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September/October '99 Hawkins Queries

Welcome to the queries for this month, come on in and browse!

1. All I know is that Samuel Spears Hawkins was once guardian of the children of Nancy and Thomas McCollum, Jr. When the children came of age and received their share of their father's land, they sold it to him. He also signed the marriage bond of Thomas McCollum, III. Samuel Spears married Catherine Linebaugh while Nancy's second husband was a Daniel Linebough (m. 1819) who mismanaged her first husband's estate. No record of a divorce has been found, but Nancy was back to the McCollum name in 1830 and Daniel married again in 1833. Samuel Spears is the son of Samuel Bolden Hawkins. I don't have a complete list of his children but Samuel Spears was born in 1799 when Samuel Bolden was 64 years old. Nancy was supposed to have been born in 1800 according to the census records. Family members believe Samuel Bolden was a bigamist. He would leave and stay gone for long periods of time and if I am not mistaken, a family researching from some other place claimed he was their ancestor too. If you can help with this puzzle, please write Brenda Schwall .

2. I have just found out that my Elmer Ellsworth Hawkins died in a Gas Station explosion in Richmond, IN, in 1925. If this rings bells, let me know. Please contact Eric Bentley .

3. My Samuel Hawkins was born in KY in 1799, parents unknown. He and his brothers appeared in Lawrence Co., IN about 1818. Samuel married there, Rebecca Andrews and lived in that co. until 1854 when he moved to Jasper Co. IL where he remained till his death. The brothers left Lawrence Co. after 1830 going first to Shelby Co. IN and then Iroqouise Co. IL. In a Whiteside Co. history of Samuel's grandson it stated that in the early part of his life Samuel lived for a short time in New Albany IN. If any of this sounds familiar to you, I would love to hear about it at Billie Jo's e-mail.

4. Looking for a Barbara Potter born in 1802 in Maryland and died 23 Dec 1877 in Vermillion County, IN. She married William Hawkins born in 1790 in PA and died in Vermillion County in 1873. If anyone is tracking Barbara Potter and William Hawkins, I'd love to see the data on it. So, if you've got any info on these people, can you share? Thanks for the time, and good luck with your own searches. Please write Allan Davis.

5. I have extensive information on Benjamin Hawkins b. 1831 Randolph County NC. I recently found someone who provided information on his father John Hawkins b. 1779 Orange County NC and Benjamin's step brothers/sisters. I would be glad to share information with you if it's valuable in you're own search, I can be contacted at Bob Hawkins link.

6. Seeking information about Joseph HAWKINS, wife Docia MARTIN believe born in KY. Their daughter, and my grandmother Mattie Pearle SPAULDING, was born 24 Apr 1887 in KY, and died 6 July 1917 in McLean, IL., buried in Funks Grove Cemetery, McLean, IL. About 1903 Mattie married Alonzo SPAULDING, born 22 May 1881 near Mr. Eden, Spencer Co., KY, and died 26 Feb 1957 , buried in the Moreland Cemetery, Lincoln Co., Ky. Joseph and Docia HAWKINS may of had two more daughters Gin, and Osie living near Mendota, IL in 1932. Gin and Osie married names are unknown. Mattie’s Certificate of Death, my fathers Certificate of Birth and Social Security application shows Mattie’s maiden name as HAWKINS, and her mothers maiden name as MARTIN. However, Joseph and Docie and Mattie are buried in the Funks Grove Cemetery with the surname of FARMER. Also, buried near them is a John M. FARMER April 14, 1876. I cannot explain the HAWKINS and FARMER name change. Nor can I find Alonzo and Mattie’s birth or marriage certificates. I believe both events happened in KY. Appreciate all help in finding (1) Joseph HAWKINS and Docia MARTIN family, and (2) resolving the name changes mystery. Thanks for all leads! Keith Spaulding

7. I am looking for Gregory Farmer Hawkins who married Sarah Cannon. Their daughter was Caroline J. Hawkins born March 14, 1817, Jefferson Co, IN or IA. Walter and Donnetta Parrish

8. Looking for info on Joan HAWKINS, daughter of John. Joan married Thomas ALFORD/ALVORD May 11, 1618 Somerset England. Marv Miller

9. I'm stuck at a brick wall and would appreciate any help. My grandfather James Thomas Hawkins was born 1877, married an Elizabeth Putnam born 1880. My grandfather's siblings are: Luther, Charlie, William, Betsey E., Mary C. , and Marvin Bishop Hawkins. Parents of James Thomas were John R. Hawkins born about 1848 and Rebecca Campbell born about 1842 (lived in Union Co., SC). Do any of these folks turn up in your files? If so, please write Jim Hawkins and make his day!

10. Looking for Benjamin Carter Hawkins born about 1800, maybe VA, married and settled in Orange Co., VA. Wife was Susan Lee, born 1803, died around 1870 and was buried in McGaheysville, VA. Benjamin did whereabous unknown when he went to visit relatives by walking over the mountains in the winter. Any help is appreciated. Please click here to contact this researcher.

11. Do you have any info on Alexander Hawkins of VA originally, died in Shelby Co., IN? I'm looking for where exactly he was born, and names of parents and siblings. Thanks for any leads. Christie Hawkins Morgan

12. I'm looking for my grandfather's family. He was born Henry Clifton Hawkins in Hardin County, KY on Feb. 12, 1882. His parents were John Henry and Mary Hawkins. I will appreciate any leads or help. Tom Gibbons

13. I am looking for help in narrowing down the possible parents of my Matthew Hawkins and Nancy Boyd. My Matthew was born about 1810(based on death date of 5-1-1873). He was marrie by 1828 when his first son was born. I know for sure Matthew and Nancy were in North Huntington Twp by 1830. From information gathered from "Heads of Families in Westmoreland Co. PA 1810" I found the following possibilities:

Daniel (Fairfield Twp.)

Henry (Hempfield Twp.)

John (Fairfield Twp.)

Thomas (Unity Twp.)

Does anyone have the resources to help me determine if any of these Hawkins families had sons named Matthew? What were the wives names? The 1810 and 1820 PA census index list shows no Hawkins in Westmoreland County. Also, if anyone can be of help in locating Nancy Boyd Hawkins' parents, please contact me. Any assistance in my quest is most welcome. Nancy Evans

14. My ggrandfather Isaac Henry Hawkins was born in Tazwell VA 1860. Isaac's parents were killed by Indians while comin over the Cumberland Pass; a family by the name of Jenkins took Isaac in. I'm having a hard time getting anywhere on Isaac other than he was born May 6, 1860, and died July 16, 1941. click here

15. My grandmother, Margaret D. McNair, married Martin Hawkins. Martin was the son of John Hawkins of Hanover Co.,VA; John married Mary Lanford. I'd be glad to trade info with any others working on this line. GT

Do you have more queries for next month? Do you have a new cousin you've found? I'd be glad to hear about it. Please send questions, material, etc. to me at Cathy's mailbox .

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