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Military Links

Revolutionary War Pension Abstracts
Civil War Rosters
Rosters arranged by state.....
11th Indiana Volunteer Infantry(Civil War)
49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry(Civil War)
Civil War Ships
20th(Russell's)TN Cavalry, CSA
Civil War Rosters- Tennessee
Muster Roll of the 48th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Indiana Civil War Soldiers
Pvt. Wm. A Swarts Camp#1806 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Great resources for Bath Co., KY and beyond
James Marion Hawkins, Company E, 8th Missouri Infantry, CSA
If you're related to Rachel Searcy's line, please visit here.
Tennessee Pension Roll of 1835
added 1-1-99
1890 Census of Civil War Veterans
some good info here- dates of service, injuries, etc. Added 2-8-99
American Revolution Webring
This will get you into some great sites concerning the American Revolution; added 2-28-99
70th Indiana Volunteer Regiment
added 8-1-00

Cathy Hawkins

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