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Climbing Your Hoosier Family Tree
Issue #5, June 2000

This edition is going to focus on various resources you might
not be familiar with that involve NOT using your
computer, yes, I mean using snail mail!
Stock up on your postage stamps and make friends with
your mail delivery person. :-)

Library of the Month
A library that will be a help to your research,
whether in person or by mail, is the Allen
County Public Library in Ft. Wayne, IN.
The mailing address is: Reynolds Historical Genealogy Dept.,
900 Webster Ave., PO Box 2270, Ft. Wayne, IN
46802. Phone (219)424-7241x3315

Going to Indiana for Research?
Then you need to plan some R&R after poring thru courthouse
records, right? South of Indianapolis, not far
from Indiana University in Bloomington, is Nashville,IN.
If you're fortunate enough to go in the autumn,
you'll be treated to some of the most beautiful
fall foliage! Nashville is the home of the poet
T.C. Steele, artists and craftsmen sell their unique
wares, galleries galore to stroll thru, downhill skiing
nearby in the winter, and camping and hiking in
the State Park. For more info, visit Nashville's
site at
Don't miss this trip, be sure to get some of the local specialties...
makes me homesick just to think about it!

Check out the online Census Records available at

The Indiana State Historical Society can be of help
in your research, as can their publication,
The Hoosier Genealogist. They are located in the
Indiana State Library and Historical Building
at 315 West Ohio St., PO Box 88255, Indianapolis, IN
46202; phone (317)233-3157

The Elkhart Public Library has a collection that
focuses on Elkhart and surrounding counties.
They can be reached at 300 S. Second St., Elkhart,
IN, 46516.

This library has been a big help to my in working on my Hoosier lines...
the Tipton County Public Library and its Genealogy/Local History
specialist, Ms. Ekstrom. The library is located at 127 E. Madison St.,
Tipton, IN 46072. I can't say enough nice things
about how helpful and prompt they are!

Are you interested in family from the Evansville area?
Then it's in your best interests to check out the
Willard Library and its Regional and Family History Center.
It's located at 21 First Avenue, Evansville, IN 47710.
Phone (812) 425-4309, fax (812)425-4303.
Extensive holdings covering the southwest area of Indiana are here.

Have you tried writing any of the county historians for
assistance? My experiences with them have been postitive-
the historians frequently recognize a surname in a query
and will put you in touch with other researchers
working on the same line, or can tell you of
local descendants. Another source these folks often have
is access to the old county history about a wealth
of info! Here are a few well worth the postage:

Benton County Historian 711 E. 3rd St., Fowler, IN 47944

Clay County Historian 130 N. Washington St., Brazil, IN, 47834

Fountain County Historian Rt.1, Box 132, Wingate, IN 47994

Noble County Historian PO Box 11, Albion, IN, 46701

Sullivan County Historian 1 Valhalla Lane, Sullivan, IN, 47882

Warren County Historian Rt.1, Box 105, West Lebanon, IN, 47991

Check out the Slave Narratives available online at

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