St Luke's

The following is a list of Liverpool churches, it includes in most cases their opening dates and other interesting historical data relating to them
Iíve also included churches from Birkenhead and the Wirral because the two communities are intertwined historically and socially.

NOTE**This list is just a guide and a helpful resource for history and family history researchers. It is up to the individual researcher themselves to investigate further if they require more information about the churches listed here. I do not have any more information about Liverpool churches and I'm not an expert on Liverpool churches or their history

Sources: The Annals of Liverpool: an Everyday History of Merseyside John Gore, Main Source ĎAn Illustrated Everyday History of Liverpool and Merseysideí Scouse Press 1996 ISBN 0 901 367 34 6..information in this list about the churches mentioned in this book is here with the permission of the Publisher.

Transcribed by Caryl Williams

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The list goes up to 1925

Liverpool Churches

1326 The vicarage of Walton founded dedicated to St Mary

1356 The burgesses obtain Royal Licence to purchase £10 worth of land from the Duke of Lancaster to endow their new chapel of St Nicholas. Before 1400 the church had aquired three chantries; 1. The Chantry of the High altar founded by Henry Duke of Lancaster; 3 The chantry of the altar of St John of Liverpool. In 1515 John CROSSE vicar of St Nichaolas of the Shambles, London founded a fourth chantry.

1361 A plague in the town; a licence to bury in St Nicholas churchyard while it continued.

1470 Advowson of Walton church sold to the MOLYNEUX family; in 1747 to Sir William HEATHCOTE, for £2500; in 1809 to John LEIGH esq for £10,000

1565 Queen Elizabeth gave to the minister of St Nicholas's £4 17s 5d yearly and to the schoolmaster £5 13s.3d out of the chantry rents

1581 Liverpool contributes towards putting up three bells at Walton church

1587 Oldest register of Walton Parish; 21 Baptisms, 25 burials, and 11 marriages

1593 Trees in St Nicholas churchyard

1628 The fines of the town ordered to be collected towards purchasing a set of bells; the first set from Drogheda; the second set from Bristol, in 1725; the third from Dobson's foundry, Downham Norfolk.

1643 The town taken by Colonel ASHTON, commanding the parliamentary forces, the latter end of May or the beginning of June; Tithes of Walton parish sequestered by the parliament

1644 Town besieged and captured by Prince Rupert June 7-14, town recaptured after three month siege, and St Nicholas church used as a prison for the prisoners of war

1651 a plague 200 persons died and were buried in Sickman's lane, now Addison street.

1654 First resolution about making Liverpool a parish seperate from Walton

1699 Liverpool made a distinct parish from Walton for ever 20s 3d being paid yearly to the rector of Walton 2s 3d to the vicar £400 ordered to be raised towards building a new church; to be dedicated to St Peter

1700 The two rectors to the parish first appointed. The Rev Robert STYTHE appointed first Rector died 1715, The Rev W. ATHERTON appointed rector died 1708.Previous to this time Liverpool was dependant on Walton.
The first stone of St Peter's church laid. Consecrated in 1704. Cost £4000, said to be the first parish church built in Lancashire after the Reformation. The marble font presented by William or Robert HEYSHAM esq. merchant of London originally from Lancaster

1704 Consecration of St Peter's Cathedral church

1707 Chapel in Key street (afterwards St Matthew church and now a part of the Railway Station) licensed as a meeting place fpr Protestant Dissenters November 24

1715 Act of Parliament to build St George's church obtained commenced in 1726, consecrated in 1784. John FELLS mariner gave £30 to the poor and £30 to the library at St Peter's.

1722 Chapel in Byrom street (afterwards St Stephen's church) recorded as a meeting place for dissenters July 9

1725 six new bells placed in the steeple of St Nicholas's

1749 St Nicholas Churchyard enlarged from the shore to the westward, by what was called the new ground

1750 St Thomas's church consecrated; cost £5000. The land given by Mr OKILL The spire of St Nicholas Chursh built, cost £310

1754 The Methodist Chapel, in Pitt street first recorded as a meeting place for dissenters, May 7
The chapel in the Old Gaol used as a meeting place.

1757 A dreadful hurricane March 15 42 feet of St Thomas's spire and several wind mills blown down, five vessels sunk in the river The church spire being rebuilt was reduced 18 feet.

1759 A serious riot The Roman Catholic chapel in Lumber street destroyed

1761 An Act obtained for building St Paul's and St John's church

1763 The first stone of St Paul's church laid, consecrated 1769; cost £13,139

1765 Organ in St Nicholas Church opened July 21. The old one presented to the Blue Coat Hospital

1766 First Oratorio (Messiah) in Liverpool at St Peter's church April 30

1767 New burial ground near the Infirmary (now site of St George's Hall) consecrated; afterwards St John's churchyard
Ordered "That the town be divided into five divisions or wards, to be named St Nicholas's, St George's, St Peter's, St Thomas's, ans St John's ď

1772 St Anne's church opened for Divine services, October 25

1774 The body of St Nicholas church ordered to be rebuilt, October 24

1775 St Catherine's church, Temple court, opened for divine service according to the rites of the Church of England, March 24. Taken down March 1820; materials sold for £150
St James church opened for divine service June 4
First stone of St John's Church laid, June 24, consecrated 1784

1776 St Mary's church Harrington street opened for divine service, March 10, taken down 1809 and a sugar house erected on it's site

1784 Sunday schools first established in the town

1787 The Welsh Methodist chapel in Pall Mall opened, rebuilt and the entrance changed to Prussia street in 1816.

1788 St Peter's Roman Catholic church, Seel street built by the Rev A.B MACDONALD of the Order of St Benedict

1790 Wavetree church built

1792 St Stephen's church opened March 18 Trinity church consecrated.

1793 Permission obtained from the Bishop of the Diocese to have Divine service performed in the Welsh tongue at St Paul's church, Nov 19

1797 Christ Church built; cost £22,000

1798 All Saints Church, Grosvener street opened for Divine service

1803 St Mark's church opened for Divine service, March 6 cost £18,000; consecrated Dec 15 1815

1810 Sunday forenoon, February 11, at 23 minutes past 10, St Nicholas church spire fell and 22 persons were crushed to death
Walton Parish church rebuilt this year

1811 First stone laid of St Luke's church April 9 by James DRINKWATER esq Mayor externally completed, Jan 1828; consecrated Jan 12 1831
New tower of St Nicholas church stone laid by James DRINKWATER esq Sept 25, finished August 4 1815

1812 First stone of St Mary's church Edge Hill laid Jan 14 Opened for Divine service, March 14 1813

1813 First stone of St George's church Everton, laid April 19. Opened for Divine service Oct 30 1814

1815 St Michael's church Toxteth park opened for Divine service June 25 Roman Catholic Pro-Cathedral opened August St Thomas's Church Seaforth opened for Divine service Aug 6

1816 First stone of St Michael's church, Upper Pitt street laid June 21, consecrated July 21 1826 St Phillip's opened for Divine service, Nov 3 cost £12000

1818 The foundation stone of the Church for the blind laid October 6; opened for Divine service Oct 6 1819, Sermon preached by Bishop LAW of Chester, Collection £301 5s , taken down July 1850

1821 The foundation of the Catholic chapel (St Patrick's) Park Road, laid March 7; opened for Divine service Oct 19 1823

1823 Foundation stone of St Andrew's (Scottish) church laid in Rodney street laid June 17, opened for Divine Service December 3 1824

1825 The new Cemetery at Low Hill, opened Feb 1; name altered to "Necropolis", contains 24,000 square yards cost nearly £8000
The Cemetery, St James's walk agreed upon Aug 10, foundation stone laid Aug 28 1827, consecrated Jan 12 1829, comprises 44,000 square yards of land.
St George's church re-opened for Divine Service Sept 1.
First stone of St Martin- in- the- field's church, Great Oxford street, now Silvester street, laid October 28 consecrated Jan 13 1829; land given by Edward HOUGHTON Esq.
Mariners Church Society founded

1826 The Scotch church, Mount Pleasant commenced building March 6, opened for Divine service June 1 1827
The church at Woolton consecrated Sept 16 thirty-three human bodies discovered on premises in Hope street; they were salted and packed in cases for shipment to Scotland (????????)
St Michael's church, Pitt street consecrated this year

1827 Commenced taking down houses opposite St George's church for forming of St George's crescent Wesleyan Chapel, Stanhope street built
St Mary's church Bootle opened for Divine service July 10
St David's church Brownlow hill consecrated July 31

1829 The Cemetery St James walk opened; first internment June 11-consecrated Jan 12
On St George's day the bells (eight in St Luke's steeple were rang for the first time)
St Augustine's Church, Shaw street, Everton, commenced building, consecrated July 9th 1830; cost £8000

1830.. Hanover Chapel Mill Street Toxteth opened for Divine service Jan 17; first stone laid April 23 1829.
A new peal of ten bells first used in St Peter;s church
Foundation stone of St John the Baptist's church, Toxteth park laid July 30, consecrated Sept 30 1832.
Music festival Oct 4 at St Luke's church; net proceeds £2000
St Bride's church consecrated December 29

1831..Foundation stone of Tranmere church (Birkenhead) laid Jan 1 by W. HOUGH esq who gave the land, consecrated Oct 15
St Luke's church consecrated, January 12
St Catherine's church, Abercromby square consecrated January 14
Chapel in the Workhouse opened for Divine Service May 15
St Anne's church (near cattle market) consecrated October 13
St Jude's church, Hardwick street consecrated Oct 20
St Peter's church clock lighted with gas Sept 10

1833 ..Liscard Church, Egremont opened for Divine service May 19
St Anthony's Chapel, Scotland road opened for Divine service Sept 29, first stone laid March 17 1832
All Saints Church, Grosvenor street, opened under license from the Lord Bishop of the diocese, November 27

1834..St Nicholas Church lighted with gas, April 17
First stone of Methodist Chapel, Park road laid April 24

1835..First stone of St Mary;s church at Kirkdale, laid by his worship the Mayor, James ASPINALL, Esq, April 13, consecrated 14 November 1846 First stone of the Mariners church, Rathbone street laid June 4

1836..St John the Evangilist church Knotty Ash consecrated February 18 First stone of Aigburth church laid by John MOSS esq of Otterspool, March 23 opened March 19 1837.
The right of presentation and perpetual advowsons of St Michael's, St John's, St Luke's and St Martin's-in-the field advertised for sale July 7 First stone of the Church of England North school laid Sept 5, opened Jan 24 1837
Funeral of Thomas FOSTER Esq late town clerk (died at Calais) at Walton church, attended by a large body of clergy and gentry Sept 21 New Christian Society Chapel, Hope street, opened (then St John-the Evangilist's church; consecrated in 1841, now Hope Hall)
St Mary's Cemetery Kirkdale, opened.
Jewish burial ground, Deane street, Fairfield (now Deane-road, Kensington) consecrated September

1839..First stone laid of St Saviour's church, Falkner Square April 15, opened December 16 1840
Foundation stone of a new church in Birkenhead in connection with the Church of Scotland, laid May 31, opened August 26 1840
Pembroke Chapel, Pembroke place, opened July 3
Wesleyan Chapel, Great Homer street, opened July

1840..Great George street Chapel burnt down, Feb 19 The first stone of a new one, on the same site laid 7 July by Dr RAFFLES, opened Oct 21 1841; pew accomodation for 1750 persons
First stone of St Clements church, Windsor laid May 7 consecrated June 1841
First stone laid of St Silas church, Pembroke place laid June 5 opened October 1 1841
First stone of the Salem, Welsh Independant Chapel, Brownlow hill laid Sept 7; opened June 3 1841
New Independant Chapel, Dingle lane Toxteth opened-park opened Sept 30
First stone of the Church of the Holy Apostles, Catherine street laid

1841...St Bartholemew's church, Naylor street, consecrated Feb 9
First stone of the Catholic Magdalene Asylum and St Anne's Chapel, Chatham place, Edge Hill, laid March 17
Foundation stone of St Peter's church Rock Ferry (Birkenhead) laid April 14, opened Sept 8 1842
St Barnabus Church, Parliament consecrated June 3 opened July 18
Terrific thunderstorm, the spires of St Martin-in-the-fields churches were atruck by the electric fluid so seriously they had to be re-built Aug 24
St Simon's Church Gloucester street, consecrated

1842..St Oswald's (RC) Chapel, Old Swan, opened August 4
First stone of the Weslyan Association Chapel, Scotland Road laid August 23, opened March 1843
Independant Chapel New Brighton (Wirral) opened Sept 1
Church at Rock Ferry (Birkenhead) opened for Divine service Sept 8
Scotch church (St Peter's) Scotland rd opened May 21, first stone laid March 23 1842
Baptist Chapel, Hope street and Myrtle street opened Jan 10
Foundation stone of St George's church, Myrtle street for the congregation seceeding from St Andrew's Scotch church, Rodney street, laid on the site of the old one, May 1 opened August 6 1845
Foundation stone laid for St Mary's Roman Catholic Chapel Edmund street, laid on the site of the old one May 1 opened August 19 1845
Foundation stone of St Martin's church schools laid by Rev Rector BROOKS June 14
All Saints church, Grosvener street finally closed Dec 31 having been forty six years used as a place of worship in connection with the Established church (last minister Rev Andrew M'CONKEY) purchased by the Roman Catholics and converted into St Joseph's (Roman Catholic) Chapel

1845..Foundation stone of Trinity church, Walton-breck laid by William BROWN esq Aug 13

1846...Presbyterian Church Canning street opened May 10
Foundation stone of St Paul's church S'combe laid June
Foundation stone of St Simon's Church Gloucester street laid by Rev J BROOKS July 14
Foundation stone of St Paul's church, Prince's Park laid by Rev Hugh McNEILE Sept 9

1847..Foundation stone of Wesleyan Chapel, Bootle laid by Thomas SANDS Esq, Feb 15
Holy Trinity Church, Walton-Breck opened
Foundation stone of Welsh Chapel Gill street laid Aug 3
New Baptist Chapel, Shaw street opened Dec 25
Foundation stone of All Saints church, Great Nelson street laid by Rector BROOKS Feb 28
St Simon's church, Gloucester street (after being re-built)consecrated by Archbishop of Canterbury March 1
St Paul's Church, Prince's park, consecrated by Archbishop of Canterbury March 2
St Matthias's church, Great Howard street, commenced building March. Erected by the Liverpool and Bury Railway Co in exchange for the site of the old one.
Foundation stone of St Matthew's church Hill Street Toxteth park laid by the Right honourable Earl of Sefton, March 21
St Matthias's church (the old one) Love lane burnt down April 10
Scotch* secession church Grange lane Birkenhead opened April 21
First stone of the Unitarian Chapel, Hope street laid by Thomas BOLTON esq May 9
Rev Rector BROOKS created archdeacon of Liverpool Sept
Sunday schools in connection with St Thomas's church opened Oct 22
Christ Church, Great Homer street consecrated Oct 30
St Francis Xavier's Roman Catholic Chapel Salisbury street, opened Dec 31

1849..Christ Church, Claughton (built by William POTTER esq) opened Feb 28 Foundation stone of St Peter's church Sackville street laid by Charles INMAN esq March, opened Feb 14 1850
Holy Trinity church Anfield consecrated April 12
First stone of St Alban's church, Limekiln lane laid by Bishop of Chester April 17, consecrated and opened June 29 1850
St Matthias church Great Howard street consecrated and opened April 17
St Peter's (Scotch*) Presbyterian curch Great Oxford street (now Silvester steeet) opened May 9
St Matthews church Scotland road (formerly St Peter's Scotch* church) consecrated June 25
St Alban's Roman Catholic chapel, Athol street opened Aug 19
St Mary's church Bootle enlarged and steeple added, August
St Matthew's Church Hill street Toxteth Park opened October 7
Unitarian church, Hope street, opened October 18

1850..Foundation stone of St Mary's church Wavetree laid by Rev Augusuts CAMPBELL rector of Liverpool April 15
Church and School for the Indigent Blind re-erected in Hardman street July

1851..St Peter's church Everton consecrated April 23
New Parish Cemetery Walton consecrated May 1
St Stephen's church, Edge Hill, built in Crown street.

1852...St Nicholas Church re-opened after extensive alterations April 11 Foundation stone of the Holy Innocents church in connection with the Orphan Boy's asylum and Female Orphan Asylum, laid

1853..St John-the divine's church Fairfield consecrated January 14
Foundation stone of new parish church West Derby laid April 13
St Bartholemew's church Roby consecrated May 3
St Chrysostom's Church, Everton opened August 31
Roman Catholic Institute, Hope street opened Aug 31

1854....Foundation stone of St James church New Brighton (Wirral) laid by the Lord Bishop of Chester Feb 16
Holy Innocents church in Myrtle street, in connection with the two Orpahn Asylums consecrated by Bishop of Chester March 18. The church was built at the sole expense of Harmood Banner esq. On the same day the building of the Orphan Boy's Asylum being completed, was inaugurated by the Bishop of Chester, Erected by subscription.
Foundation stone of St Paul's church Tranmere (Birkenhead) laid May 23
St Saviour's church consecrated May 24
St Mary's church Grassendale, consecrated July 4
Foundation stone of All Souls church, Eaton street, Vauxhall road laid by Charles GROVES Esq Aug 1

1855..Foundation stone of West Derby church laid by the Earl of Sefton April 8
Foundation stone of St Aiden's church Victoria road laid bt Rector Campbell April 30 opened June 27
Hanover chapel Toxteth park burnt down June 1 Foundation stone of new one laid July 22 1856
1856..St Mary's church Wavetree consecrated
The New cemetery Toxteth park which cost about $26000 consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester
Foundation stones of the new Wesleyan Chapel and schools North end, laid by Joseph LEATHER esq of Liverpool and John ROBINSON Esq of Bass-lane house near Bury June 12
The Congregational church Huyton opened Oct 16
West Derby village parish church consecrated by Right Rev Lord Bishop of Chester Nov 6
New Congregational Chapel, Stanley opened Nov 11
St Columbus church consecrated this year
Wallasey church destroyed by fire Feb 1

1857..Wesleyan Chapel Waterloo opened June 12
Foundation stone of Presbyterian church Rock Ferry (Birkenhead) laid June 16
The New Jerusalem church Bedford street North opened June 21
Cranmer Wesleyan Chapel Vauxhall rd opened July 26
The foundation stone of Christ church Bebington (Wirral) laid Aug 1
Jewish synagogue, Hope place opened Sept 9
St Paul's church Lower Tranmere (Birkenhead) consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester Oct 10
Foundation stone of Holy Trinity church, Parliament street laid by the Rev Hugh McNEILE December 1 opened 8th August 1858

1858..Foundation stone of the Wesleyan Chapel Grove street laid by John FARNWORTH Esq June 2
Foundation stone of a Wesleyan Chapel Brighton Street Seacombe laid by Henry POOLEY esq Nov 18
A chapel in the Royal Infirmary opened Oct 10 Mr Robert HUTCHINSON at his sole expense had it fitted up for the inmates
Holy Trinity church Toxteth Park consecrated Dec 30

1859.Foundation stone of Welsh Presbyterian Parkfield (Birkenhead) laid April 13
.Foundation stone of new Roman Catholic church Great Crosshall street laid June 13
Wallasey Parish church (on the site of the old one burnt down) consecrated July 28
Foundation stone of United Presbyterian church Jackson street (Birkenhead) laid Sept 6

1860.Foundation stone of.the Jubilee Primitive Methodist Chapel Yates street, Toxteth Park, laid March 21
The New Reformed Presbyterian church Shaw street opened April 11
Foundation stone of Presbyterian church Derby rd Bootle laid by Rev Dr CRICHTON May 11
St Paul's Presbyterian church Jackson street Birkenhead opened by Rev Professor EADIE of Glasgow
Catholic Chapel, Lady of La Salette of Reconciliation Eldon street opened Aug 15
The Primitive Methodist Chapel, Croston street opened Nov 4

1861..New Reformed Presbyterian Church, Shaw Street opened Feb 24 Foundation stone of St Timothy's church Rokeby street, Everton laid by C Groves Esq June 17
Foundation stone of St Phillip's church Litherland laid by the Earl of Sefton Sept 25
Foundation stone of Wesleyan Chapel Church rd Higher Tranmere (Birkenhead) laid Oct 21

1862...Foundation stone of St James -the-less Church Gore street, North laid by Mayor Robert HUTCHINSON Esq Feb 25 Opened Jan 6 1863
Foundation stone of St Catherine's church Tunnel rd Edge Hill laid July 5 opened May 21 18?(not clear)

1863...Foundation stone of a Wesleyan Chapel at the top of Laird street fronting Conway street Birkenhead June 1
New church at Moreton (Wirral) consecrated July 30
Consecration of St Paul's church (Birkenhead) by the Bihop of Chester (Dr Graham)

1865..Foundation stone of a new church in the district of St John-the- Baptist to be called St Cleopass, laid by William PEEK esq Sept 21 St Titus church, Portland street consecrated this year
Foundation stone of a new chapel in connection with the Northern Hospital laid by John Pemberton HEYWOOD esq, this chapel to be built at the sole cost of Mr HEYWOOD

1866..Foundation stone of Mark-the Evangelists laid by MrAlfred TURNER April 29
Christ church Bootle (built by Mr P.J MATHER) of Bootle Hall, consecrated Oct 18

1867..Emmanuel Church, West Derby rd (erected by Thos. D. ANDERSON esq at a cost of £15,000) consecrated, Feb 15

1868...Removal of bodies from a part of St Peter's churchyard commeced Jan 27. About 2000 bodies were removed. Some of the coffins bore the date of 1707. The graveyard was opened in 1704 The bodies were all removed with the utmost decency and propriety and were re-interred in Anfield cemetery. Serious fire at St Nicholas's (old) church Feb 5
St Peter's church Cathcart street (Birkenhead) consecrated March 21
Foundation stone of St Saviour's church Everton laid by Alex H.BROWN Esq Richmond Hill April 13
St Paul's church (North End) consecrated

1869... St Nathaniel's church Pine Grove consecrated July 17
St Margeret's church Prince's road (built by Robert HORSFALL esq) consecrated by Lord Bishop of Chester July 20
St Saviour's church Breckfield rd consecrated Oct 21

1870 Greek church Prince's rd consecrated by His Grace the Archbishop of Syra and Tenos Jan 16
Panic at St Joseph's Roman Catholic Chapel (during evening service) caused by a drunken man raising a false alarm of fire :15 people killed and several injured Jan 23
The Lord Bishop of Chester refused to consecrate St John the Baptist church, Green lane Tue brook June 24
Christ church Kensington consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester July 21
New church of St Stephen Byrom street consecrated by Lord Bishop of Chester
5th August, final services held in the old Church of St Stephen, 31st July
St Nicholas church Blundelsands opened for public worhip Aug 14
Foundation ston eof Methodist New connection Chapel St Domingo vale laid by Mr Joseph WADE, Sept 12
Foundation stone of Wesleyan chapel Walton laid
Foundation stone of St Ambrose's Church Prince Edwin street Everton laid by Wm INMAN Esq Sept 36
Foundation stone of a new congregational chapel laid at the corner of Aigburth rd and Ullet rd by Wm CROSFIELD Esq. J.P. Oct 31
Foundation stones of St Matthew and St James church Mossley hill laid by Mrs S. BELCHER Dec 1
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Rice Lane Walton opened for Divine service Dec 16 Foundation stone of United Free Methodist church Wellington rd Toxteth park laid by Dr BURROWS, Dec 27

1871..Foundation stone of New Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Palm Grove Oxton, laid by W.LITHERLAND Esq. Mar 8
Foundation stone of Free Church of England, Stanfield rd Everton laid by Dr J STOPFORD TAYLOR April 10
Christ Church, Linnet lane, consecrated April 27
Foundation stone of a new Unitarian Chapel, Hamilton rd Everton, laid by Mr LAMPORT Esq May 6
St John-the-Baptist's Church, Tue Brook, consecrated May 20
Memorial stone of a new Congregational Church at Rock Ferry. laid by Daniel JAMES Esq of Liverpool June 16
The new church of St Anne, Great Richmond street (to replace the old one of St Anne street) consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester Nov 16 St Ambrose Church, Prince Edwin Street Everton consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester Dec 30

1872....Memorial Chapel and Monument in remembrance of the late Edward Geoffrey, 14th Earl of Derby opened at Knowlsey Church Jan 7
Foundation stone of All Saints Church, Oakhill Park, Broadgreen rod laid with Masonic honours Jan 8
St Bridget's Church, Bagot Street Wavetree, opened under the Bishop's license Feb 27
The Mortuary Chapel, Collingwood stret opened by Father Nugent March 17
St Stephen's Church, Belle-vale rd, Gateacre foundation stone laid April 1 by Mr Edward GIBBON
Bebington (Wirral) Parish church re-opened by Lord Bishop of Chester April 9
HRH Prince Arthur (third son of Queen Victoria) visited Liverpool, Sunday May 19 attended morning service at Childwall Parish church
The Mariners Church an old man of war ship (the Tees) used for forty-five years as a seaman's church, sank in St George's Dock, June 7
St Simon's Parish church, Gloucester-street, consecrated June 14; first erected 33 yrs ago, at the corner of Silver and Gloucester steeets; was removed to it's present site in 1866 by the London and North-western Railway Company.
Foundation of St Philomena's Church, Windsor street, Toxteth Park, laid by Thos. B HORSFALL Esq Oct 30

1873..St Cuthberts Mission church, Robson church Everton, opened for Divine Service March 5
The Very Rev Canon O'Reilly consecrated Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool, at the Church of the St Vincent de Paul, St James street, March 19
Consecration of St James the Less Church, Stanley rd May 21
Foundation stone of the chapel in Newsham Park in connection with the Seaman's Orphan Institution laid by Charles McIvor Esq Aug 8
Foundation stone of St Nicholas church Blundellsands laid by Arnold Baruchson Esq Sept 4
St Margaret's Church Anfield consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester Nov 25

1874.....The new church at St Stephen's Gateacre consecrated Feb 11
St Philemons Church Toxteth park consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester 13 July
St Nicholas's church Blundellsands, consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester Sept 25
Memorial stones of a new Wesleyan Chapel about to be erected at Aigburth Vale laid by Mrs Hargrove and Mrs Farnworth Oct 7
Foundation stone of a new Congregational Church for Bootle situated at the junction of Balliol and Stanley roads laid by J.A PICTON Esq F.R.A.S. Oct 19

1875.Foundation stone of the new church of St Aiden's Latham street, Stanley rd (to replace the old one on Victoria rd.), laid by Mr Alderman HUBBACK March 1
All Saints church, Broad Green rd, Old Swan, consecrated by the Right Rev, the Lord Bishop of Chester,,March 4
Foundation stone of the new parish church of Garston laid by the Right Hon. R ASSHETON Cross MP secretary for the Home Department May 18
St Matthew and St James church, Mossley Hill, consecrated by the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Chester. June 23

1876..Foundation stone of St Mary's Church, Liscard, laid by Mrs MADDOCK the lady who gave the site.
Foundation stone of the church of St John -the-Evangilist, Walton -on-the hill laid by Lord Skelmersdale April 17
Foundation stone of St Peter's Church Aintree, laid by Lord Bishop of Chester April 2
St Catherine's church (Birkenhead) Higher Tranmere, consecrated by Lord Bishop of Chester after undergoing alterations and extensions June 1
The New Church at Speke consecrated by Lord Bishop of Chester June 21
Foundation stone of new Roman Catholic church of the Blessed sacrament, Rice lane Walton laid by Rev Dr O'REILLY RC Bishop of Liverpool July 16
The new chuirch of All Hallows Allerton built and endowed by Lord BIBBY Esq, consecrated by Bishop of Chester Aug 10

1877....Foundation stone of St Athanasius's Church Kirkdale laid by A.H.BROWN Esq. MP June 25
The Roman Catholic Church of St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo, opened by Cardinal Manning Aug 24
Foundation stone of St Peter's Wesleyan Church High Park st laid by J.T.WARRINGTON Esq. Sept 26
St Ann's Roman Catholic Church, Rock Ferry (Birkenhead) opened by Rev Dean Chapnfan (sic) Oct 28
Foundation stone of the Primitive Methodist Chapel Prince's rd laid by his worhip the Mayor (Mr Alderman A.B.WALKER)
St Peter's Church Aintree consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester Nov 20
St Cuthbert's Church, Robson st Everton consecrated by Bishop of Chester Nov 29

1878..Foundation stone of St John's church Great Sutton in the parish of Eastham (Wirral) laid by John TORR esq M.P. Aug 28
Congregational church, Marmaduke street Edge Hill opened for Divine Service September 10
Foundation stone of a new Welsh Calvanistic chapel in Crosshall street, laid by John ROBERT'S esq M.P. in lieu of Pall mall chapel which was built in 1787 and taken down for railway extension Nov 27
1879..Foundation stone of a new Baptist Chapel in Prince's road laid by J BARRAN esq MP Leeds July 1
Foundation stone of a new Baptist School, Carisbrooke rd Walton, laid by John CRIPPS esq, President of the Liverpool Baptist Union, July 8
Foundation stone of a new Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Walton rd Kirkdale, laid by James WOOD Esq of Southport Aug 14
Foundation stone of the new church of St Cyprian Edge hill, laid by Charles GROVES Esq Sept 3
Memorial stone of a new Wesleyan Chapel at Blundell sands laid by Mr J.T WARRINGTON of Liverpool Dec 3

1880..St Andrew's church Maghull consecrated by the Right Rev J.C RYLE DD Lord Bishop of Liverpool Sept 8
St Athanius's church Kirkdale consecrated by Lord Bishop of Liverpool Nov 30

1881...St Cyprian's church Edge lane consecrated by Lord Bishop of Liverpool July 27
St Luke's church Lower Tranmere (Birkenhead) co nsecrated by Bishop Kelly acting for Bishop of Chester.
St Stephen's church removed from Crown street and rebuilt in Grove street by L and NW Railway Co.
Kirkdale cemetery opened

1882...Foundation stone of the Tower of St Mary's church Sandown Park Wavetree laid by Lord Bishop of Liverpool
Foundation stone of a Mission Church Earle rd connected with Sefton Park
Presbyterian church laid by Mayor John HUGHES Esq JP July 1
Foundation stone of a New Church to be dedicated to All Saints and to be erected in Bentley and Kingsley rd Prince's Park in substitution for an Iron Church, laid by Mayor John Hughes Esq July 21
St Philip's church Hardman street, with the freehold land oj which it stands sold by public aution July 25
Foundation stone of St Mary's Church Waterloo, laid by Lord Bishop of Liverpool.

1883..Foundation stone of St Gabriels' Church Beaufort street Toxteth Park laid by Mayor William RADCLIFFE Esq JP Oct 8
St Mary's Church Waterloo, Opened for Divine service by Lord Bishop of the Diocese Nov 21

1884...West Derby Cemetery consecrated Jn 28
New church of St Lawrence, Barlow lane, Kirkdale opened by Loed Bishop of the Diocese. Feb 17
Foundation stone of a new Roman Catholic church Marsh lane Bootle laid by Dr O'REILLY, Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool

1885...St Agnes's church Ullet rd (erected by H.Douglas HORSFALL Esq in memory of his father the late Robert HORSFALL Esq) consecrated by Lord Bishop of Liverpool Jan 21
St Luke's churchyard laid out as a garden with walks, shrubs etc for the Public
St Chad's church Everton consecrated May 3
Foundation stone of the new church of Our lady of Good Help (adjoining the old one) Chesnut Grove Wavetree laid by RC Bishop of Liverpool Oct 4
Foundation stone of new Roman Catholic church for Blundellsands, laid by the RC Bishop of Liverpool Dec 15

1886...St Mary's Church Waterloo, consecrated by Lord Bishop of the Diocese Feb 17
St Philip's church, Sheil rd opened by Bishop of Diocese March 9
Foundation stone of new Parish church St Peter's Woolton laid by Edward GIBBON Esq J.P May 30
St Polycarp Church Netherfield rd North consecrated by Bishop of Diocese June 21
Foundation stone of St Benedicts Everton, laid by Col. A.H. BROWN M.P. June 25
Foundation stone of a new Chapel-of-ease (in connection with St John the Baptist, Tue brook) laid in Empress rd, Townsend lane by Mrs C.W CARVER of West Derby July 3
Three windows placed in chancel of Garston parish church to the memory of Miss LIGHTFOOT and her brothers, on account of their benevolance in the parish, unveiled Oct 17
Foundation stone of St Dunstan's church, Earle rd, Edge Hill, laid by Sir Thomas EARLE, Bart Nov 27
New chancel at St Paul's church Prince's Park consecrated by Lord Bishop of the Diocese Dec 10

1887...St Benedict's Church Kepler-street, Everton, consecrated by the Bishop of the Diocese Aug 2
Woolton new parish church consecrated by Bishop of Diocese

1888..Foundation stone of St Matthews Church, Park rd East, Birkenhead laid by Mayor Francis THORNLEY Esq. J.P. Aug 11
Foundation stone of St Leonard's Church, Seaforth laid by Mrs T.W.COOKSON. Lord Derby gave the site and Mr T.W COOKSON gave £4000 towards cost of building. Oct 15

1889...Consecration of Memorial Church of St Dunstan, Earle rd, Edge Hill by Bishop of Diocese May 18
Memorial stone of St Ann's New Church, Stanley laid by John Fenwick HARRISON, infant son of Thomas Fenwick HARRISON who is rebuilding the church in memory of his father, the late Thomas HARRISON, shipowner and member of Dock Board, on the site of the old church, which had become decayed and dilapidated. June 15

1890...St Leonard's Church Bootle, opened for Divine Sevice. Archbishop of York preached the first sermon. Nov 6
New Church of St John the Evangelist, Breck rd (known also as the Groves Memorial Church), consecrated by Bishop of Liverpool Feb 5
New Church at Bromborough Pool (Wirral) erected by PRICE's Patent Candle Co. Limited, opened April 12
Memorial stone of New Church of St Matthew, Stanley rd Bootle laid by Earl of Latham Oct 9
St Philip's Church, Sheil rd, consecrated by Bishop of Liverpool Dec 2.

1890..St Leonards Church Bootle opened for Divine service, Archbishop of York preached the first sermon
New Church of St John the Evangelist Breck rd (known also as Groves Memorial Church ) consecrated by Bishop of Liverpool Feb 5
New Church at Bromborough Pool, erected by Priceís Patent Candle Co. Limited, opened April 12
Memorial stone of New Church of St Matthew, Stanley rd laid by Earl of Latham Oct 9
St Philipís, Sheil rd consecrated, Lord Bishop of Liverpool Dec 2

1890..St Leonards Church Bootle opened for Divine service, Archbishop of York preached the first sermon
New Church of St John the Evangelist Breck rd (known also as Groves Memorial Church ) consecrated by Bishop of Liverpool Feb 5
New Church at Bromborough Pool, erected by Priceís Patent Candle Co. Limited, opened April 12
Memorial stone of New Church of St Matthew, Stanley rd laid by Earl of Latham Oct 9
St Philipís, Sheil rd consecrated, Lord Bishop of Liverpool Dec 2

1891..The city was visited with a terrific thunderstorm that damaged St Paulís, St Judeís and St Margeretís Churches, and St Saviourís schools, Canning street.
St Markís Devonshire rd, Claughton opened for Divine service by Lord Bishop of Chester Dr Jayne Sept 9

1894.....The foundation stone of the Church of St Gabriel (Chapel of ease to Huyton Parish Church) was laid by Earl of Derby Jan 20
The Right Rev Bernard OíReilly, DD Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool died at his residence, St Edwards College, St Domingo rd April 9
Dr Thomas Whiteside was consecrated Roman Catholic Bishop of Liverpool at the Pro-Cathedral, Copperas Hill by his eminence Cardinal Vaughan assisted by the Bishops of Ledds and Stafford Aug 15
Foundation stone of the new cremetorium, Priory rd Anfield, laid by Right Hon W.B BOWRING Mayor Aug 24
Church of St Gabriel at Huyton Quarry, consecrated by Rev John Charles Ryle DD Lord Bishop of the Diocese
St Barnabus Church Parliament street pulled down this year.

1895..The memorial stone of St Simonís and St Judeís Church Anfield rd laid by Mr Nathan STOKES in the presence of Lord room 600 Jan 1

1896...The Liverpool Crematorium Priory rd Anfield opened by Lord Mayor (Earl of Derby) Sept 11
Foundation stone of Presbyterian Church at Smithdown gate laid by Mrs WATSON wife of Rev John WATSON DD .

1897 ..Foundation stone of Presbyterian Church of England at the corner of Rice lane and Orrell lane Walton, laid by Stephen WILLIAMSON Esq JP May 15
The last services were held at St Georges Church, the site being aquired for improvement purposes by the Corporation Dec 26

1898..The last services held at St Johnís Church Old Haymarket, the site being aquired by the Corporation March 27
St Maryís Cemetery Walton lane closed Dec 28

1899..Foundation stone of a chancel to St Jamesís Church Toxteth Nov 7

1900..St Saviourís Church, Upper Huskisson stret destroyed by fire Feb 4
St Faithís Church Waterloo, erected and endowed by H.Douglas HORSFALL at a cost of £21,000 consecrated by Archbishop of York April 21
Funeral of Her late Majesty Queen Victoria. Representatives from every section of city life accompanied Lord Mayor (Rt Hon Arthur CROSTHWAITE) from the town hall to the Cathedral Church of St Peter to attend the Memorial service. The service was fully choral. The Rev H CLARKE read prayers and the Bishop of Liverpool announced Benediction. At the same time a solemn service of Nonconformists was held at St Georgeís Hal, at which Rev Robert LEWIS (Princeís Gate Baptist Chapel) delivered an impressive address. Great mourning like this had never been seen in Liverpool before. Feb 2

1902....Fire at Holy Trinity Church St Anne street Jan 15

1903.The Birkenhead Unitarian Church Bessborough rd erected at a cost of £12,000 opened March 19

1904..St Nathaniels Church destroyed by fire Feb 14
The Church of the Good Shepherd, West Derby (the gift of an anymous donor) consecrated by Bishop of Liverpool April 2
The Church at Port Sunlight,(Wirral) erected by Mr LEVER at a cost of £28,000, opened by Mrs LEVER June 8
Their most gracious Majesties the King and Queen visited Liverpool and laid the Foundation stone of the cathedral. 19 July

1905...Welsh Presbyterian Church at Breeze Hill opened by the Lord Mayor (Rt Hon John LEA) April 10 1907..Foundation stone of new Egremont Presbyterian Church laid by Lord Balfour of Burleigh. April 16

1908.. Memorial stone of the new Parochial Hall of St Paulís Church, Kirkdale, laid by the Lady Mayoress March 21
Consecration of the new St Davidís Welsh Church Merton Grove, Bootle, by Bishop of Liverpool Sept 12
New Presbyterian Church, erected at a cost of £15,000 at Sea Bank rd Egremont, consecrated Oct 1
Church of St Markís, Upper Duke street, closed for lack of congregation. This church was opened in 1803 and is the largest Church in the Liverpool Diocese Dec 27

1909..Memorial stone of the new church of St Nathanielís Walton, laid by Canon HOBSON May 22
Gift to the Liverpool Presbyterian Church of £5,000 by Mr Henry T WALLACE July 12
Allerton Cemetery 233 acres and costing £52,000 opened Dec 29

1910..£50,000 left by Mr Frederick NORTH, solicitor of New Brighton (Wirral) for the erection of churches, parish halls etc. in New Brighton and Wallasey
Foundation stone of the church of SS John and James Litherland, laid by Miss WILLOX who had given £10,500 for the erection therof. May 1
Consecration of the Lady Chapel of the Cathedral by the Bishop (Dr Chevasse) June 29
Gift by Lord Derby of £5000 to the cathedral building fund July 11
Church of St David, Hampstead rd consecrated by the Bishop Nov 26

1911.Various Liverpool Churches benefit to the extent of £5,000 under the will of the late Mr George HARDING, shipowner, of Stanton Bebington April 14
Consecration of the Church of SS John and James Litherland, erected by Miss WILLOX as a memorial to her brothers, the late Sir John and Mr James WILLOX May 1
Foundation stone of New Lady Chapel at Walton Parish Church laid by Miss Frances M. HORNBY Oct 5
Consecration of the Church of St Nicholas, Wallasey (Wirral) built by Messers F.J.&H. HARRISON as a memorial to their parents Nov 29

1912....Foundation stone of St Barnabus Church, Smithdown rd, laid by the wife of Canon Harford June 11
Bequests of £1,000 for the enlargement of St James Church, Toxteth Park in the will of Mrs Elizabeth STRINGER (she left other bequests to various charities, for more details contact me at the e-mail address above)
Bequest of the late Mr William LEEMING of Haymanís green West Derby of £10,000 for the erection of a Roman Catholic Church at West Derby Dec 13

1913 Gift of £10,000 to the Cathedral Building fund by Mr A.EARLE, which he offered in 1910 provided that £50,000 were raised before 1915
Memorial unveiled at St Faithís Church, Great Crosby to Mr Joseph BELL, cheif engineer of the ill-fated White Star Liner ďTitanicĒ Jan 7
Demolition of St Markís Church, Upper Duke street, November

1914...Dedication of St Barnabas, Mossley Hill, erected at a cost of nearly £25,000 by the Bishop of Liverpool Feb 23
Mr BROCKLEHURST left £1,000 to the Cathedral fund and money to other charities)
Wesleyan church Warbreck Moor opened Nov 25
Bequest of £5,000 to the Cathedral fund left in the will of late Alderman William RADCLIFFE March 8
Gift by Mr Joseph HOULT of £5,000 to St anneís Church and schools.

1918..Bequest under the will of the late J.H. WELSFORD of the residue of his estate, estimated at £700,000 to be divided equally between the Liverpool Shipbrokers Benevolent Society and the Cathedral Building fund

1922..Demolition of St Peterís Church W, completed Oct 2

1924..Consecration of Liverpool Cathedral by Bishop of Liverpool in the presence of King George V and Queen Mary, July 19..the following day they returned at 11.a.m for the dedication of the War memorial to the soldiers and Sailors who fell in the Great War 1914-18

The end

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