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A Dedication to the Best Friend I Ever Had

Julia-chan and I met at the end of the school year last year. I remember that day so well, I remember what first made me realize how special she was. We had so much in common, but what I really loved about her, was her compassion and kindness. She told me she cried during Sailor Moon, and other animes, and so do I. She was the first person I met, who would admit that. Julia, then would pick out her favorite sm pictures, and send them to me. I luved that so much, she was the first person who ever sent me pictures, or anything at all for that matter. The pictures were also so very beautiful. I still have them now. Through out the summer, we would meet and talk every night, and I knew I could tell her _anything_I felt so comfortable being able to tell her everything that goes on it that loco head of mine and I _knew_ Julia-chan would listen to me, even when no one else would, or seemed to.When we would chat, we would often make up these wonderful stories about our stuffed animals. You see, I have a favorite stuffed animal named Skunky, in our stories, he was no longer just an ordinary Skunk, he was Super Sailor Skunky, and at the end*smiles* he became Eternal Sailor Skunky. We would make up villians too, we had Ned(I think) and her 40 children as the enemies, well, except for George, he was a good guy. For my birthday, she even through me a surprize party in my favorite chatroom. Julia also got many of my other friends to all send her a card via snal mail so she could send them all together along with gifts she had bought me. I would have to say that was absolutely the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Then school started,.....we have tried to chat often, but it never seems to work out. Many times during school, I'll think back, to the days when I would just sit by my computer and e-mail her a dozen times a day. However, Julia-chan, is still, unarguably, the best friend I've ever had,...or probably ever will have.

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This is my adopted kitty Chibi Julia-chan^_^ isn't she kawaii?

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