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The "After School Karate Academy" gives your child the opportunity to utilize their time after school to grow and develop in an environment that promotes constructive learning and interaction with others. The curriculum includes supervised homework and study time, martial arts training and character building. 

After School Program :


Martial Arts:

Character Building:


We feel that Karate/Kung Fu training is more than just the physical aspects. We also focus on building character through Biblical examples. Integrity, Respect, and Focus are three of the main areas that we will relate to real life examples.


Integrity: Doing what's right at all times...especially when no one is looking or when he/she could get away with it.


Respect: This is what Karate/Kung Fu is all about. To regard with honor. This includes parents, teachers, those in authority, and each other.


Focus: To concentrate your energy/attention toward a particular point or purpose.



Daily Karate/Kung Fu Training:


At the "After School Karate Academy" we teach Self Defense, a unique blend of Shaolin Kung Fu, Kempo Karate and key elements of several other styles like Gracie Brazilian Jujitsu and Kali sticks. 

Chris Redmond, the head instructor at the "After School Karate Academy" has trained in the Martial Arts since 1980.  Additionally, he holds a Business Degree from UNC-Cameron School of Business and he currently teaches 6th thru 8th grade students (Youth Group- Boys) at College Acres Baptist Church on Eastwood Rd.


Carol Redmond, holds a Communication Degree from UNC-Wilmington. She is currently the Pre-School Connection Leader at College Acres Baptist Church and teaches the 4 year old class. Carol has been trained by the Cape Fear Literacy Council in Tutoring and she has completed "Leadership Wilmington". Carol will assist the students with completing homework assignments.

Homeschooler and Drop-Off Information :


Fees :

Payable on Mondays. A late fee of $20 will be charged for all payments not received by Wednesday of particular week.

Drop off students - $70 per week

Can be dropped off at Afterschool Karate Academy after 3pm and will participate in regular afterschool activities.

If you do not notify us by 1:30 PM that your child does not need to be picked up on a particular day, and we have to wait for the school to tell us of the whereabouts of your child, the above fee will be charged. We do not want to leave any child behind. However, waiting for one student can make us late for picking up at the other schools on the same route.

School Rules :

At the After School Karate Academy, we seek to provide an environment for your child/children that is safe, encourages respect for others, develops integrity, increases focus, builds character and improves social skills. Therefore, we adhere closely to the following set of guidelines. We make no apologies for our high standards. With over 40 years of combined experience, we have found that teaching and reinforcing these skills to children in grades K through 8th helps prevent difficulties in the teen years and later in adult life.

Expectations :

1.   Students are expected to respect all other students and adults. This includes:

Hitting, shoving, cutting in line, etc. is not tolerated.

Profanity, making fun of another student, or name-calling is not acceptable. We will focus on words that encourage and lift up others.

Students may not punch or kick close to other students unless during Karate instruction.

Students are expected to answer instructors with yes/no sir/ma'am.

2.   All property will be handled with care. This includes:

No throwing of any objects (unless during supervised games)

For safety, students are not allowed to use any Karate equipment without permission.

3.   Rules during lunch and snack time include:

Students will respect a prayer time before meals.

Children are to stay at the table until permission is given to be excused.

Students are expected to clean their area after lunch and snack.

4.   Neatness is expected:

Personal belongings like Gi, shoes, backpack, etc. are to be kept organized and neat in the students assigned chair.

Behavior Management :

Discipline at the After School Karate Academy is handled in the following manner:

For minor misbehavior, the student will sit in time-out for a certain amount of time. This allows the student to think about his/her behavior while missing out on class participation. The next level of punishment involves physical encouragement (doing jumping jacks for a set amount of time, depending on the behavior observed).

Students who continue to disobey school rules after the above mentioned punishments have been issued, will be required to sit in time-out until picked up by their parents. We reserve the right to discharge any student that creates a constant class disturbance that hinders the learning of other students.


Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

For more information, call or visit us at:

After School Karate Academy
4837 Carolina Bch Rd, Suite 111
Wilmington, NC 28412
(910) 264-7385