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Promoting Arts & Sciences in the Society for Creative Anachronism

The Mighty Scavenger Hunt

Edited by Brimm Estelle | Issue 3, Volume 1, September, AS XXXIV

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Welcome Back Old Friends and Join ye New!

LCN has changed over the years from a staggering three-man "pup tent" to a landed ship-bearing Household! Okay so we’re not really landed (yet).

Oyez! Oyez!

It has been determined by popular decision of those deemed fit to lead, or more appropriately the House Sires, that it be issued unto certain members such title as to appoint responsibility aboard the "Scavenger Hunt". Therefore it is in the best interest of our House, Guild, and Ship, to call to order a meeting of all those who would be associated with Le Chansons du Nuit, or her fine sailing ship The Scavenger Hunt, to elect and appoint the positions of;

  • Ships Captain (Can we call you Daddoo?)
  • First Mate
  • Ships Head Cook (Can we call you Cookie?)
  • Purser (Will also be Treasurer)
  • Any other positions we see fit to create (prone, kneeling, Can you do that upside down?)

This meeting shall be held at the first post war revel of Le Chansons du Nuit, to be announced by e-mail.

Damned if we didn’t lose that Ship Again!

The Scavenger Hunt has once again been sent to sea, and we’re taking suggestions as to what her (undoubtedly recoverable) bounty will be this time. As always we will be conducting the scavenger hunt at May Potrero War, prize and list TBA.

MSOB! (Mean Sons of ... ert Militant Society of Bards)

Identifiable by our motley two members of Le Chansons du Nuit are proud Attack Bards! Notably, Katar Rolend attempted a unique performance unto itself. Katar contested that his poetry would be more entertaining to the Orkney than duct tape! Needless to say, duct tape won.

Huzzah for Katar!

Ahoy Mates! Be ye the Iron Maiden?

It seems, by odd consequence, which though we thought land marauders apprehended her; The Scavenger Hunt was actually seized by a vessel of similar caliber The Iron Maiden. Upon review of our prized manifest we found that her crew was carrying nearly all of our booty (and liberally applied bribery of course).

Congratulations to the crew of Iron Maiden, for winning the scavenger hunt, wear your prize money with pride!

Great Western War I

Brimm Estelle
(The Great Purple Feather)

of le Chansons du Nuit

House & Guild Meeting

Meeting will be held on Tuesday at 4:30 pm at the home of Brimm & Teleri, RSVP (619)596-5464 and ask for Wayne or Kim if you plan to attend house meetings.

Rolls Ethereal

The Rolls Ethereal have been temporarily discontinued. If you wish to contact members of le Chansons du Nuit, please E-Mail Brimm at

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