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Tao Quote

"It is wisdom to know others,
it is enlghtenment to know one's self.."

I apologize for not updating the quote regularly, but my computer crashed and took all my quotes with it. I'm currently in the proccess of replacing them. Thank you for your patience.

    I grew up in a non-church going family and never had much in the way of spirituality in my life as a child. It's always been a void in my life. I think this is what drove me to read and study about many kinds of religion and philosophy. Spirituality, to me, has always been a private thing. I was scared to ask anyone about it. When I came across the Tao Te Ching I thought to myself, "Now this makes sense to me." It just felt right. It seemed to fit me somehow.

    I began to study more and try to apply it's teachings to my life. I'm still learning and trying to understand it more, but then I don't think I'll stop learning until I die. Learning about Taoism has also led me to studying Tai Chi. This is how I meditate. It's great. Very relaxing and it helps me to stay focused. I always had a problem with my mind wandering when I meditated before. Tai Chi is becoming, more and more, a part of my life and lifestyle.
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ChiaPal's have sought enlightenment on this page!

Here are some wonderful Tao sites that I have found. Please E-mail me if you know of any other related and exceptional sites.

The Shrine of Wisdom
This is a beautiful page. Contemplate it. It's worth it.

Tao Web Site
It's by Lance Muresan and it's very educational.

Taoism Information Page
Lots of information at this one. Links to translations of the I Ching and others as well.

Yet another good Tao site.

Taoism Depot
This site has bulletin boards, discussions and some great resources.

The next two sites aren't strictly Tao, but they are worth looking at and going back again and again.

The Inspirational Center

For the quotes, I've borrowed liberally from various sources. Including a very good book by Deng Ming-Dao called 365 Tao.

Member of the Wandering Daoists
Taoism Depot

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