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Caryl Williams

I am searching to make contact with anyone who may have served in WWII in either the 69 Light A.A. Regiment R.A. or with the CHINDITS in Burma. Especially, I am seeking contact with anyone who may have known/served with my grandfather, John Francis KEARNS. He served with the 69 Light A.A. Regiment R.A. and then with the CHINDITS in Burma, up to 1944 when he returned home due to injuries. He was a Private, a "GUNNER," and his army no. was 1788785.
John Francis Kearns

Seeking to hear from anyone who trained just before WW2 at Halton Academy UK and/or anyone who served in 208 Squadron during WW2.
Howard Hall

My father, Ron Sly, spent most of his naval career at Haslar Hospital in Gosport, Hampshire, at first as an SBA and then as senior Physio. He joined the RN in Nov. 1938, HMS Victory Barracks, Portsmouth. During the war years he served as LSBA on the HMS Malaya, and Gurkha -- convoying from UK to the Mediterranean. Hospital ships HMHS Dorsetshire and Maine, also HMS Nile (Dockyard in Alexandria He also spent brief periods on the rescue ships AMC Antwerp and AMC Malines. After the war he spent most of his time back at Haslar with trips to Malta (1949-53) and Gibraltar (1959-62) and HMS Ganges (1965-67). If anyone knew or served with him during his career I would be thrilled and delighted to hear from you.
Jennifer Smith

My father Arthur Frederick 'Bob' Wallington served in the Royal Fleet Reserve during WW2 on DEMS. Bob was at Bari Harbour in Italy when about 16 ships were destroyed and there was mustard gas on one of them. I am wanting to know which ship he served on while there. Also any other information about ships he was on, asp prior to this Bob was on Atlantic convoys with SS Houston City, Dewsbury, Lornaston & Dan-Y-Bryn. Or any one who knew or served with him in the Royal Navy 1923 to 1937.
Arthur Frederick Wallington

A few years ago, I came across a war diary of my Uncle, Stanley Wilbur Dodge. My uncle was one (of I believe only a few) American Captains (transferred from the Eagle Squadron) who flew Wellington Bombers for the RAF. He was in the 21 OTU based at Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucester and was (I think) part of the No. 5 Bomber Group. He had participated in a raid on Bremen on 13 September, 1942. Sadly, he was shot down on his second mission over Germany on the evening of 16 September, 1942 at the tender age of 21. His diary lists the following crew (though I believe there were two substitutions on the night his plane was shot down): Pilot Captain, Stanley Dodge (my uncle, and the only American) Pilot Officer, Sutton (from Yorkshire, an Oxford graduate) Navigator, (P/O) Hendly-Cross (from London) Wireless Op, Sgt. Downing (from Yorkshire) Rear Gunner, Sgt. Tucknott (from Birmingham) Front Gunner, Sgt. Confait (a Frenchman, living in Kenya)
Cynthia Dodge Adkins

I'd like to hear from anyone who knew my Great-Uncle, Alan Ronald Stewart, a private in 5th Bn., Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, who died on 26th October 1944, in action. I'd love to find out anything about him. He was 18 when he was killed. Jane Copping

Could you please post a message on the site for anyone who knew Gnr Thomas John Clements who was a member of the 1st armoured division 8th army from 1939-1946. he was at all 3 battles for tobruk and the came up through Italy in the last months of the war. He has sadly passed away (1981) but I would love to hear from anyone who knew or fought with him. My Nan is still live and kicking and if anyone knows her, Winifred Clements,(dressmaker) then could they pls. contact me. Thank you for your help Paul Lodge

I would love to here from anyone who served with/has information regarding my father JACK (JOHN) CLAYTON (from York, England) during WW2. Dad was in the Royal Marines and served in Egypt and Crete. He was taken as a POW during the surrender of Crete and spent the rest of the war in various POW camps in Yugoslavia and Austria. He fought in Crete with a Maori Company from New Zealand. We have some of Dad's memoirs from the war but would love to fill in some of the blanks.
Anne Clayton-Soushan

Looking for my Uncle Stanley Krochenski,would be about 79 yrs old now. Served on the Canadian Navy in Corvettes on Atlantic crossings. Turnaround was at Londonderry, believed to be living either Scotland or Ireland. Loved the people there! Anyone knowing of or served with him info would be appreciated One of his ships was the Orangeville. Thank you.
Elvin Grocholski

I would like to hear from any one who served with my father in the last war He was in the York & Lancaster Regiment Territorials from 1932 onwards untill he was demobbedin 1947. He served in the Ack Ack through out the war without being wounded once! He was married to Emaline (Nee Woodhouse) on 30th September 1939 in uniform. He reached the rank of Bomberdier. He often spoke of a Jimmy Critchley and I am sure that they were good pals in the war. Please email any information.
Steve Seargant

I am looking for anyone who might have served with my grandfather in WWII. He served in the Royal Navy Volunteers Reserve (South African Devision). His name was KENNETH SCHROEDER. A Leading Signalman. He served on the following: HMS Afrikaner ; Afrikander VI ; Afrikander I ; Edinburgh Castle ; HMS Bridgewater ; HMS Janus ; Sheba ; Assegai ; Afrikander ; Aran ; Southern Gem. If you knew him, or know someone who might, please let me know. Thank you!
Andrea Congakis

My late father-in-law was a Rear Gunner in the RAF. On May 10, 1943, my husband Spencer was born - the only child of James and Joan Stapleford. The weather that day was really atrocious but the RAF Squadron Leader of Squadron #266, Boston Bombers at Swanton-Morely very kindly hedge-hopped the aircraft to Peterborough, so that my father-in-law could get home to Alfreton to see his new-born son. If anyone has any memory of that incident, I would like to make contact with them. My dear father-in-law passed away on February 17, 1999 his 79th birthday, and often mentioned the kindness of that Squadron Leader, and we would dearly love to be able to personally thank him. Marlene in Delta, BC, Canada
Marlene Stapleford

I am trying to contact a WILLIAM AUSTIN who served in Burma 1947/48. Unfortunately I do not have much information to go on, except for on except for the fact that he was definitely in Rangoon in the first three months of 1948 and served in the British Army. It is most important that I establish contact with him. I would be most grateful if somebody could help. Many many thanks and a big god bless.
Michael Anthony Austin

When my great uncle HENRY WHITTAKER married Edith Alice HOLT in 1925 he was a Lance Sergeant in the 1st Lincolnshire Regiment, and was stationed at Aldershot. His army number was 4793916. He was discharged from the army on medical grounds in 1944, and by this time he was a Colour Sergeant. Henry lost touch with the family around 1935 and his brother, Albert, would very much like to hear any news or information about him.
Ann Berry

Please could anyone help me with regaurds to my granfather and his 3 brothers, who all served in The Royal Hampshire Regiment before and during world war 2. My grandfather was in egypt at the outbreak of the war. His three brothers joind the regiment when the war broke out. Their names were. Cecil George Watts ***** Stanley Watts **** Douglas Watts Wilfred Alexander Watts..... I do not know either stans or dougs first names. All four Brothers were commonly know by their middle names..... Alex was killed somwhere in Italy during the war. My Grandfather and his brothers all served in Africa and I know that my grandfather Cecil George was in Malta, from there he weas shipped home with malaria.

I would greatly appreciate any information regarding the four brothers. I know that they were featured in the Army newspaper sometime during the war, because it had been many years since four brothers had served in the Royal Hampshires at the same time. please feel free to mail me with ANY information at all, I would be very greatful.
Robert Elson

I am looking for details on my father, Frederick Leonard Duckitt, who served with the Green Howards, 1st Battalion The Essex Regiment and the 16th Parachute Brigade during WW11. He served in India and Burma and was a Chindit.
Timothy Duckitt

I am hoping to find out details of a lady called Jane Doran (nee Mansley) of Aintree Liverpool who served as a nurse on board the Leinster (at Anzio Beachhead). She was a very dear friend of my Grandma Mary Helene Smith (nee Wilson) of Bradford West Yorkshire. They were nurses together around 1940 in Birmingham (also Alsager area). My grandma would dearly love to know if "Mansley" is still alive. She remembers having a son called Tommy who would probably be around 50 years old. "Mansleys" husband was from Gouroch in Scotland and she remembers he worked on the oilrigs.
Evonne Randell

I would like to find out anything about my father Private William Chapman who served with the Cheshire Regiment in WW2 he was mentioned in dispatches and I would love to find out what that mention was for and also if anyone remembers him. He died in Feb. 1999
Paul Chapman

I am writng on behalf of my father, Francis Spilbor. He was a pen pal for many years with a Vera Drake.Her last known address was 180 Leeds & Whitehall Rds. Wyke Bradford Yorkshire. The last letter he received was in 1944, saying she had joined the Royal Air Corps. He has spent 55 years wondering her fate, as all mail after that was returned. He approaches 81 and has been ill, so I would like to solve this mystery before it is too late. Please reply if you have ANY information. Thank you. Sincerely,
Cheryl Rose

I am in search of anyone who may have served with my grandfather in WWII. The biggest problem is the only thing I know about his service was that he flew a hellcat. I know this is a huge longshot, but I have not been successful with any other sources, and none of my family can remember anything. If anyone can help me at all, I would greatly appreciate it. His full name was Jerrald Anson Isaacson. He was born in South Dakota, and went to school at Purdue prior to his service.
Marci Lynn Isaacson

Dynevor Castle, LLandeilo WW2 Were you stationed or hospitalised at Dynevor Castle? I am writing a thesis about the caslte and this period in it's hitory and would be grateful to hear from any servicemen/women who came to Llandeilo. I know American and Canadian forces were in the locality and many servicemen from overseas were brought to this quiet Welsh market town. Were you the artist who drew the "Memphis Belles" on the wall of the Servants Hall. Many local people worked at the castle with the Red Cross and NAAFI. Any memories? There was also a prisoner of war camp within the anicent Deer Park. After the war local people moved in to this camp and it became known as "Tin Town". Any information, photos etc would be appreciated. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers anything!
Ceri Howells

I am looking for Les Patmore, who fought with my Dad, Rodney Pike, in the KINGS OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT REGIMENT in Belgium and Holland. They trained and fought together from age 18 and last saw each other in 1945. I know that Les came from Tooting and Mitcham in South London, and was a driver in the battalion.My Dad will be 75 in January 2001, God willing, and I would love to make contact with Les or his family and hear how his life went after the War. If he would like to as well, I wondered whether we could arrange a reunion for my Dad's birthday. Many thanks,
Karen Lambourne

I am writing on behalf of my father JIM ABBOTT who was in Royal Engineers from 1939-45. He went to Iceland in 1940 and was in the 1007Docks Operating Company as a driver. He applied for a transfer in 1941 and was sent to Paddington Tec in London to train as a mechanic. In 1942 he was sent to North Africa as part of the 1st Army. Later he was in 8th Army in Italy. He was in Naples and with the Duke of Cornwall's Regiment at Monte Casino where he was a mechanic retrieving and dealing with broken down trucks. He was injured by a bomb and spent some months in hospital in Italy before he was invalided home in 1945. My mother died this year and my father who is 82 would like to have the opportunity of writing to some of his old compatriots who might remember him. Please write to me
Joyce Mason

I'm looking for BEATRICE LILLIAN (DAISY) BELL on behalf of my father TOMMY KILMARTIN (wee TAM from Glasgow). she was born approx. 1919 in Scotland, she was a WAAF, stationed @ thornaby & longtown outside Glasgow, 1943 & 44. she was a friend of my dad Tommy as well as "SUNNY" and WALTER. I believe Sunny & Walter met her briefly in a visit to Scotland in the 80's. my dad, tommy has carried DAISY BELL'S picture in his wallet for a good 55 years or so...he'd love to hear from her or about her...lots of good memories. we are in the outskirts of TORONTO, CANADA

I am seeking information about my uncle, Trooper Harold Lockett (7888519) 'B' Squadron 1st Royal Tank Regiment, KIA 9th April 1943, Tunisia.
I am researching my family history and would love to hear from anyone who knew or served with my uncle. He was a regular soldier -1937 onwards, and was originally from Stoke on Trent.
Geoff Lockett

Herbert Victor Sharman: No.5337291 PTE-2nd Battalion of The Royal Berkshires.

Can anyone help me (His son) find any information about my father. Herbert Victor Sharman (BERT or Albert). My father would never talk about the war only in anger. I am trying to put together a profile of this great man.

What I Know is very little to say the least. Born 10.10.1917 Raised in Stepney London (England) Friends in conflict were from London. He was a stretcher bearer? possibly stationed at Taunton? Fought in Burma possibly Mandalay, he was in contact with the Gurkhas as this came up at times. Holder of: The 1939-1945 Star, The Burma Star, George 1vs:IND:IMP, Defence Medal & T.A Royal Berkshire Medal. Witch shows he was in the Territorial Army for some time.

He Met my Mother Elsie Wheeler (Nick name Wee Wee) near the wars end. (Letters show that)

Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated. I would also appreciate any information or links concerning 2nd Battalion Royal Berkshires involvement in Burma that might put me on the right track.
Vic Sharman

Hi, Im looking for anyone who may have known my grandfather. He was John George Turnbull (private) of the east yorkshire regiment ww2. My grandfather was from sunderland tyne and wear, I would be very grateful if anyone who knew him could contact me at my Email address. Thanking you in anticipation.
Debra Hendry

I would like to contact anyone who knew Arthur John Kerby junior,who died on the ship Illustrious an aircraft carrier that was bombed off of Italy in January 1941 he was a stewart on this ship and to my knowledge had two children ,a boy and a girl.I have his birth certificate and his marraige and death cert.
Mrs Lois Grist

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