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HAWKINS, William BLW #5898-100-30 Jan. 1790 to James Davenport, srv. as a Sgt. in the CT line HAWKINS, William S44900, CT and NY line, appl.4/6/1818 Montgomery Co., NY, in 1820 he was aged about 65 adn was living in Schenectady Co., NY, on 5/14/178_? a William HAWKINS of Danbury, CT was appp'dt adm'r of the estate of Isaac HAWKINS who had also served in the Rev. War, their relationship to claimant not stated, in 1820 sol referred to his family, towit; Mindvil aged 33 m and moved, Stephen aged 30 moved remote, Peter aged 72 moved to Holland Purchase and Joseph aged 22 moved to Cayuga, NY.

HAWKINS, William, BLW #4338-100-22 Aug. 1789, srv. as a Pvt in the MA line

HAWKINS, William, S21264, RI line, sol was b. 10/22/1752 at Gloucester, RI and he lived there at enl and he also appl there 7/27/1832, a Benjamin and Stephen HAWKINS both of Gloucester RI knew sol during the Rev. War

HAWKINS, William S6960, VA line, sol was b. 6/30/1764 in Rockbridge Co., VA, appl 2/4/1833 Mason Co., VA

HAWKINS, Zachariah (or HANKINS, Zachariah),S656, NJ line, sol was b. 1/18/1754, he lived in Monmouth Co., NJ during the Rev. War and he appl. there 7/31/1832, final payment made 3/11/1850 to his attorney

HAWKINS, Zachariah, S44901, NY line, appl 4/13/1818 Rensselaer Co., NY aged 59, however in 1820 sol stated he was aged 65 a res of Hudson in Columbia Co., NY with no family.

HAWKINS, Zopher, S46261, NY line, appl 10/2/1832 Suffolk Co., NY aged 75 a res of Brookhaven NY where he was b and where he lived when enl.

HAWKINS, Joseph S4322, NC line, sol was b. 6/7/1765 near Baltimore, MD, he lived there with his father(not named) in Burke Co., NC at enl and he lived there after the Rev and was m there and in 1806 moved to Jackson Co., TN and he appl there 3-18-1834 aged 69.

HAWKINS, Joseph S10801, RI line, he lvied at Gloucester RI at enl and he was b there, appl Oct.15,1832 Ostego Co NY aged 78.

HAWKINS, Joshua, Susan, W9055 VA line, sol lived in Lunenberg Co VA at enl and sol m there to Susan Johnson in the "very early part" of 1780 or 29 Mar 1782, sol d. 25 Jul 1832, sol had appl 24 Aug 1818 Spartanburg Dist SC aged 65, wid apply 2 Jul 1844 Spartanburg Dist SC aged 84, a son H. HAWKINS was referred to in 1844.

HAWKINS, Laban, Catherine, W7659, VA line, sol m. Catherine Megehee 30 Dec 1784, wid appl 31 Jan 189_ Halifax Co VA aged 68, sol d 18 May 1820.

HAWKINS, Moses S23683, CT line, appl 30 Jul 1832 Rutland Co VT, a res of Castleton VT, sol was b 9 Aug 1761 at Derby in New Haven Co CT and he lived there at enl.

HAWKINS, Moses BLW #1449-300 fraudulent claim, also BLW #1847-300, VA line, sol lived in Orange Co VA and srv as a Capt in the VA line and was killed in the battle of Germantown, on 7 Nov 1831 William S. HAWKINS of Woodford Co., KY the oldest son and only heir of dec'd sol appl for BLW at which time he was aged 35, in 1831 a Francis MOORE of Woodford Co KY formerly of Orange Co VA was a relation of ded'd sol

HAWKINS, Nathan, S30457, VA line, ap; 10 Jun 1833 Mercer Co KY, sol was b 4 May 1763 Spotsylvania Co VA and he lived there at enl.

HAWKINS, Philemon, S6957, NC line, sol lived in Bute Co NC at enl, sol d. 27 Jan 1833 Warren Co NC aged 80, on 6 May 1846 sol's oldest child Eleanor HAYWOOD of Raleigh NC made appl, sol's son John D. HAWKINS was living at Henderson NC in 1851, in 1844 Mrs. Eleanor HAYWOOD was the mother-in-law of Judge Badger, in 1844 a William D. HAYWOOD was a JP for Wake Co NC but no relationship was stated.

HAWKINS, Phillip or Philip, S41612, MD line, appl 23 Mar 1832 Guernsey Co OH aged 76, he enl at Baltimore MD, in 1832 sol stated he had 2 daughters aged 28 and 23.

HAWKINS, Reuben, Rebecca, W8887, VA line, sol d. in Aug 1812, wid appl21 Dec 1838 Franklin Co KY aged 76, he enl at Orange Co VA, sol's 2nd child William B. HAWKINS of Franklin Co KY was aged 58 in 1838.

HAWKINS, Rodolphus, Tryphena, W11230, CT line, sol lived at Coventry CT at enl and he stated Solomon HAWKINS knew of his srv, sol was b in Windham Co CT and at age of 33 he moved to Whitestown in Oneida Co NY for 18 years then moved to Alexander in Genesee Co NY and he appl there 16 Oct 1832 aged 74 and his wid appl there 11 Aug 1847 aged 80, sol and wid had m 17 Mar 1782, sol d in June 1847, in 1847 wid had 3 living sons, towit; Jesse, John, and Van Rensselaer HAWKINS.

HAWKINS, Samuel, Hannah, W13387, CT line, sol was b 9 Jun 1760 at Derby in New Haven Co CT and he lived there at enl and he appl there 3 Aug 1832 and he also d there 7 Ju 1840, sol had m Hannah FRENCH 2 Dec 1782 at the home of her bro Francis FRENCH in Derby CT and she was b 18 Jan 1765, wid appl 27 Aug 1840 at Derby CT, in 1841 she moved to Worcester Co MA and she d 23 Apr 1847, in 1840 a Hannah HAWKINS was aged 81 a res of Derby CT and stated her maiden name was DRUAND and that she had m David HAWKINS in Aug 1783 and was at sol's and wife's wedding but no relationship was stated.

HAWKINS, Samuel or Samuel B., Pharaba, W1604, MA line, sol was b 18 May 1735 on the Isle of Anglesey, he lived at Boston MA at enl, he appl 26 Feb 1833 Hamilton Co OH and he d there 6 May 1836, sol had m Pharaba daughter of Samuel SPEARS in Aug 1797 in Hawkins Co TN and she was b 4 Oct 1782, wid appl 2 Mar 1850 in Greene Co TN.

HAWKINS, Samuel, S24201, NY line, appl 12 Sep 1832 Putnam Co NY aged 72, he was b 18 May 1760 at Cortland's Manor in Westchester Co NY and he lived there at enl and afterwards moved to Frederickstown in Dutchess Co NY(now called Kent in Putnam Co NY) and was married there and lived there when he appl.

HAWKINS, Thomas, Nancy, W19700, NY line, appl 11 Sep 1832 Jefferson Co NY, he was b11 Dec 1760 at Derby Ct, he lived at Niskayuna NY at enl, sol m Mary LAURENCE 14 Apr 1784 at Kinderhook NY, sol d 18 Apr 1846 at Henderson in Jefferson Co NY and wid appl there 16 Oct 1846 aged 84, wid d 9 Feb 1852.

HAWKINS, Thomas, S10796, SC line, appl 20 Mar 1841 Conecuh Co AL aged 90 on 10 Jan 1841, sol was b VA, he lived in Union Dist SC at enl and after the Wev he lived in GA then moved to Conecuh Co AL, a son John HAWKINS made aff'dt in Monroe Co AL on 8 Aug 1853 and stated sol d 5 Oct 1849 in Lowndes Co Al and that sol's wife had d in 1803, sol d leaving children; Fanny BECKAM or Fanny BECKUM, Stephen, Wiley, Wm., and John HAWKINS.

HAWKINS, Thomas, S43410, VA line, sol was b. in 1758 in Charles Co MD, he lived in Loudon Co VA at enl and after the Rev he moved to Monongalia Co VA then to Wood Co VA for 20 years and in 1825 he moved to Washington co OH and he appl there 29 Oct 1832.

HAWKINS, James, S16846, NY line, appl 16 Oct 1832 Steuben Co., NY aged about 78, he lived at Frederick now called Pullman in Dutchess Co NY at enl, sol mentions a bro David Hawkins.

HAWKINS, James, Jane, W8886, VA line, sol was b. in VA, he lived in Orange Co VA at enl, and in 1789 moved to Anderson Co., KY where he d 2 March 1819, sol had m Jane____ 12 April 1779 or 1781 in Culpeper Co., VA, wid appl 12 Dec. 1836 Anderson Co., KY and she died there 24 Sept 1842, their 1st child was b. 9 March 1783, wid died leaving children: James Hawkins, Jane Hackley, Elizabeth Foster, Ohio Coleman, Sarah Boston, and Mary Jordan. In 1837 one Reuben Boston was of Anderson Co., KY and was formerly of Orange Co.,VA and stated he knew Capt. James Hawkins during the Revolution. In 1837 a Martha Jordan was aged 72 of Anderson Co., KY and she was b. in Orange Co VA and moved to Anderson Co., KY in 1837 and was at the sol's and wid's marriage, in 1837 John J. Jordan was JP for Anderson Co., KY, in 1837 John Hackley was JP of Anderson Co., KY...relationship unknown.

HAWKINS, Jeremiah, Nancy, W8885, BLW #51753-160-55, PA line, sol appl 27 March,1828 Brooke Co VA aged 74, wid appl 9 Aug 1852 Hancock Co., VA aged 79, sol and wid had married in 1811 in Georgetown in Beaver Co., PA, sol d 10 Dec 1836, wid appl for BLW 4 Sept 1856 Beaver Co., PA.

HAWKINS, Job, Hannah, W19714, CT line, sol appl 3 March 1830 Berkshire Co MA a res of Sotckbridge formerly of New Milford in Litchfield Co CT, wid appl 31 Jan 1850 NY City NY, aged about 72, sol & wid had m 16 Dec 1792 at Kingsbury in Washington Co., NY, sol d 6 Nov 1849 at Rhinebeck in Dutchess Co., NY, wid's sis Mary SEAMAN of NY City NY in 1850 and states wid's 2nd child was b 7 Jan 1793 while she was on a visit to her father's at Kingsbury NY, on 2 Sept `851 wid appl for transfer to NJ to live with a son.

HAWKINS, John, S16857, NC line, sol was b 22 Dec 1762 in NC on the Hyco River, he lived in Burke Co. NC at enl and in 1797 he moved to the upper part of the LA Territory that became MO and he appl 8 July 1833 Washington Co MO, it was not stated that he ever married.

HAWKINS, John, Nancy Mann or Man former wid, W21753, BLW #27570-160-55, RI line and RI Sea Srv, wid appl 25 July 1843 Providence Co RI aged 76, sol and wid had married 20 Jan 1785 at North Providence RI and he d 10 Dec 1786, their only child John Hawkins Jr. was b 1 Apr 1786, wid m 2nd to Daniel MAN of Chester VT who was lost at sea in 1800, wid mentions a David Hawkins but does not state his relationship to sol, widow appl for BLW 31 March 1855 at Providence RI, wid's name before m was Nancy SWEETING.

HAWKINS, John, S5451, VA line, he enl at Berkeley Co., VA, he appl 22 Oct 1832 Hampshire Co VA aged 82.

HAWKINS, John H. BLW#13198-100-2 July 1790, srv as a Sgt Maj in Hazen's Regt

HAWKINS, Joseph, BLW #5978-100-23 Aug 1790, srv as a Pvt in the CT line

HAWKINS, Joseph, S23689, CT and VT line, sol was b 26 July 1759 at Derby in New Haven Co CT and he lived there at enl, he appl 30 Jul 1832 at Castleton in Rutland Co VT, sol d 14 June 1835 , in 1832 sol's bro Moses Hawkins was living at Castleton VT.

HAWKINS, Joseph, Abigail, W7660, MA line and Navy Srv, vet was b 3 Nov 1759 at Providence RI, he enl at Uxbridge MA, vet appl 17 Oct 1832 Windsor Co VT and in 1833 he had moved to Summit Co OH to live with his children(not named). Sol m 3 Apr 1832 to Mrs. Abigail Vose.

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