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LINKS, Great Trucking Pages I'm finding!!!

This link, is NOT meant to encourage speeding, it in no way promotes it, but, there are speed traps set and they are there. The author knows you should be aware of them, not every state and not every officer plays by the same rules.
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New. ...COOL TRUCKING SITE of the Week!!

This is the Home, of the New Trucking Ring, I will install
The Web Truck Stop


Trucker Jim
Well Trucker Jim Made it to site of the week in our Trucking pages I found him, while looking for a midi called Daddy's Hands, and well Trucker Jim, if your lookin, I found 18 wheels and a Dozen Roses too!!! keep up the great work!!!

Gadget's pages have a journal he keeps. He talks about his motorcycle Lots of other stuff of interest. I loved that Journal.
Gadgets Home page

Steve has got some awesome pics on this page. Very Nice Pics of a cool Older model Truck. Great Links.
Steves Trucking Homepage

In an effort to bring us all together, and I truly know that at this time of year, it is very hard for all of us, whether we are on the road, or at home, this lady is working very hard to do just that. Her page is at it's highest for a good start let's congratulate her for her efforts!!!!

A quarterly Truckers Journal
The Big Road

Load net has alot more than just chat, It's a very informative site with a women's and kids section and much more. If you haven't been there yet, go visit. THEY DO WEBPAGES ALSO, and have a great server!! Loadnet

Roadrunner's Rest Stop


The House

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