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Welcome to the April '99 Queries

1. I am looking for a George Thomas Hawkins (MD), Margaret Joanna Cooper and any kin of theirs. Do you know any thing about them? Please write Gail Cabe

2. My ggf was Emer Ellsworth Hawkins b 5-7-1863 d. 4-28-1942. Emer had a brother named Charles; ggm was Julia Harriman b 9-2-1863, d. 3-22-1940. Gggf was Harris Hawkinsand his wife was Helen Buck. Any connections? Please contact Bill Hawkinshere.

3. I am looking for Christiana Worthington who married Colonel Samuel Hawkins who was born in 1762 in VA. They are both buried in Eaton, Ohio. Please write Rebecca James if you can help with this line.

4. John Hawkins came over from England (Staffordshire?) with his brother in the mid 1800's. John married Mary Jones from Wales and lived in Danville, Pennsylvania. His brother went northeast to Vermont. John had a large family, one of whom was my grandfather, John Thomas Hawkins. John T. Hawkins married Julianne Ayre and lived in Milton, Pennsylvania. John and Mary Hawkins were buried in St. Paul's Lutheran Cemetary in Danville, PA; John T. and Julianne Hawkins are buried in Grandview Cemetary in Milton, Pa. Anyone related? Please contact this cousin.

5.Ancestor: Jesse Hawkins From: North Carolina in about 1823 Settled in: Zebulon, Georgia Children: William Hawkins born in North Carolina in about 1801-1802. Another child, Josiah Hawkins, was born in Georgia. A daughter, Bessie Hawkins, was also born in Georgia. If you have any info on this Jesse, please write Marshall M. Hawkins.

6.Anyone have this Hawkins line? James Hawkins (b 1715) - Martha (Hollowell?) (married in PA) James Hawkins (b 1756) - Sarah Wilson (b. VA, Married in SC, died in OH) Amos Hawkins (b 1813) - Massie Spray (b,m,d Clinton Co. OH) James Hawkins (b 1841) - Mary Mills (b,m,d Clinton Co, OH) Carrie Charity Hawkins (b 1866) - Danial Collett Wood (b,m Clinton Co, OH, d IA) I would be interested to here from you if you 1) are of any part of this line, 2) know stories of this line, 3) can push it back any further 4) any other reason you feel you need we need to talk. To contact Paul Jacobson about these folks, please writehere.

7.The information that I have come across in the "History of Wilkes County, Georgia" by Smith indicates that my branch of the HAWKINS family came from Virginia. the information below is all I have on the Hawkins family of Georgia. Any additions will be welcomed! Descendants of Nicholas Hawkins* Generation No. 1 1. NICHOLAS1 HAWKINS* was born Abt. 1700, and died Abt. 1754 in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA1. He married ELIZABETH ?. Children of NICHOLAS HAWKINS* and ELIZABETH ? are: 2. i. ALEXANDER2 HAWKINS*, b. Abt. 1720, St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA; d. Bef. January 16, 1807, Oglethorpe Co., GA. ii. NATHAN HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1722. iii. JAMES HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1724. iv. JOHN HAWKINS. v. CATHERINE HAWKINS. vi. THOMAS HAWKINS. vii. NICHOLAS HAWKINS, JR.. viii. ANN HAWKINS. ix. ? HAWKINS. Generation No. 2 2. ALEXANDER2 HAWKINS* (NICHOLAS1) was born Abt. 1720 in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania Co., VA, and died Bef. January 16, 1807 in Oglethorpe Co., GA2. He married MARY Abt. 1750. Children of ALEXANDER HAWKINS* and MARY are: i. NICHOLAS3 HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1752. ii. ALEXANDER HAWKINS, JR., b. Abt. 1754. iii. JAMES HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1756. iv. MARY HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1758. Notes for MARY HAWKINS: married a Mr. Segitt v. ANNA HAWKINS, b. 1760. Notes for ANNA HAWKINS: married a Mr. Freeman vi. SUSANNA HAWKINS, b. 1763. Notes for SUSANNA HAWKINS: married a Mr. Freeman vii. ELIZABETH HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1766. Notes for ELIZABETH HAWKINS: married a Mr. Waddell viii. LUCY HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1769. Notes for LUCY HAWKINS: married a Mr. Partrick ix. SARAH HAWKINS, b. Abt. 1772. Notes for SARAH HAWKINS: married a Mr. Hardin 3. x. JOHN HAWKINS*, b. 1776; d. Bef. November 11, 1843, Oglethorpe Co., GA. Generation No. 3 3. JOHN3 HAWKINS* (ALEXANDER2, NICHOLAS1) was born 1776, and died Bef. November 11, 1843 in Oglethorpe Co., GA3,4. He married NANCY SMITH* March 02, 1801 in Oglethorpe Co., GA5. Children of JOHN HAWKINS* and NANCY SMITH* are: i. AUGUSTUS CAESAR4 HAWKINS, b. November 17, 1801, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Lowndes Co., MS; m. ELIZA CHAPMAN, January 18, 1825, Oglethorpe Co., GA. 4. ii. MARY ANN HAWKINS*, b. January 06, 1803, Oglethorpe Co. (?), GA; d. May 10, 1856, Clay Co., MS (buried at Waverly Cemetery). 5. iii. ELIZABETH S. HAWKINS, b. March 05, 1805, Oglethorpe Co., GA. iv. CHARLES ALEXANDER HAWKINS, b. November 26, 1806, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Monroe Co., MS6. v. JOHN BLANTON HAWKINS, b. May 23, 1810, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Lowndes Co., MS; m. SUSAN HUNTER, January 16, 1841, Lowndes Co., MS. vi. MARTHA WASHINGTON HAWKINS, b. September 21, 1812, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. JOSEPH LUMPKIN, November 10, 1841, Oglethorpe Co., GA. vii. THOMAS HARRISON HAWKINS, b. June 21, 1814, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. AMORETTA F. MILNER, January 13, 1839, Oglethorpe Co., GA. 6. viii. NANCY SUSAN HAWKINS, b. June 15, 1816, Oglethorpe Co., GA. ix. REBECCA ANN HAWKINS, b. May 19, 1817. x. WILLIAM MILTON HAWKINS, b. May 02, 1819. xi. HARRIET BLANTON HAWKINS, b. April 21, 1821, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. EPHRAIM H. PLATT, April 26, 1839, Salem Baptist Church, Oglethorpe Co., GA. xii. FELIX GIBSON HAWKINS, b. March 01, 1823, Oglethorpe Co., GA; d. Clay Co., MS; m. MARTHA JANE LEE, December 19, 1844, Monroe Co., MS (now the area is part of Clay Co., MS). xiii. THADDEUS HENRY HAWKINS, b. January 04, 1828, Oglethorpe Co., GA; m. MARTHA E. JOHNSON, January 14, 1852, Oglethorpe Co., GA. Generation No. 4 4. MARY ANN4 HAWKINS* (JOHN3, ALEXANDER2, NICHOLAS1) was born January 06, 1803 in Oglethorpe Co. (?), GA, and died May 10, 1856 in Clay Co., MS (buried at Waverly Cemetery)7. She married GEORGE HENDERSON LEE* November 13, 1828 in Oglethorpe Co., GA8, son of CHARLES LEE* and SARAH YOUNG*. Children of MARY HAWKINS* and GEORGE LEE* are: 5. ELIZABETH S.4 HAWKINS (JOHN3 HAWKINS*, ALEXANDER2, NICHOLAS1) was born March 05, 1805 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. She married ISAAC A. HOWARD in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Notes for ELIZABETH S. HAWKINS: married a Mr. Howard. Could this man have been kin to Groves Howard who married the daughter of Charles B. and Sally Young Lee? vi. ISAAC A. HOWARD, JR., b. 1839. 6. NANCY SUSAN4 HAWKINS (JOHN3 HAWKINS*, ALEXANDER2, NICHOLAS1) was born June 15, 1816 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. She married EDWARD BIRDSONG May 15, 1834 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Please contact this cousin if you can help.

8.Looking for information about the marriage between William HAWKINS and Sarah ? (maiden name unknown). I believe this would have been in the early 1800's, but I have no dates on these folks. They went on to have several children that I know of: Elmyra Jane, John, Henry, Steve, Amos, Jim, Mary Ann, and Elizabeth. Elmyra Jane HAWKINS later married Isaac BROOKS, and had several children: Nora, Etta, Isaac, William Walter, Sheldon, and India Ola (some references are India Nola). India Ola BROOKS was born on Feb 2, 1864. These children were probably born in that period, so their parents were probably born sometime in the 1830's or 1840's. Please contact Joan Mathew.

9.I am trying to find the parents of Samuel Hawkins...... b: ca. 1850 ? m: Mary Martin (when? Where?) d: ???? Samuel and Mary had the following children-- Samuel David b: 02 Aug 1884 in Rankin,Vermilion Co.IL (my grand-father) Hallie b: 25 Oct 1885 in Paxton,Ford Co.,IL Elizabeth b: 20 Apr 1887 also in Paxton Thomas b:????? Matt b:??????? and possible there was also a son Clarence............ Can you help fill in the blanks? Please contact Janet with some good news.

10. Searching for parents of John Hawkins born late 1780's or early 1790's, he died 1848. He was born in Cheraw District, later named Darlington District, SC. John was married to Lydia Sellers who died in 1860. John and Lydia are my g-g-g grandparents. Their children were Elizabeth (married to Turner Mcinvaill), Sarah, Constance, John Jr. (married to Martha Ann Golden), William (married to Mary Jumper), Thomas (married to Hannah Boyse), and Daniel (married to Martha Byrd. Daniel and Martha are my g-g grandparents. Have much information up to the present, but can't get back any further. John Hawkins also had a brother named Zachariah and possibly more siblings. The parents of John and Zachariah may have come from Virginia in the early 1700's to South Carolina. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please write Jeffrey S. Hawkins.

11.Matthew Hawkins Birth: abt 1806 Death: 1 May 1873 Burial: Long Run Cem, N. Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co, Pa Spouse: Nancy Boyd Birth: abt 1805 Death: 14 Dec 1884 Burial: Long Run Cem, N. Huntingdon, Westmoreland Co, Pa Children: Rush Boyd (1828-1917) m. Ann B. Ludwick, Sheppard M (~1830-1887) m. 1 Maria Elrick, 2. Margaret Fleming, 3. Margaret Tuttle, Eliza Jane (~1831-1915),Samuel (~1833-1860), Rachel (1838-1886)m. James M. Black If you're working on this line, or have info of interest please write Nancy.

12. I have some Hawkins from TN. If you are interested please let me know. G.T. Hawkins m. Elizabeth Givens. Thanks,Neewollah

13.Here's my line, thus far, from my grandmother: Mary Elizabeth Hawkins, born Detroit 1890, died L.A. 1966, daugher of: Elizabeth Sloan, born Co. Down Ireland 1857, married and died in Detroit(d. 1924)and William Hawkins, born Detroit 1858, died Detroit 1925.

William was the son of: Ann Clark, born Co. Down, Ireland circa 1828, died Detorit 1861 Thomas Hawkins, born Co. Down, Ireland circa 1827, died Detroit 1905.

William was the son of: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, born Ireland circa 1804, died Detroit? John Hawkins? Don't know too much about that last generation yet. 1870 census shows widowed Elizabeth living with Thomas and William. City directories for 1873-1875 show Elizabeth as "widow of John" still living with them. 1875 also shows Celia Hawkins, "widow of Michael," living with them. Please contact Pat Mullen.

14.Always glad to hear from other Hawkins's , my line starts in VA>NC>SC. MO. Until a few years ago only knew that my g-g-grandfather came to Crawford Co.,Mo. about 1830,his name was Joseph Hawkins of SC. didn't know where. Then thanks to some wonderful Genealogly Cousins was able to fill in most of my history,even going back to Sir William Hawkins,brother to Sir John Hawkins of England.As always there are blank places so have to keep looking and some info needs checking.

Here's how my line goes-- My father- Phillip Grundy Hawkins Jr-b.1902,St. James,MO.-M- Eulah Marie Driver. His Father- Phillip Grundy Sr.b.1870-St. James, MO.- M- Anne May Richards.His father Phillip Eaton Grundy ( known as PEG Hawkins)b.1833-St James, MO.- M- Susanna Elizabeth Tallent. His father Joseph Carter Hawkins b.1796-Greenvillie,SC -M- Elizabeth Phillips. His father William Eaton Hawkins Sr. b.~1790 Lunenburg, VA.-M- Catherine Bolling?--his father Joshua Hawkins b.1725-Prince GeorgeCo. VA.-M-Sarah Cook. His father Micheal Hawkins b.1696- Prince George,VA.-M- Agnes Eaton. There is more but this much has been pretty much found true. William Eaton Hawkins Sr. (known as Eaton) Went from VA. to Rutherford Co. NC. then Greenville, SC. he had a very large family 16 Children. Some went to TN., KY.,GA.,AL., and 4 brothers we know of came to Mo, around Crawford an Pheleps Co., between 1816 to 1830.William Eaton Jr., Solomon, Joseph Carter, and Berryman.All had large families; almost every family had these names in it so very hard to keep straight. Some of these families went to TX. and West about the time of the Civil War. Have been gathering quite a bit of info on these families and will be glad to share. For more info, please contact Eula J. Dennis

Here's a helpful link for those who might have had an ancestor who was incarcerated at Andersonville during the Civil here.

"My maiden name is Hawkins and I've been recently diagnosed with hemochromatosis, a genetic condition that causes me to absorb iron. It is fatal, if not treated and the way it is treated is to have blood taken out. A normal person may absorb between 10 - 20% of iron, but the automatic regular in a hemochromatois patient is inactive and I would absorb 80 - 100% iron. The body then starts to store iron in the major organs and joints and can cause a number of major diseases because you literally start to rust from the inside out. Genetic testing has shown that both my parents carried this gene. It has been found in people of Celtic descent (English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh) more than other ethnic groups. Do you know of anyone in your Hawkins family that has this? Check out the website here for more information." This was sent by a Hawkins researcher who asked that this be brought to your attention...please protect your health!

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