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Welcome to the May '99 Queries

1.I'm looking for anyone who is related to, or knows information about my grandfather HALKARD ASBURY HAWKINS. He was born April 6, 1909, possibly in Richland County, SC. He died September 27, 1946, possibly in Alexandria, VA or Washington D.C. He was a tailor, and a Republican National Committeeman. He spent time in the military with the 2nd Infantry Division. He married Julia Margaret Wessinger, and had 5 children. His father was Hugh Algernon Hawkins, a farmer and former constable of Blaney SC. Hugh Algernon's father was William Jasper Hawkins. If anyone has information, please contact me at Joel Hawkins. Thanks.

2. J. W. (Doc) Hawkins was a doctor supposedly from Springfield, Illinois. He had a daughter Margaret E. born in November 1860 in Illinois. He and daughter moved to Guadalupe County, Seguin, Texas, and he married Mary E. Springs (daughter of Samuel Lewis Springs and Mary Jane McBride) in March 1872. They had Will A. who married Cynthia L. Scott, and Lizzie who married Thomas C. Weiss (Wiess). He died before 1880 census was taken. Any info on him and his parents appreciated. If you can help with this, please write this cousin.

3. Are you familiar with the Hawkins-Hackleman line? Isaac Hackleman and Elizabeth Hawkins, born in the mid to late 1700's in particular...the only child I have for them is Anna Hackleman. But I still don't have any dates on her either. I also have a few other Hawkins' in my file: Charles Hawkins m. Ann Marlin - both would've been born in the early 1800's. Ann's parents died in Franklin County, IN. Florence Ida Hawkins ( m. Robert Porter Ailes - both born in Franklin County. I don't have her parents. Robert Hawkins (11 Aug 1932, ?? - ) m. Neva Thompson (7 Feb 1934, ?? - ) - no locations - I have their children. I don't believe the above three Hawkins are directly related to me, though. Can you help? Please write Ken LaMont.

4. I have a DEBRA HAWKINS b.07-14-1743....who married my (many greats) grandfather...JEREMIAH WINCHESTER WILLIAMS. They married in 1757, Debra was 14 years old when they married. they lived in BOONESBORO KENTUCKY. I have more information if this interests anyone,please email me here.

5.My information on my ggrandmother, which was gathered at her death in 1942, shows her father to be Robert Andrews of St Clare County Mo and her mother to be Mary E. Grant. I was told later that Ida's father was Giles Grant. Ida had one son whom she named Giles. I am enclined to believe that her father's name WAS Giles because AIS Missouri Census index for 1870 census shows Giles Andrews as reciding in St Claire County. Any help appreciated. Please contact this researcher.

6. The name John must have a genealogy curse on it. I'm looking for the ancestors of my gggrandfather, John William Hawkins. From his headstone and marriage certificate, I know he was born between Oct.-Dec. 1879. In Oct. 1900 he married Cordelia (Cordia) Emery in Independence County, AR. My ggrandfather, Floyd, was born to them 28 Feb 1902 in Batesville, Independence, AR. Floyd's siblings were Hazel, Pauline, Christine, and Clyde. John William died in 1921 and is buried in Nichols Cemetery near Marked Tree, Poinsett County, AR. Anyone have any information? Please write Christopher Hawkins here.

7. I am looking for the Gregory Farmer Hawkins who is the father of Caroline J. Hawkins. She was born March 14, 1817 in Jefferson Co, IN. If you can help, please write Donnetta Parrish.

8. I am searching for the parents of Sarah Ann Hawkins b. Aug. 31, 1845 in Ohio or Pennsylvania, married Uriah Booze (1849-1924) on June 19, 1869. They had 12 children and died and are buried in Cummings Cemetery near Maud, Oklahoma. Please contact Carolyn Tebeau here.

9. I am Keith E. Spaulding, my grandmother was MATTIE PEARLE HAWKINS. Mattie's parents were JOSEPH HAWKINS and DOCIA MARTIN both born in KY. In the late 1800s Joseph Hawkins may have moved his family to IN, and settled in McLean, IL. Mattie married Alonzo SPAULDING about 1903 in McLean, IL. Mattie may have had two sisters Oda and Gin. The COFFEE (sp) is some how connected to the sisters. About 1890 my grandfather Alonzo left Woodford Co. KY and went to Jennings County, IL where several of his Spaulding kin were farmers. Lucretia Spaulding married Enoch Needham 17 Aug 1832, Joseph Spaulding married Sarah Needham 9 Feb 1826, Betsy Spaulding married Alfred Chandler, John Spaulding married Jane Bland, 6 Jan 1830, Nancy Spaulding married Levi Buchanan 4 April 1844, and on the same day Cella Thompson married James Spaulding, and many more all of Jennings Co. So far I have failed to locate Mattie's parents. If you recognize any of the above information I would be happy to exchange family information. Please contact me here.

10. My Harford Co. MD Hawkins is Nicholas who married Mary Chalk in the First Baptist Church of Baltimore Co. in 1799. Nicholas had four children that I am aware of, Elizabeth who married my great great grandfather John Burns Johnson... they settled in Upper Crossroads. Charles who apparently died youg, and I believe the other two were John and Rebecca. Elizabeth and John Burns Johnson were buried in a Johnson family graveyard now in extreme disreapair in the back yard of some unrelated person's house in Upper Crossroads.... Charles eventually moved to Baltimore where I lose track of him..... Nicholas Hawkins died sometime around 1813-15 in Harford Co., but I do not know where he was buried.. His will may be found in the County Courthouse in Bel Air.... Nicholas Hawkins I believe to be the Nicholas Hawkins who was one of the sons of John Hawkins of Garrison Forest in Baltimore Co., MD... this Nicholas being born in 1753.. and John Hawkins was a son of Joseph Hawkins... Joseph having moved from the banks of the South River in Anne Arundal Co., MD to Garrison Forest when his younger brother Matthew died and left him land tract 'Brother's Kindness' there... Joseph married Elizabeth the widow of Christopher Rowles Jr. of Anne Arundal Co... after serving as one of the administrators for Chris's will... Joseph's son John married Mary Simpkins... John and Mary were members first of St. Paul's P-E Parish, on Liberty Road Baltimore Co until St. Thomas's P-E Parish was split off from St. Paul's whereafter the family belonged to St. Thomas's in Garrison Forest.... Joseph Hawkins's father was another John Hawkins who was allegedly born in England, and settled by the year 1661 or earlier along the West River and Ceadar Creek in Anne Arundal Co., MD.... I do not know the name of this first John Hawkin's wife. See any relatives in common here? Please write Joe to compare notes.

11. Please help me. My name is Mary Bell Varner Zimmerman. My great, great granddaddy is Jack Hawkins. He lived on a Native reservation in Oklahoma. I do not know what Native reservation or place in Oklahoma. He lived there in the 1800's. He wanted to marry an Irish girl named Stella Massy. I have no dates of there marriage but I do know when they had my grandmother Mammie Bell Hawkins. Her birthday is August 23, 1905. At that time they lived in Idabell Oklahoma. No one in my family knows anything about them. Even my dad's brothers which are Mammie Bell Hawkins sons, have no information on this part of the family. I know that they eventually moved to Texas along the red river around Cuthand Texas and Clarkesville. My grandmother used to say her Jack Hawkins was buried in Cuthand cemetary. I have contacted them and have not found anymore information. I would appreciate all of the help you can give me on where to go next. Please e-mail soon. or write: Mary Zimmerman, 402 Beard, Dumas, TX. 79029 - Thank-you for your time in this matter. Please write Mary Zimmerman .

12. My Samuel Hawkins was born in KY in 1799, parents unknown. He and his brothers appeared in Lawrence Co. IN about 1818. Samuel married Rebecca Andrews there and lived in that co. until 1854 when he moved to Jasper Co. IL where he remained till his death. The brothers left Lawrence Co. after 1830 going first to Shelby Co. IN and then Iroqouis Co. IL. In a Whiteside Co. history of Samuel's grandson it stated that in the early part of his life Samuel lived for a short time in New Albany IN. If this is your line, glad to trade info...please write Billie Jo (Hawkins) Read .

13. This was sent by is NOT her line, just passing along info sent to her. Does this match anyone? If so, please write Cathy here. William J. Hawkins was a native of Lawrence County,IN. Married Sarilda J Soudres of Oden, IN. Around 1873 they moved to Douglas County, IL.where Hawkins bought 80 acres of land in Bourden Township later purchasing 160 acres more. In 1889 he sold out and moved to the Oakland area in Coles County. He owned more than 360 acres in this area and died on 4--24-1905 at the age of 73. Eight children were born to William and Sarinda Frances m Joseph Shaw Della m Daniel Clapp Lydia m Richard Cole David m Nellie Roberts William Jackson m Lillie A. Roberts Emma m Ira Foltz Laura m George Ellis Ida who died at a young age Emma Reeder who they reared from childhood married Charles Hanner William Jackson was 14 when the family moved to what is now known as the "Hawkins Farm" south east of Oakland. In 1905 He bought 80 acres and increased it to 240. 40 acres were formerly part of the Mel Wright farm and 40 had belonged to Charles Lauher. He was also a hog farmer. He and Lillie were the parents of 3 sons. Clifford m Gladys Dowler Raymond m Letta June Dowler 10-10-1925 Paul m Fern Hunt 8-28-1931

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