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Tennessee Veterans of the Civil War on the 1890 Census

Alfred Hawkins, Jo-148-1; Pvt D Co 13th TN Cav; 24 Sept 63 to 5 Sept 65; Laurel Bloomery PO

Andrew Hawkins,R-162-4; Matilda widow of;Pvt Co 7th TN Inf; 2-15-65 to 7-7-65; Dayton PO; health injured from exposure in the service

Charles Hawkins, (see Patterson, Charles)

Charles Hawkins, Ge-92-2; Elizabeth widow of; Pvt G Co 8th TN Inf; 10 Mar 63 to____; Laurel Gap PO

Creed A. Hawkins, Sh-181-4; Memphis PO; records not seen

Curry N. Hawkins,J-77-1;Pvt B Co 8th TN Cav; 10-65 to 8-17-65(Cathy's note-????); Gainesboro PO; lung disease

Danel Hawkins, Sh-145-3;Pvt A Co 48th US Col ___ Jul 64 to Jan 66; Kerrville PO; Capt Bradford, 1st Lt. Badie, enlisted Gorrich Ldg.,LA, 1st Lt. Mayhu

George Hawkins, Sh-152-1; alias Jacob Webber; C Co 61st 1st TN Inf; 17 Aug 63 to Jan 64; Collierville PO

Henry Hawkins, Sh-178-1;Pvt H Co 3rd TN; 3 yrs 304 Union St, Memphis PO

Henry Hawkins, Sh-181-_(_); Memphis PO; records not seen

James Hawkins,Sh-190-1; Pvt M Co 3rd Col Cav;___to 1-26-66; Alley bt. Broadway and 7th, Memphis PO; foot mashed by mule

John Hawkins,Gu-48-5(2); Tracy City Branch Prison PO

John B. Hawkins,Ge-101-2; Sally widow of; Pvt Co 8th TN Inf; 5 Aug 63 to 16 Jun 64; Locust Sp. PO

Joseph E.J. Hawkins,We-224-3(1);_______, Seren_ formerly widow of; Pvt 15th TN Cav; 61 to___; PO omitted; CONF

Joshua Hawkins,M-107-2; Pvt F.Co 26th KY Inf;_-26-63 to 7-10-65; Red Boiling Springs PO; gunshot wound right thigh

Landon H. Hawkins,Jo-148-2; Sgt D Co 13th TN Cav; 9-24-63 to 9-8-65; Laurel Bloomery PO; wounded in right arm and breast by gun shot

Mack Hawkins,Hw-118-2; Pvt 1stTN Cav;St. Cl_____PO

Marion J. Hawkins,H-50-2(1); Pvt H Co 7th TN Mtd Inf;2-14-62 to 6-13-65; Sardy(Soddy?)PO

Patrick Hawkins,H-57-3; Pvt E Co 16th US Col; to 65; Orchard Knob PO

Rhoda A. Hawkins (see Borden, Nathaniel)

Samuel W. Hawkins,Cr-16-2; 7th TN Cav; Huntingdon PO; maimed back, horse was shot and fell on him.

Thos.Jefferson Hawkins,Sh-179-3(1); Pvt C Co 66th In Inf; 63 to 63(8 months); Memphis PO

William Hawkins,Ge-97-2;Pvt G Co 8th TN Inf;3-1-63 to 5-21-64; PO omitted

William H. Hawkins,A-4-1; Pvt D Co 1st TN Lt____;12-24-63 to 7-20-65; Coal Creek PO; rheumatism.

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