration for the CNA's for use as a Pin, or a Logo Symbol. It was wonderful, that she did this from her heart, because we needed a Symbol made. Thanks Cookie !!!

    Credit to Pam North, who helped me push for the CNA's with her suggestion of the CNA prayer, and the advise for the Symbol above.