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The lady sitting in the chair at the left of the pic is my ggrandmother, Martha E. Perkins Hawkins. Standing next to her is my great-uncle, Clay Hawkins. Sitting Next to Clay is my ggrandfather, Charles A. Hawkins. Sitting next to Charles is probably his sister Molly. The little girl is my great-aunt May(Mamie). The man standing at the back is probably Molly's husband, Thorley Cory. (nobody living who can confirm Molly and Thorley as these folks) The girl sitting in the front of the pic is my great-aunt Florence. The little boy in the front of the picture is my grandpa, Guy Hawkins...he was born 1900, so estimate the pic was taken about 1905, on the family farm in Boone County, IN.

Cathy Hawkins

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