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The Whammo Players is a comedy improv troupe based in Tallahassee,FL.
The Original memebers of Whammo Players consisted of such talents as:
John Gregorio, George Faughnan, Matt Stanton, Marc Cram, and Sean Daniels.
The troupe is made up of Florida State University Theatre students and 
performs in clubs in and around the Tallahassee area.
The second generation memebers of Whammo were: Stephen Guarino, Jimmy 
Bennett, Mark Baratelli,Tara Ochs, myself (Chris Catalano), and various 
people named Matt on the piano.The Original Whammos have long since moved 
to Atlanta and opened a theatre of their own called DAD'S GARAGE. 
You can visit them at the bottom of this page.
Currently the Whammo's have just returned from a hiatus from public view with
appearances at both the Warehouse and Cowhaus in Tallahassee.
The 3rd generation of Whammo consists of: Chris Catalano (that's me again),
Lorraine Mattox, Scott Jones, Lon Haber, and Scott Golden,
with Matt Russell on piano.  But alas... I have now graduated, so remove me from this last list my far more beautiful and shapely replacement as of Dec. 8 1998 is Tzipporah Gerson.

Some of Our Original (We think) Games:

1) Art Critics: At the beginning of our show we hand out a large piece of paper, or posterboard with a handful of markers and tell them to work on a masterpiece. About halfway through the show we collect up this piece of art and two improvisors critique it on stage. As you would guess... wackiness insues. In London improv this sketch ends with an improvisor urinating on the artwork. Heh, heh, those wacky Brits.
2) Channel Surf: This being the age of cable TV there are plenty of channels to choose from. Much like emotional roller coaster before the improv begins get a list of cable channels from the audience (good things to look for are the Spanish Channel, MTV, etc.). A group of improvisors then does a simple scene (about a minute long) from one suggestion. After which the ref or an improvisor calls out a channel and the scene must be redone in the style of that channel.

You're number on the list of people with too much time on their hands.

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