County Cavan Wills

Will of John Reilly (O'Reilly) of Cavan Co ireland: "In the name of God Amen. I John Reilly of Drumd______ in the County of Cavan Farmer do make this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following: being indisposed but of disposing mind and memory. I order and direct that my remains be decently interred in Trinity Island - To mhy eldest son James Reilly on account of his marrying contrary to my Will and regardless of the obedience due to a Parent I order and bequeth to him five shillings if demanded and no more- I will and order that all mty legal debts be paid by instalments from my freehold property so as much as possible to meet the convenience of my Creditors - I will and Order that five pounds a year from the time James Phair's rent charge will terminate which will be in three and a half years from May next be paid into the hands of the Rev. Patrick Cabe or his successors in this Parish to be turned dto such Charitable purposes as he may think proper - I Will and Bequeath that fifty pounds be settled on each of my daughters at the time of each of their Marriages in such manner and form as my property will then afford that is providing such Marriages are conformable to my Executors and Guardian - I will and Bequeth to my son William Reilly during his natural life but to remain in trust with his mother on Account of his infirmities that house and Garden wqhich is now occupied by Willm. Goodfellow Taylor situate in the Ore Land Killeshandra - I Will and Bequeath that my son Dennis be educated out of the produce of my property as moderate as it can be managed until such time as he received a profession. The Residue and remainder of all my freehold property I Will and Bequeth to my son Thomas Reilly for ever my property in Tulegide, Castle Lane - I will and bequeath to my wife Catherine to assist her in support of her reazring and Guardianship of my family as long as she remains unmaried and keeps in a state of virtue, but shoud she survive at any time Marry or change her widowhood her claim and title to cease thereto - my land stock furniture farming utensils as in D___________ - I Will and Bequeath generally for the support of my family and to be employed and applked towards the dischrge of the rent - I nominate constitute and appoint my wife sole Guardian of my children and Mr. James Ferguson my Executor. Given under my hand this 1st fay of April 1832. John Reilly. Present. W. Bannon Peter Bannon Ommitted in the Body of the annexed Will my daughters names which I here insert. Margaret Reilly. Elliza Reilly. Catherine Reilly. Jane Reilly." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Son, Dennis Reilly, migrated to America ca 1840, married a Mary Jane Frances Bean (Behan) in Philadelphia 7 Sept 1841, then soon thereafter migrated into Louisville, Ky; he participated in the US-Mexican War with Mounted Volunteers from Ky & went on to become a physician for many years in Louisville. He had two sons who were physicians also; one of his daughters, Frances Cecelia O'Reilly, is my g grandmother as she married in Louisville to my g grandfather, Charles Theodore Murphy. One descendant of John Reilly still lives in Killeshandra, Cavan Co, Marie O'Reilly as her great great grandfather was William brothe to Dennis.

Submitter Charles Murphy

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