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Carrie A. Estill
142-144 rue du President Wilson
92300 Levallois-Perret
tele.:+33/(0)1 4087 1228
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Position Sought:
People Manager of a Documentation Department;
Project Manager of Documentation Projects;
Senior Technical Writer/Author;
Senior Technical Editor;
Training Materials Writer

Major Technical Authoring Skills:

Forehelp, Framemaker HTML, Framemaker + SGML, Word, HTML, Web Page Design, SGML, Webworks Publisher 2000
Graphics Packages: Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Paint, Corel Draw, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio

Management Package: MS Project; Project Scheduler

Major Technical Areas of Understanding:

Telecomms, Networking, particularly Management, Security and ATM switches; Intelligent Buildings and Controls; Peripherals (HW and SW); Databases (incomplete); Electrical Relay Testing Equipment (incomplete);

Operating Systems: PC, Windows 95 98, NT, Mac, UNIX, Linux (incomplete)

Professional Experience:

May, 2000 to present; Technical Documentation Manager, Solsoft; Levallois-Perret, France; supervise two writers; plan documentation/publication strategy, including tool choices, policies and procedures; editing and writing about Solsoft NP, a policy-based, cross-platform network security product. Environment: French/English; Tools: Frame+SGML, Webworks Publisher 2000, Office Star 5.2, Microsoft Project, Acrobat Products

Visit the Solsoft site.

October, 1999 to April, 2000; Technical Documentation Manager, STMicroelectronics Tools Division; Montbonnot, France; edit and write HW/SW manuals about Integrated Circuits and programming tools, supervise and plan documentation/publication strategy Environment: French/English; Tools: Frame+SGML, Lotus products

April, 1999 to September, 1999; Contract Writer, Hewlett-Packard Telecommunications Infrastructure Division; Grenoble, France; wrote and updated manuals about SS7 and ISUP Environment: French/English; Tools: Frame+SGML, Visio, MS products

November, 1995 to August,1997; September, 1998 - December,1998; Contract Writer/Editor, Thomson-CSF, Department of Enterprise Networks, Colombes, France; designed lay-out and styles for a manual set for the Thomflex Asynchronous Transfer Mode product line, wrote the Flexview Network Management Guide, 3 documents for an Ethernet Switch, various release notes and marketing brochures for different products including the Thomflex 5100, a multi-media ATM switch, translated technical papers (French-English) and developed 2 modules of training (5 days, 300 slides), other training materials and white papers. Environment: French/English; Tools: Word, Framemaker, PowerPoint, HTML

September, 1997 to September, 1998; Technical Communicator, Omicron Electronics, Dornbirn, Austria; PC-based DOS and Windows-based software and hardware for relay protection testing equipment; also Translation Manager for 6 languages; Environment: German/English; Forehelp HTML/Windows 95, Framemaker, Word, Acrobat

Visit the Omicron site.

July, 1994 - November,1995; Contract Writer/Editor, Lionbridge (Stream) Paris, clients: Bull, Matra, Northern Telecom etc.; wrote 10 new user manuals for Telecomms products, both software and hardware; updated older manuals for hardware and software; worked on ISO 9002 certification. Environment: French/English; Tools: Word; website:

April, 1994 - June, 1994; Contract Writer/Editor; Hewlett Packard, Grenoble, France; wrote Technical Reference Manual and Familiarization Guides for two PCs; Environment: French/English; Tools: HPTag

December, 1993 - March, 1994; Freelance Translator/Editor (German to English)

May, 1992 - November, 1993; Co-ordinator of Technical Literature; Honeywell Home and Building Controls, Maintal, Germany; co-ordinated the work of 4 other writers/editors, one student intern, and 4 contract translators. Designed the documentation set and project managed all the technical documentation for Excel Facility Integrator, the UNIX-based Client/Server controls system for the new airport in Munich, the airport extension in Brussels-Zaventem and other sites. The set included two Functional Specifications, a Configuration Guide, a User Manual for the Graphic Interface, a User Guide for the Alphanumeric Interface, Specification Sheets, a Sales Application Guide, a Sales Guide, an Application Guide, a Check-out and Test Script, and various promotional texts. I was also responsible for writing, following, and improving our ISO 9001 certification; Environment: German/English; Tools: Framemaker 3 on DEC ULTRIX and HP UNIX, Winword, PS 5

April, 1992; Contract Writer/Editor; Apic Systems, Arcueil, France; Designed and laid out four documents for a documentation set for a DECsite tool, Cablemanager; Environment: French/English; Tools: DECwrite on UNIX

September, 1988 - April, 1992; Manager of Technical Documentation; Digital Equipment Corporation, Neuchâtel, Switzerland; Responsible for all technical literature, the information center, English improvement among the engineers and support staff. I supervised two full-time editors/writers and one librarian/documentalist, plus contractors and interns on a regular basis. The projects were primarily in Relational and Reference Databases, Client/Server Applications, a Menu Driver Application, Building Management and Intelligent Buildings activities. One project which I am especially proud of is DiSCII, a noting and conference tool developed for the World Economic Forum for use in 93 countries. Environment: German/French/English

September, 1984 - August, 1988; Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Engineering; University of Wisconsin, Madison; Taught Electrical and Computer Engineering 350: Professional Communication and Mechanical Engineering 398: Technical Writing. Also taught outreach courses for Engineering Professional Development and taught summer courses for Minority Students. I was given an outstanding Teaching award in 1988

1983 - 1988; Teacher of English as a Foreign Language to immigrants at Madison Technical and Vocational College, part-time in the evenings

October, 1983 - September, 1984; Technical Writer, University of Wisconsin Physical Plant; wrote a Policy and Procedure Manual

June, 1981 - October, 1983; Assistant Editor, Dictionary of American English; Harvard University Press; 90 pages of Volume 1

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison; major: Linguistics
M.A. University of Wisconsin-Madison; major: Linguistics
B.A. University of California-Irvine; major: Linguistics; minors: math, German


University of Wisconsin Certificate for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Wisconsin Certificate to teach Adult and Continuing Education
California Certificate to teach Adult and Continuing Education
Information Mapping
Forehelp HTML
European HTML On-line Help Conference
HTML class at the American University of Paris

Professional Organizations:

IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Special Interest Group on International Professional Communication
STC, Society for Technical Communication
2000 STC Vice President, France Chapter
2001 STC President, France Chapter

Natural Languages:

American English, excellent familiarity with British English differences
French, excellent understanding, good speaking, good writing (I do make errors.)
German, excellent understanding, good speaking, good writing (I do make errors.)
I also studied Arabic (2 years), Swedish (1 year), Hindi and Urdu (2 years), Panjabi (my thesis), and Spanish (I grew up in California and learned it by osmosis and at school)


1995 Summary of Polly Platt's talk on her book, French or Foe, L'Antenne, Society for Technical Communication, France Chapter, Newsletter Article

1993 "The Whorf Hypothesis"; L'Antenne, Society for Technical Communication, France Chapter, Newsletter Article

1991 "The Importance of Having a Writer on Board a Project from the Beginning: A European Perspective"; Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, International Professional Communication Society

1986 Take my Word for It by William Safire; letter page 209

1985 Dictionary of American Regional English, volumes 1 and 3; Harvard Press; belong-bi; bum-buz; cap-caz, parts of volume 3; excluding science entries

Papers Presented:

1993 "Technical Communication in the Controls Industry"; Society for Technical Communication, France Chapter

1991 "The Importance of Having a Writer on Board a Project from the Beginning: A European Perspective"; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, International Professional Communication Society

1991 "Technical Communication in Switzerland, with Special Reference to the Computer Industry"; Society for Technical Communication, France Chapter

1987 "The Development of Tone in Panjabi"; American Oriental Society

1985 "The Importance of a Group Project in the Teaching of Technical Writing"; Wisconsin Society of Sciences, Arts, and Letters

plus many others dating back to 1978

Personal Features:

USA Citizen, presently hold Austrian residency and French residency; female; 49 years old, married (my husband is a retired British resident), no children (husband has one grown daughter); excellent health

I like to travel. I enjoy classical music, opera, ballet, and modern dance. I am a good duplicate bridge player, but a very bad tennis player. I am friendly, outgoing, open-minded, likeable, inquisitive, enjoy challenges, learn quickly, and can make difficult decisions.