(Copy of letter introducing the CCS Questionaire/Contest)

c/o Oceanography, Earth Sciences Department, Millersville University, Millersville PA 17551

We are interested in compiling information concerning the status of beaches and coasts around the Caribbean islands. A search of published material in the World's largest article data base revealed 2408 articles dealing with the Caribbean and 4183 with specific Caribbean islands, but only 15 of these deal with coasts, 18 with beaches, and 9 9 with law (none of these specifically in coastal area management).

Because of this lack of information, we decided to try a novel approach, combining the ideas of questionnaire and contest. The attached questionnaire is intended for experts as well as lay persons who live in or visit the Caribbean islands. You are invited not only to answer the questions to the best of your ability, but also to enclose rel evant copies of articles, laws and regulations , and photographs, if possible. In addition, we suggest that you copy this letter and questionnaire and pass them on to people you consider suitable, because our list of names is inadequate.

We will acknowledge your assistance in our presentation to the Caribbean Geological Conference in July, 1995 and subsequent publication. The conditions of the contest are as follows:

Deadline for submission: JULY 7, 1995

First Prize: $ 1,000.00
(One thousand US dollars)
to be drawn from all qualifying submissions

Second and Third Prizes: $ 100.00
(One hundred U.S. dollars each)

to be drawn from the names of people who
have passed the questionnaire on to other entrants.

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