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Why is it time for you to STOP SMOKING now???


1. Rising costs

2.Health (yours as well as those around you!)

OK, let's talk about the costs of smoking. If you smoke a pack a day, at $3.00 per pack, that comes to $1008 per year out of your pocket. Oh, you smoke 2 packs a day?? Double that expense to $2016 per year that you could have probably spent on something you enjoyed a whole lot more. 3 packs per day? That comes to $3024 a year in cigarettes alone! Now...what about the extra costs of cleaning....your clothes, your carpeting, draperies, car interiors...just to make the smell of smoke go away! Just for a cheap auto detailing to make your car smell less like an ashtray, figure $25 a a year's time, that's another $1300 that you could have invested in your IRA...or extended your vacation, or, put towards a big screen get the idea!


Now comes the part you've heard too many times to spite of that, please keep on reading. If the money doesn't convince you it's time to put the cigarettes, or the pipe, or the cigars down for good, think about this. If you continue smoking, you increase your risk of dying from cancer(of the lung, of the mouth, of the trachea), emphysema, and heart disease. If you smoke around your children, you increase the chances of them having respiratory problems as well. I'm a Registered Nurse, have been for 16+ years...let me tell you, dying of lung cancer is not a peaceful way to die, nor is emphysema...struggling to breathe is horrible! I lost my dad to lung cancer in 1993---the misery he went through is not anything I would wish on my worst enemy. Now, do you want your family's last memory of you to be such? I didn't think so. It's time to figure out a way to break this addiction while you've got the motivation to do so!

Are you ready to take the first step to becoming a smoke-free person? Then click on the blue button here...your family and friends will thank you, and so will your lungs! Here you can purchase a natural product called Smoke-Away...this is not a sticky patch, or a chewing gum, but a product that has been 89% successful in helping people quit smoking!

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