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Queries and More Queries

1. Looking for information on Benjamin and Rebecca Hawkins. Benjamin's parents were Stephen Hawkins and Sarah Grierson. Rebecca's parents were William McIntosh, Jr and Susannah Rowe. Rebecca was born 15 Mar 1815, GA; Rebecca and Benjamin married 1831 Fort Gibson, OK and lived in northeast Texas. Benjamin died 1836, TX, and Rebecca died circa 1886, OK. If you're working on this line, please contact Tod.

2. Is anyone researching Joseph HAWKINS and Matilda SUMMERS of Fountain Co., IN? Any leads appreciated by Kim Hancock.

3. I am looking for Nicy Ann Hawkins who married my great-grandfather Tom Dudley in Ripley county, Misourri 3-18-1894. Tom was born in TN, died in Arkansas and I have no info on her. Please contact Pam if you recognize these folks.

4. I have a Mary Mildred Hawkins b. December 13, 1917 (still living) that married into my Baker line. From her birth records I found her parents were Joseph Hawkins and Grace Duley. I would like to know if they tie in to the Gates/Hawkins group. I am willing to share what I have. Please write Pam if you have some good news for her.

5. William Bascom Hawkins(son of Abigail McVey Hawkins) fought in the Mexican War. He joined the Company I, First Regiment of Indiana Volunteers. In 1846 he was active and returned with promotion to Lt. Col. Does anyone know where this unit fought? Thanks- Phil

6. I am looking for information about the children of James and Deborah Hawkins. James b. abt 1754, New York d. May 1839, New York. James was in the New York Militia Revolutionary War. I know nothing else about James and Deborah. They had twelve children. Also I would like know more about: David Hawkins m. Eastery Seely son: Edward b. abt 1835 d. September 11, 1897, Michigan, Abraham Hawkins, Consider ? Hawkins, Jacob Hawkins b. 1804, New York d. October 1858, Michigan m. Margaret, Hannah Hawkins m. Benjamin Smalley, Isabel Hawkins m. John Lesley, Sarah Hawkins m. Benjamin Waldron, Betsey Hawkins m. Christopher Sheltze, Jonathan Hawkins d. abt 1832, Margaret Hawkins m. Cornelius Keesler. Thanks in advance from Cindy Hawkins .

7. I am looking for the ancestors of (Jane) Hannah Hawkins b.abt 1831 Hastings Sussex Eng m. Henry Kenward about 1860. Her son Gad was my grandfather Howard Quaife. Please contact strummer if you can help.

8. My Hawkins line came to North Carolina in the early 1700's, moved from NC to TN sometime just after the Revolutionary War. There is a Hawkins County in Eastern Tennessee that family history has it was named after our particular clan.

The Family stayed in Tennessee and part of it moved to Missouri right before the Civil War. I had many relatives enlisted in the Confederate Army from Missouri, Tennessee, and Southern Illinois. I had at least one relative in Southern Illinois who enlisted in the Union army. He would not bear arms against his family though and became an Ambulance driver. (all family story, no paper proof) After the Civil War, with Missouri in ruins, I had a few family stay, but most moved to Texas. When Oklahoma opened up, they moved there (very nomadic group). In the early 1900's, my Great Grandfather moved with his family to Arizona Territory as a Baptist Missionary. During the Dust bowl and the Depression, most of his family from Oklahoma joined him there. My Grandfather moved from AZ to TX, apparantly just long enough to marry, then returned. My father was born in Phoenix. Grand Canyon University in Phoenix was founded by my Great grandfather and Grandfather. Does any of this match up with family that you have? If so, please let Kyle Hawkins hear from you.

Check back here often, as new queries will be added to this page till the end of Feb. 2000. If you have some info you'd like posted here, please send it on to me.

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